Building Obedience in a slave.

Our 2017 slave training retreat was a resounding success. I am accepting three more online and three rt training Applications for 2018.  Master Gunter. I am not accepting any more orders for my custom made remote training collars unless it is fitted inhouse.
Where does out training occur:   We may add an 8 acre island Moho Caye to our current training site in the near future which may open up more applications. We may also take in single women and gay men for slave training at Moho Caye. This is still in the works. We are working to make this happen by 2019. Our training is currently available on Amber Cayo Espanto in Belize. Amber Cayo Espanto is located on its own beautiful tropical private 24-acre island, 8-minutes by boat from San Pedro.
see FAQ:   American Airlines and Continental Airlines both offer service to Belize City. Guests (husbands) and slaves (wives) arriving at the Phillip S W Goldson International Airport (BZE) in Belize City will be greeted by our staff, where they will arrange a local flight to San Pedro in Ambergris Caye for approximately $120 round-trip, or helicopter transport directly to Cayo Espanto island for approximately $1,140 (US) one-way or $2,280 round-trip, plus tax, for four.  Note: If you arriving for training and choose to take the boat, You will be stripped naked upon boarding the boat and your garment tossed out at sea and you will be fitted with a shock collar and leash before arrival on Amber Cayo Espanto. Your husband may bring you in to Espanto. Your training begins on arrival. You are expected to embark on all four and will be led on all fours to your quarters. You are forbidden human speech, forbidden human posture, Your locomotion will be on all four unless commanded. You may be taught tricks as functions of arbitrary sounds or sounds of foreign lanugages (Portuguese, Q’eqchi’ Maya Mopan MayaYucatec Maya, or Belizean Creole )  so that you must learn them as any animal might without the benefit of an earlier understanding of the word used. If you are slow in learning, you will be punished, as would any other animal, when used too, it will be commonly be in the modality of the quadrupled. It will help you to understand what you are nfow, an animal totally subject to your Master's will. Your "all four" training will be for a period of one week. you may choose to extend it by disobeying and will continue until you learn to obey all commands. Until then, you are on all fours. 
Flight times from Miami or Houston are a mere 2 hours. For slaves traveling by local airline, on arrival at San Pedro airport you will be met by our training staff and transferred to the Espanto by boat.
Is your husband going to be around when you are trained?  This has been a problem at times and has been a blessing at other times, so we will consider this on an case by case basis. Generally, Husbands are expected to cool off on the nearby island of Ambergris Cays which has an excellent night life or are required to drop their wife off for the required duration. A daily progress report and a weekly comprehensive report on their wife's training is emailed to them at a pre-determined email address.

Obedience is a form of social conditioning and influence where an slave acts in response to a direct order from her Master, who is usually her authority figure. It is assumed that without such an order the slave would not have acted in this way.

Obedience implies compliance with the direction or command given to the slave by her Master. For a slave to be considered obedient rather than simply trained in obedience, she must respond reliably each time the command is given, by her Master. A slave can go through Obedience training and not be totally obedient requiring additional drastic training technics. If a slave is referred to as being Obedience Trained she should comply immediately with every command her Master gives her. In the strictest sense an Obedience trained slave is an obedient slave.
Training a slave in obedience can be an ongoing and lengthy process depending on the slave and her Master, the methods used, and the skill and understanding of both the Master and the slave. The level of obedience the Master wishes to achieve with the slave is also a major factor in the time involved, as is the commitment to training by the Master.
                                                                                        pic with permission from

Obedience training is often a prerequisite for or component of other training such as anal training, bi-sexual training, cock sucking training, pussy eating training etc.
The actual training of the slave can be done by anyone, not just her Master or her owner. Typically the Master who is training the slave participates and trains the slave, as He will be the one who will be giving the commands. The relationship and trust between the slave and her Master are important for success.
Basic obedience training is typically a short course ranging from six to ten weeks, where it is demonstrated to the Master how to communicate with and train the slave into deeper slavery in a few simple commands. With most methods the slave is trained one group of commands at a time. Though there may or may not be a specific word attached to it, slave positions is often the first training required prior to learning other comands such as walking properly on a leash, or leash control, cock worship, gorean techniques are often some of the training required prior to learning other more indebt commands.

The specific command word is not important, but consistency in usage is. There are certain commands that are accepted as standard and commonly used. 
When under training or in slave or service mode, the slave is often naked when at home. If anything is worn, she is usually in a collar, leash or lead, and perhaps a tail if she is also trained as a puppy/kit ty.

Below: Our trained slave Anita (not her real name) after 3 months on the island...We enjoyed having and training her into a slave. she came as an high and mighty adulteress wife pouty and snobbish wanting a divorce and in the beginning resisted all forms of training until she was broken and tamed, went back a docile and tamed slave willing to do housework on all fours, washing dishes, cleaning carpets and doing laundry on command, we are looking forward to her training again next summer. 

Inspection Position
 In inspection position one such as she would normally be stripped, and standing with her feet spread, and her hands clasped either behind the back of her neck, or behind her head. In this way the breasts are lifted nicely, and, given the position
of the hands, one has no interference to one’s vision, and, similarly, one may, perhaps walking about her, test her for firmness, and for vitality, and such things. ”

obedientlaura in inspection position. Permission to post obtained from

Nadu Position:
The first and most used of all Gorean slave positions, and also one of the first ones a slave learns.  Nadu is the Gorean word for "kneel".  In this position the slave kneels,  sits upon her heels with her back and shoulders straight, chest out, belly in and her head up, though her eyes are downcast.  Thighs are widely spread, hands resting upon thighs, palms upward.

Tower Slave Position:
       This position is another variation of nadu in which the slave kneels the same way but her palms down and her knees modestly together.  This position is typically reserved for underage or White Silk slaves, or those slaves who do not serve their Master/Mistress in a sexual way.

       Also known as Belly Position.  Bara is the Gorean word for "belly" and slave is expected to respond to either command in the same fashion.  In this position the slave falls to her stomach, face down to the floor and turned to the left, crosses her wrists behind her back and similarly crosses her ankles.  legs are straight in preparation for binding.

I would later become extremely familiar with such positions, but they were, at the time, quite new to me, and somewhat frightening. What most frightened me about them was the way they made me feel. It was not merely that, in them, I found profoundly stirred. In them, helplessly, vulnerably, I also sensed a personal rightness. I knew that in some sense I belonged in them. This was in contradiction to my entire upbringing, background, education and conditioning. Could such things have been wrong? 

Belly: or Ass position
The slave moves to her belly, hands palms down near the sides of her head, forehead to the ground and waits for further orders

The slave gets down on all fours, palms to elbows flat against the floor, bottom in the air, forehead close but not quite touching the ground and crawls to within inches of the Master's feet.


The slave lays down upon her back, bending her knees to place her feet flat against the ground, hands at her side and remains motionless

Sula:  or Pussy Position
       Also known as Prone Position.  The slave lays upon her back, her hands at her sides, palms upward, legs widely spread to await her Master's pleasure.

       Also known as Alternative Sula.   This position is almost identical to Sula position but she slowly lifts her hips off the floor, as if beckoning the Master with her body encouraging her sexual use.

       Also known as Binding Position.   The Gorean word Lesha means "leash".  In this position, the slave remains standing or kneeling, depending upon the current position she is in.  She turns and puts her back to the Master, back and shoulders straight, wrists extened behind her, side by side in a position to be locked into chained slave bracelets, her chin up, her head turned to the left so a leash may be attached to the collar.

       Also known as Chaining Position.   In this position the slave stands gracefully before the master, with her hips slightly turned to one side, her back and shoulders erect, her wrists crossed behind her and her head turned to the left, in anticipation of having slave bracelts attached to her wrists.

Also known as Collaring Position or the Position of female Submission.  the slave kneels at the Master's feet and leans her body back, sitting upon her heels, her arms extended upward, crossed at the wrists, her head beneath them and lowered in supplication.

Hair Position:
       The slave stands, her feet flat on the floor, and bows gracefully at the waist, just so her hair might fall forward for display, or to be shorn, seized, or used for any purpose the Master desires.

Whipping Position:
       In this position, the slave first assumes the nadu position, though her arms are crossed in front of her.  She then leans forward and places her head to the floor, first sweeping her hair forward and over her shoulders in order to have her back fully exposed to the whip.

Obedience Position:
       The slave goes to the floor, alying upon her stomach, face down before the Master.  She turns her head and places her cheek against the Master's feet, kissing them lightly in a gesture of love and submission.

       Also known as "assuming the modality of the she-quadruped".  In this position, the slave falls to hands and knees, her head down on the floor, her hindquarters upthrusted for the viewing pleasure of the Master.  "Serving in the modality of the she-quadruped" is an instruction whereby the slave performs her regular duties upon hands and knees, withought the benefit of the use of her hands.  In this mode she may not rise to her feet and may only use her mouth and teeth to grasp and maniulate objects.

Leading Position:
       The slave stands and moves behind the master, bending at the waist.  She places her hands behind her and puts the side of her head to the Master's hip, that he might lead her easily by the hair or collar while walking.

Table Position: goes to all fours, her back straight, her legs parted, hands perpendicular to her body, palms flat upon floor, her hair pulled off over the left shoulder. (the slave may now be used as a table or foot rest) 

Slaver's kiss Position: to the floor on all fours ...her head lowered to the ground ...buttocks high in the air ...thighs widely spread ...her slave's heat exposed 
In order to obey (Master's) authority, the obeying person (slave) has to be programmed to accept that it is legitimate (i.e. rightful, legal) for the command to be made of them.  

Obedience occurs when a fully trained slave is issued a command to do something (authority), whereas conformity happens through social pressure (the norms of the majority). Obedience involves a hierarchy of power / status. Therefore, the Master giving the order has a higher status than the slave receiving the order.

Real Life Example of Obedience (sic)

Adolf Eichmann was executed in 1962 for his part in organizing the Holocaust, in which six million Jewish people, as well as gypsies, communists and trade unionists were transported to death camps and murdered in Nazi Germany and surrounding countries under Nazi control.
Eichmann was a logistical genius whose part in the Holocaust was the planning of the efficient collection, transportation and extermination of those to be killed.  At his trial in 1961, Eichmann expressed surprise at being hated by Jewish people, saying that he had merely obeyed orders, and surely obeying orders could only be a good thing. In his jail diary Eichmann wrote 'The orders were, for me, the highest thing in my life and I had to obey them without question' (extract quoted in The Guardian, 12 August, 1999, p. 13).
Eichmann was declared sane by six psychiatrists, he had a normal family life and observers at his trial described him as very average.  Given that there appears to be nothing particularly unusual about Eichmann, we must face the uncomfortable possibility that his behavior was the product of the social situation in which he found himself, and that under the right circumstances we may all be capable of monstrous acts.
Following the Second World War - and in particular the Holocaust - psychologists set out to investigate the phenomenon of human obedience. Early attempts to explain the Holocaust had focused on the idea that there was something distinctive about German culture that had allowed the Holocaust to take place.
Stanley Milgram set out to test the research question 'are Germans different?', but he quickly found that we are all surprisingly obedient to people in authority. In one of the most famous series of experiments in psychology Milgram (1963-74) demonstrated that most participants would give a helpless victim fatal electric shocks when ordered to. Milgram later ran a number of variations to the basic study, to find out more about the particular factors which might influence obedience.

slave mira's obedience essay ( sent in by slave mira)

I am a submissive woman ( sent in by leashedlaura)

Submission is a gift given, not taken. Domination is mastering oneself first, before all others. And trust is what binds each together. These are the most important things that I have learned in the 10 years I have been in the lifestyle and I'm interested in talking to slaves and subs who are curious. remember slavery is illegal. Only consentual BDSM erotic play is legal between consenting adults.
Milton once said that the mind is it own place and in itself, can make a heaven of hell and hell of heaven. This describes the type of play I enjoy the most. I learn your desires and fears and find ways of bring those emotions to the surface and experience them using any methods as required.
Loyalty, Honesty, Discipline, Creativity, Humility, Intensity, Curiosity, Manners, Courage, Obedience, Humour, Intelligence, Endurance, Flexibility, Patience, Gratitude, Spontaneity, Faith and Commitment - this is mostly who I am and mostly what I am looking for in a slave. Pick one of these and explain what you can and will be and how you will change for your Master. Master

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  1. How would you keep a slave obedient when she is away from her Master for 4 days in a week? What are your thoughts on such Master Gunter?

    slave kulula

    1. slave kukula

      As a Master another perspective is what I offer. When I am away from my slaves daily, they provide me with a morning note via text. A morning attire report detailing everything they are wearing, down to the level of nail polish and perfume that day. Nothing is omitted. this is also accompanied by a detail planned schedule of the day. All before work or chores. Then by the end of the day I receive a detailed events of the day and during the day any changes noted to attire such as work out etc, and then a detailed consumption report of all food consumed.

      I find this interaction is a good way to ensure she is focused and this provides an account of each day so I can ask questions throughout the week or during our time together so she understands I am paying attention.

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    3. SOY CHILENO PERDÓN POR MI INGLES, disfruto haciendo hungouts demostrativos con mis 3 juguetes obedientes, sobretodo a gringas paliduchas, semi gordas que saben que se merecen que las pongan en su lugar...

      Simple yo leave her tasks to do, be very hard in punishments for any little ditails (you must take her into a controled inviroment, leave her alone for a entire day with a lot of tasks to do, and be next door ingnoring her)

      Set alarms every day same time she must do it (slap herself, say outloud, record herself barking, wright in a sheet of paper 500 times her new definition... etc
      She must report it, lots of ideas and recordded examples
      the tricky part is how to dismantel her inicial self image and build her new one
      I am working in a method thats based on humiliation, it has work 3 out of 5 times
      Now I have 3 responsabilities ... if you activate them, then you are responsable.
      My brilliant idea is that I have them recruiting new subs for me, so when I preent myself.

      The humiliation method works in lowsefstime girls, yu must detect what part of their bdy they are ashame of and work from there. Never talk about their new self, you must refer to it as her real self

      6 step humiliation... no way back, change forever, the 2 cases that it didn t work, they still know.. every time I look them in the eye. "you know I know how you really are"

    4. My slave would never be away from me that long,WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, and, without a tracking device on her,AND,if it is ever removed, I will be sent a signal to me via text, that my device was illegally removed, and, Law enforcement, would be notified, and, I would be told where she is, I would go there, with law enforcement, to bring everything back, and, everyone included, property as well, with one party jailed, the other party also jailed, IN My JAIL!

  2. slave kulula

    Every slave should keep be kept on a strict daily must write journal diet. No fail. Most Masters require this. Atleast the ones who know how to train their slaves well.
    A web log is such a journal in public and must be encouraged as well. Just make her write what happened that day, what she has felt, what her thoughts are about slavery, and how that affected her. What she thinks of her Master. What she wants her Master to do to her. What she wants to do herself, etc.
    Many of Us must learn to "blog". I still do not have it down!
    Does the Master you serve have a journaling time set aside, for you? Does He expect a certain amount of "work" at the end of the week?
    Have you tried recording yourself, then uploading an "audio journal", or making transcriptions? I expect I need to do the audio recordings, Myself.

  3. I shall kneel, because it is my choice to kneel before him. He owns all of me and as I kneel I think of this ownership. My heart races initially and then it slows as a sense of peace I rarely find steals over me. Fleetingly I will wonder what limits he will push today. Will the pain be physical or much deeper than mere floggings? The pain of relinquishing control of not just my body, but my mind...and my very being. The frisson of danger that makes you tingle at the thought of harsh, violent sex. The little voice that says "maybe today we'll fly"

    And overriding all...the desire to please him. To bring him pleasure in whatever manner he may choose. An eagerness to touch and taste. To hear him make those little sounds of pleasure.

    Yes, the sweet anticipation of kneeling before my Master. My submission there for him to see.

  4. will you kneel before me and give me pleasure

  5. How can I send this form to you Master?

    slave bella

    1. i want to be kidnapped put in extreme bondage and locked up in a dungeon jail cell in extreme bondage and owned for the rest of my life if this is possible please call me asap at 612 423 8204 my name is lee my slave name is nigger my address is 9762 Ives lane n Maple Grove Mn 55369 please sir sincerly nigger

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    1. "Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also should wives should submit to their husbands in everything." Ephesians 5: 22-24

      I would say that submission is biblical. It is "freedom" that allows for free choice and women being (emotionally) weaker will make poor (emotional) choices. Husbands have a responsibility to their wives.

      "Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect as the weaker partner and as heirs with you in the gracious gift of life, so that nothing will hinder your prayers." - 1 Peter 3:3-7

      Investigate a little more time into understanding this lifestyle before you judge it and you just might find a missing link in your own life and relationship.

    2. As a former Christian, I know only too well the threats of fear and torment over hell tht are aimed at the unbeliever. Jesus loves you ... but reject him and he will torture you forever in the fires off hell, right? That threat extends to children too. I remember the fear tactics used on me as a teenager only too well. Do you think that is more moral than what is going on here, between consenting adults?

    3. That's crap. Yes, there are plenty of groups who use a Jesus fetish for that Fundy message, but the New Testament doesn't teach that shot. Don't clog up a practical thread with a religious jihad.

  7. I have not entered into this lightly. I have for as long as i can remember wanted to have a man be in control. Finally after years of searching i have now found a good master who will train me. Im response to the person who talks about Jesus etc. This is NOT something I've been made to do- this has been MY choice to go down the path that i an taking. At last i am in peace with myself and my master

    1. To the Jesus person...Any decent Dominant Would train his or her submissive with the following obligations:
      In order of Rank, the Submissives obligations are to her:
      1. God (if they so believe)
      2. Biological family
      3. Education
      4.Career/Professional goals
      5 Dominant
      7.BDSM Community
      8.Extracurricular Activities

      There is room for everybody so there is no need to choose, between your Dom and God a good Dom would support and encourage.

    2. 1. My slave will always go to church with me, to worship our Lord and Savior.
      2. Education/homework with kids is 2nd.
      3. Jobs are 3rd.
      4. Cleaning the house is 4th,
      5. Family is 5th.
      6. Plans with family/friends is 3rd, on Saturday only, is 6th.
      7. Weekend plans are to be done on Friday/Saturday only.
      8. Bible study will be a must when returning home.
      9. When returning home, the slave will be permitted to allow her to have a brain, so
      that she can read what is due to her in the way of punishments upon arrival home.
      She automatically knows what her punishment is to be, and will be prepared for it
      thus having her instrument(s) of obedience in her hands when bowing to him.

  8. Lictures of a slave box they put on their heads

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  10. I am all but 16 years of age, and for as long as i can remember i have wanted a man to control me, my life, my choices. It's difficult for me to listen and do everything i am told to do, because of my wild girl mentality. I want this to become my life, i want my master to know i am faithful to him and my loyalty and willingfulness to be a submissive makes me happy knowing i can please him. This lifestyle is a choice, no one is forcing you to do it. If not willing, then it is illegal. It's just a lifestyle.

    1. You're willful. For some people that is normal. Maybe your Master can't handle you or maybe it's a part of a greater plan. Trust is the key here. Do you trust your Master?

      If you do, then like I said this may be part of a greater plan. There is no cut and dry path. This blog and others simply offer you what they know to be a truth. Not the lone absolute truth.

      If you do not trust your Master then maybe it's time to find another. But remember finding another Master is more than just answering an ad. Or you'll get stuck with 'Blow Job Boy' up above.

    2. I posted this for the wrong person, my mistake.

  11. My slave us disobedient how do I fix that? She complains and never finishes a blow job and talks back.

    1. I'm sorry Sir, but as an actual (well at least mentally and in the future practically ) sub, i have to say that:
      1) You're an inexperienced Dom and have to harden up (sorry but it's the truth) and 2) Spank her. And not just playful slaps so she'll think she's supposed to take pleasure from that. No. Powerful, full on slaps so that tears'll run down her cheeks. But specify the exact number and why you do this at the beginning ( and don't go overboard with the slaps - so you don't break her) after what take her in your arms till she calms down (cause she'll continue on crying) and caress her. Doesn't matter where: on the forehead, her hair, massage her sore cheeks, in a word express your true feelings to her (or if you love her tell her so) so she'll feel safe with you (and then it would be better if you just put her to sleep next to you). With these actions you'll show her who's really in charge of this relationship. And remember: this is not about you, this is about her true submissivity and her respect for her Dom. At least this is the reaction I would have wanted my Master to have in case I disobeyed.

  12. I am 16 years old. I have always veen raised I'm a male dominated home and have always been raised to think that men are my master. So when I do not have anyone to give me orders I am lost and I miss it. Yet when my master does control me I fight it so much. I really do jot understand what is going on. Does anyone have advice?

    1. I think what you need is new master, a master that gives you task to do ,even if he is not physically available . If you want i can be your master contact me on

    2. You're willful. For some people that is normal. Maybe your Master can't handle you or maybe it's a part of a greater plan. Trust is the key here. Do you trust your Master?

      If you do, then like I said this may be part of a greater plan. There is no cut and dry path. This blog and others simply offer you what they know to be a truth. Not the lone absolute truth.

      If you do not trust your Master then maybe it's time to find another. But remember finding another Master is more than just answering an ad. Or you'll get stuck with 'Blow Job Boy' up above.

    3. Definitely can't control her. Honey, it's not your fault. Just get a new master, one that takes your needs into account. Good luck.

  13. Where can I get info on your "custom made remote training collars"?

    Thank you,

  14. If you need guidance you can contact me

  15. can some show me slave will know to kneel...Am slave Pat

  16. can any 1 train my wife?

  17. I like masters, Mew! masters take good care of meow!! :3 I'm Well behave kitten! & will follow master's order to the letter mew!!! Meow asking questions to other masters out there: What do think about kittens wasting there time playing & grooming themselves?

    (I don't like grooming)

  18. i am a submissive/ slave by what i feel in my heart to my Master,this is my choice. i am not degraded by how i am or how i feel its a real need in me to please my Master , i do what He tells me to do because i feel in my heart i want to He is fair ,and just sometimes slaves need the control of a Master to make her feel complete i am not talking for everyone im talking for me, yes even the Bible tells You a woman is to submit to her husband its a play on words as far as im concerned Master/ Husband are one of the same slave/ submissive .. wife all the same, tho Master and slave is much deeper them husband and wife , its more complexed because the Master know all thoughts needs wants of His submissive/slave and its notall about His wants and needs so much deeper of a relationship of husband and wife i will kneel down to my Master showing Him my love and respect of Him as my Dom , i will kiss His feet because He owns me and i love and respect Him, i will crawl to Him if He sees fit for me to do so because i love and respect Him, and feel that there is nothing wrong with how i feel about doing it , its not degrading me at all. i am His everything and He is mine W/we are one ,i wear His collar like a ring there is no begining and there is no end its complete i am proud to be His slave !!

  19. I would like to know, if you enlist your wife in this training, does she have to submit to sex. And if so, how many men per day and per week. Will there only be one training Master and how many times per day must she submit to sex. I would think that the training would less effective if not. And what are the limits to corporal punishment and discipline training. I notice one pic above where the slave was obviously recently whipped pretty badly. I would just like some assurance that she is being whipped and raped, but not permanently harmed. Then I am okay with it. The other question I would have is are there any young women(already trained perhaps) to enjoy at the nearby island. If I could enjoy myself with another trained female, while my wife is being trained, it would take my mind off of it.

    1. I would think she would have to submit to sex. I was trained on a cruise ship chartered by my husbands group. I can't mention their name. WE were force fucked 3-5X daily in a common room. The "trainers" would manhandle you into a corner or up against a wall and fuck you any way they chose. Some women cried, bc it felt like rape. We were familiarized with dildo's, butt plugs, vibrators, and other items. WE had to practice "going down" on each other in case our men wanted a 3 way. But mostly, a lot of sex and sucking cock.

  20. I'm very nervous because my mistress is starting my obedience training today when she gets home from work. She gave me specific orders before she left not to play with my pussy and to do all my chores. I played with my pussy though and I know she's gonna know and I'm scared she's gonna spank me and I've never gotten a spanking before

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. youre a fucktard you pervert and a pedofile


  23. I'm a female with a male slave would you take him to be trained??

  24. I am a gay male. I am interested in knowing how to apply for training. At the end of training, will those without owners be sold or given out?

    Thank You for Your time,

  25. I managed to train my wife into a fully-submissive slave over the course of a few years - contact me at to discuss tips, tricks, and ideas. Hoping to hear back from other fellow doms :)

    1. My wife of 8 months is shy & hesitant of my urging her to be submissive to me in the bedroom and in every aspect of our life. Although, I just ordered a bustier with a G-string & garters; She says she will wear it.

  26. My Dom is training me in slave positions and I am made to hold positions for specified durations as a part of instilling obedience in me. Sometimes he does apply clamps and other painful implements on sensitive parts of my naked body while I am holding the positions. Even though the positions are uncomfortable to hold and painful I feel I definitely gain pleasure in being displayed in submissive positions for my Dom

  27. I have been dating a man for a month. We have a very sexual relationship. I hinted I wanted to be submissive to him in all ways. He said he was unsure about my desire. How do I make submission attractive to him? Thanks.

  28. Really like the gorean techniques, id heard of them before but will certainly try them in the future, only had a couple of weekend sessions from bdsm dating sites, and got to say it is hard not to lose control when you've got a slave trussed up and ball gagged, meeting up with one of the girls again very soon and reading sites like this is certainly expanding my kniwledge, I'll cedtainly be using a handful of the gorean positions next time up'and believe you me she will appreciate it!!!

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