belly position

Note: There are many forms of bellying. The position of kissing boots or kissing feet does not exist in the books, it is either conducted in the belly position as demonstrated in the quote above, or as part of an obeisance position.

This girl’s mindset, as requested by Master:
It is hard to describe the physical rush of excitement that comes over a girl when she prostrates in such a way before a Man, especially her Master/Owner. The complete sense of submission is overwhelming. It is usually a position where one is begging earnestly for some favour, begging for mercy, or begging forgiveness.. or a position one has been put in to received chastisement, correction or to hear the verdict of their punishment.. or simply to remind a woman of her place in respect to a Free Man. The sheer vulnerability that a slave feels in this position is overpowering… she knows herself to be truly and completely under a Man’s control, devoid of all choice or control over herself… her hands go sweaty, her heart pumps erractically, and a million butterflies take flight in her belly whilst electricity charges deep in her groin.

Master’s mindset, viewing the girl:
There is a uniqueness to the various “belly” positions that brings to mind the power of the Master and the need of the slave, one balancing the other, feeding the other, nurturing the other one meaningless without the other.  What is a Master, truly, if he shows no control over Himself?  What is the slave, if she does not yield herself completely.
The Gor books talk much about the Master – slave relationship, the positions are simply a tool available to the Master to put, keep, and nurture the slave in her place.  Yet there is just about as much written about in the books about the Master’s need to truly be a Master.  It is not about being bossy, or demanding things and expecting them to be done to perfection.
Norman’s Gor calls upon us to be far more than that.  It calls upon us all to be exactly who we are, and to strive to be better at who we are.  This is not about someone else’s vision but about our vision of who we are and how we can make ourselves better.
Dominance is not a destination, it is a journey where we are always seeking to understand better, to encourage others by our own actions and to improve our environment.  Snapping your fingers is not Mastery; but doing it for the right reason, at the right time with the right objective in mind at least sets you in the right path.

"Stop," he said. "To your belly."
Then I was on my belly, on the tiles, my hands at the sides of my head, prone, before his curule chair.

Kajira of Gor p427
"There are various forms of bellying, " I said, and bellying may be suitable and pleasingly combined with other forms of floor ariation, suitable for an ignorant free female who has not yet even begun to discover the depths of her sexuality." She looked up at me. 
"On your belly, " I said. She backed off a bit, and went to her belly, her hair was before her face, as she now on her belly before me looked up at me.

Mercenaries of Gor, p. 411
She lowered herself to her belly and, holding my ankles gently with her hands, covered my feet with kisses.  Her lips, and her tongue, were warm and wet. 
Savages of Gor pg 13
"Approach me on your belly,"  I said.  She squirmed to the table, her hands still behind her. 
Renegades of Gor pg 75

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