slave Application

1. Full Name:
2. Birth date:
3. Birthplace:
4. Address:
-current phone number:
5. How many years have you lived at current address:
6. Eye color:
-hair color:
7. Height:
8. Any scars:
-any body decorations:
9. Glasses or contacts:
10. Bust size:
11. High school graduate:
12. College major:
13. Hobbies/Past times:
14. Allergies:
15. Medical conditions/problems:
16. List all medications you are currently taking:
17. Ever been hospitalized and reason:
-list hospitals and location:
18. Ever been married, when and who:
19. Ever been pregnant:
-pregnancy outcome:
20. Ever been arrested and where:
21. Ever had a ticket and for what:
22. Employer and location:
23. Number of years at present job:

24. List BDSM activities enjoyed:
25. Describe your ideal Master:
26. Have you been owned before:
27. Where do you see yourself in 1 yr., 5 yrs., 10 yrs.:
28. When was your last physical examination, pap smear:
29. Who is your physician and location:
30. Do you like animals:
31. Do you smoke and how much:
32. Give Us your definition of a slave or slavery within BDSM:
33. What is your current living situation concerning friendships, jobs, romantic and familial:
34. What do you feel are the most erotic parts of the male and female body:
-What are the least erotic:
35. Define, compare and contrast discipline and punishment:
-What is most effective for you:
-What pain, if any, do you find erotic:
36. What changes or experiences in yourself would you like to see happen as a result of O/our relationship:
37. List 10-20 humiliating or degrading acts and how you feel about them and/or how they affect you:
38. What is the most sensitive part of your body to pain and pleasure:
39. Your religion:
40. Your race:
41. Name your closest relative and address:
42. Completely write all of your BDSM experiences:
43. What are your domestic skills? State whether you do them fairly well, well or are excellent:
44. What computer experience do you have?
-What programs are you familiar with:
45. What languages do you know?
-Can you speak, write and read in these languages:
46. What clerical skills do you have?
-State whether you do them fairly well, well or are excellent:
47. How often do you masturbate?
-What do you think of when you masturbate: