bara position

Note: This position has two names for the same position “bara” and “standard binding position”.

This girls mindset, as requested by Master:
In this position my head could only be face down or turned to one side, either of which limited the visibility of anyone who may be approaching. It was also a sobering thought to would willingly submit to being bound in such a way made me a little bit nervous.. but in a strange way there was also a feeling of excitement too, at the thought of not having to fight or resist.

Master’s mindset, viewing the girl :
Binding a girl is a very explicit action, but the meaning behind it is far greater.  The binding is the taking away of her right to do things for herself, but it also brings upon the Master the responsibility for caring of the slave.  Too often we think only of the pleasure of binding a girl, sometimes it is important to realize the balancing nature of such an action; that which you take from her, you put upon yourself.

"Bara," said Mincon to Tula. "Bara," said I to Feiqua.
Both slaves went immediately to their bellies, their heads to the left, their wrists crossed behind their backs, their ankles also crossed. It is a common binding position."
Page 145 - Mercenaries of Gor

""Standard binding position," he said. I was prone. When a girl is prone, the standard binding position is to cross the wrists behind the back and to cross the ankles. I took this position instantaneously." That I did this did not cause him any pleasure. No one in the room thought anything of it. I was simply a prone slave girl who had been commanded to standard binding position. No one in the room, including myself; would have expected me to do other than comply. Lack of compliance by a slave girl to a command in the Gorean world is unthinkable. She obeys."  
Page 125 - Slave Girl of Gor

""Bara!" he snapped. I flung myself to my belly in the grass, putting my hands behind me, wrists crossed, and crossing my ankles, too. I lay there in confusion, in obedience" Page 415 - Dancer of Gor

"Bara, Kajira!" he said. She rolled quickly to her stomach, placing her wrists behind her, crossed, and crossing her ankles, ready to be bound."  
Page 77 - Explorers of Gor 

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