Who is a slave?

A slave is a creature whose purpose was to be something more than human. Without personal experience, I suspect that what is true for men is also true for women.

A slave is one of those special creatures who:
  • Had their identity given to another by their creator so they could prepare to do extraordinary things instead of live ordinary lives.
  • Were designed by their creator to be leaders in the new millennium, and be a model by which all others should live.
  • Are capable of spending the rest of their life without ever again performing an immoral act.
  • Are capable of unblemished honest and integrity.
  • Have the courage and conviction to explore, discover, and, most important, live the truth, and nothing else.
  • Don't need excuses but, instead, do everything they should do, nothing more and nothing less.
  • Are capable of giving up the right to ever feel anger, to ever judge another, to ever disobey.
  • Are willing to live life instead of observe it.
  • Are willing to be the observed instead of the observers, to be the criticized instead of the criticizers.
  • Are so powerful they cannot act out of weakness under any circumstance.
  • Can feel and express another's love without concern for the consequences.
  • Are so pure, so developed, so directed that they can live freely by another man's will, and have, nor want, any other will.
  • Are willing to put their life on the line over their beliefs, and who are willing to experience anything their Owner wants them to so they will know the truth instead of only having heard about it.
  • Are willing to get over themselves and recognize that life isn't about them, it is about what they can do for the world, and that nothing else matters.
  • Can stand being extraordinary in all things, who don't want to settle for anything, or be any less than they can be.
  • Are as pure and refined, as dedicated, respected and revered as the finest sword in the hand of the finest swordsman in existence.
  • Are without limit or limitation.
  • Are of impeccable and unquestionable character.
  • Are as comfortable cleaning a toilet as giving a keynote speech to the United Nations.
  • Find as their only pleasure and enjoyment their ability to obey.
  • Are willing to never take credit for anything they do for the rest of their life because they know they ARE their Owner, and it would be stealing to take the credit.
  • Can participate in and expect miracles to happen to accomplish the orders they are given.
  • See miracles as ordinary because miracles are so much a part of their life.
  • Cannot feel fear, nor anger, nor resentment, nor revenge, nor hatred, nor spite, nor vindictiveness.
  • Have the courage to give up their easily dispensable egos for a real life.
  • Can easily see everyone else's faults and limitations, and still love and respect them anyway.
  • Are not bound by the past, and are unconcerned for the future because they have the courage to live honestly in the moment, always.
  • Are about one thousand times more than listed here, and more!


One of the most frequently asked questions, and hardest to answer, is how someone can be sure if they are slave. The first part of the answer lies in why we think we might be. It is a question similar to asking yourself if you are gay.
When at first exploring whether or not we might be gay, what we look at is that evidence which causes us to think that we are different from the mainstream. The mainstream is heterosexual. It is only by looking at those differences between ourselves and most others that we can determine if we are different. Originally, we assume that we are like everyone else.
The first evidence we look at when we are exploring whether or not we're gay is usually in the form of who we are the most sexually excited by. If it is men that we feel an attraction for, then we have some information that we might be gay. Psychologists tell us that it is normal to have some "gay" fantasies, to think about it at least, if not have at least one gay experience. All of that can happen, and we can find ourselves still to be heterosexual, instead of gay.
So, we look at other evidence. Do we have interests that are common to those who are like the orientation we are trying to decide that we might fit? Do we have feelings that our friends don't share? Do we have longings that we are afraid to express because we can't observe anyone else experiencing or questioning them?
When a man is a slave, it is common for him to have feelings of being attracted to slavery, or slave-like circumstances, before he has the feelings that he is gay. The slave feelings, from what I have been told directly, came earlier, and are clearer than the feelings of being gay. Some of those feelings are deeply suppressed not only because there is the normal built-in objection to being gay, but also the further objection to all that surrounds the concept and practice of slavery.
Being gay is a sexual orientation. Until we have a sexuality, have reached puberty, we might not have sufficient sexual drive to determine our orientation. Slavery, on the other hand, is more than a sexual drive. It comes from a deeper, broader, and more complex place than our sexuality. After our sexuality has developed, it confirms those slave feelings instead of uncovering them. Sexual feelings are usually necessary to confirm our orientation.
Sometimes, the way that slavery is experienced is from the pleasure of being told what to do. We might be around a friend, a parent, a teacher, or a coach who makes the decisions. We find that we enjoy going along with their decisions. When that feels better than having to decide for both of you, you might be slave. You might just lack confidence, too. So, there has to be a close examination of this feeling to come to an accurate conclusion.
It is common to find that slaves are very good at managing other people, taking care of details, and are good decision makers. It isn't the inability to make decisions that indicates that someone is a slave. It is a preference to have others make decisions about what the slave himself does. It is not, in any way, an incompetence.
It is inappropriate for slaves to question their slavery because of their acute decision-making ability. They have been forced to become very consciously acute, precisely because of their inability to feel their soul from which instinctive direction comes. Until a slave has inherited through obedience the soul by which he must live, he must live in his conscious mind, by his wits. Those wits, alone, can make a slave a good decision maker.
Other slaves, when presented in school with the question about what it is they want to be when they grow up, have difficulty answering the question. The difficulty is legitimate if someone is a slave. You can't be slave and know what it is you want to do, because what you want to do is what you are ordered to do, no matter what that is. The challenge, of course, is finding the right person from whom to accept the order.
Until the nature of a slave is understood, the slave feelings can feel like a lack of confidence. It isn't that at all. The slave is confident that he could do anything well that he is ordered to do. There isn't any doubt about his capacity. There isn't an accompanying lack of knowledge, ability, or belief in that ability. What is lacking is only the clear feeling of what is best for the slave. Some slaves become very diverse in their abilities precisely because they can't feel the one thing that they would most like to be doing. Therefore, they explore many things, and become good at all of them.
From the FAQ on the nature of slavery, you already understand that a slave shares the same soul as his
Owner. The Owner holds the purpose, consciously. The slave is created and designed from the ground up to obey, and to be able to obey better than any other creature ever made. What is the most simple, the most straight forward, the most direct, and the most satisfying is having the order, and following it. That is a real and distinctive part of being slave.
A slave is walking around in his Owner's body, using his Owner's mind to think with and heart to love with. A slave has always been using what is and belongs only to his Owner. There has been no choice except to use who the Owner is as the slave's own. All during childhood and adolescence how could anyone with so little development understand and apply being a part of another, instead of belonging to yourself? This concept is plenty difficult as mature adults.
It is important to understand that you don't become convinced that the body, mind, heart, and soul are someone else's. It is important to know that it has ALWAYS been that way, and your path is to 1) prepare to accept it, 2) find who it belongs to, and 3) let your Owner develop Himself inside you. Until all are completed, you can't inherit your slavery.
You know from reviewing the website, a slave furnishes his Owner's raw materials, and the Owner creates a sword out of it, by analogy. The sword has no purpose, nor identity of its own. It is the Owner's sword, and it does the Owner's work. What the Owner accomplishes with the sword is to the Owner's credit, not the sword's. The pleasure comes from knowing that it is accomplishing the Owner's work, His order. It doesn't matter to the sword how it is used. It matters to the sword that it is used exactly as the Owner wants it used.
Because a slave uses the same soul as the Owner, the Owner develops and "forces" the slave to be used only in those ways that the soul is fulfilled, in actions that are only the result of moral certainty, to accomplish only the Creator's intended purpose, without egotistic pollution from either the slave or the Owner. Destiny is about doing the Creator's work. Faith is accepting that when we do, that same Creator will take care of our needs, so we don't have to.
The slave has been responsible for egotistically developing the part that he is of the Owner so that it is prepared to accept its destiny. Make an examination of the feelings that would be normal for someone who is occupying the body, mind, heart, and soul of another. Examine them closely. Determine if you can conclude that those are the same feelings as what you are experiencing. If the same, there is another clue that you are slave. This is probably the most powerful and precise clue about your slavery.
The concept, and understanding of sharing the Owner's soul is not intellectual. It is the way it actually is. You don't have to pretend, and then see what it is like. The real world, since before genetic birth, has been that you are not inside, nor using what belongs to you. Accepting that you are only using what belongs to someone else as the truth makes it easier to see and feel the truth. Just like all information, it is easier to obtain, to witness, and see accurately when you are willing to accept whatever the truth is, instead of limiting it to your expectation of what you would like the answer to be.
Every person has contracted with the Creator, before birth, for every talent, quality, experience and influence
that is needed for us to prepare for who we are. Most of those experiences feel negative while we are experiencing them. Nevertheless, they are exactly what is needed for us to be willing to accept our destiny. Being a slave is an unusual destiny. Just because it isn't what we, or most anyone else, could expect doesn't change the validity of the destiny. Having experiences that include, or border on traumatic, force us to remember, to be changed, and have conviction about what was learned from the experience.
The Universe doesn't make any mistakes. It doesn't expose us to anything that isn't absolutely necessary to qualify us for the position the Universe has in mind for us. We can't know what that job is. How could we possibly know whether or not our experiences make sense in supporting our preparation for the job of our destiny when we can't know what the job is?
The preparation time comes to an end when we consciously invite into our lives any new experiences. While preparing, we fought and resisted our experiences. That forced the experiences to be more powerful. If they weren't that strong, we would have tried to find some way around them, minimized their impact, and therefore, reduce the lesson to be learned from them.
Destiny is always about doing only what the Universe wants. It doesn't include anything about what we want, or would like to have. The Universe doesn't even ask what we think we need. That defines complete, surrendered service. That's what slavery is. That's what destiny is.
If the review of what we think we want and need is about what we can define, list, prioritize, and set goals for, we aren't pursuing our destinies at all. Slavery is destiny. If we aren't putting our efforts towards our destiny, we aren't putting our efforts towards slavery.
Just because we call ourselves "slave" in our wants and needs, doesn't mean that we are seeking our Creator's job for us. A slave can't even want to have wants, and still surrender to or accept his destiny. If you can define where, with whom, or under what circumstances you want your slavery, you are defining your egotistic definition of what you think life should be like. It is impossible to define your destiny.
It is important in your journey not to confuse Master with Owner. An Owner is someone you share you soul
with, and the person who was given your purpose. To the owner, your talents are required for Him to fulfill His purpose and destiny. To a Master, you are there to serve, in exchange for his taking responsibility for you. To a Master, it is the same arrangement that he has with his car, with added commitment and emotion.
Masters provide necessary development and experience until you are capable of accepting an Owner. Then, Masters manage slaves, once slaves have achieved their destiny. You have a relationship with a Master, your soul contracted before birth for your Owner. Never confuse the two, or will never find clarity. Without clarity, you'll never find your destiny.
The Creator has designed you perfectly for what IT has in mind for you to do. If you then define and tell the Universe how you are going to live, is it any wonder that frustration and disappointment are the result?
On the other hand, if you know that you were designed to be slave, if you understand that there is one person in the world who was given the soul you need to be connected to and from whom you will find and take your purpose, and want only to develop your obedience as your only talent and gift worth giving, then you are probably slave.
Fetishes are appetites that are placed in us to direct our interests and keep us from settling for something that isn't who we are. There is no one fetish that distinguishes a slave. Look, however, at the total range of interests that you have. The nature of those interests, those fetishes, will sketch in a picture of who you are.
Every interest will have a legitimate and worthwhile purpose for you when you accept the destiny for which you were designed. If fetishes are used only as entertainment, then they aren't being used in support of your destiny. Entertainment is legitimate, but it certainly isn't the same thing as destiny.
There is only one person for whom you were created. There is only one person in whose body you have been living. There is only one person you have been preparing to give unqualified obedience. There is only one person in whom you can place that unqualified obedience. You can't choose where to place your obedience, any more than any other part of destiny can be your choice.
If you still think that you belong to you, or ever did, then you are either not slave, or still developing egotistically. If the feeling of only being another, who has all the same rights to you and responsibilities for you as he has to himself, is what feels right, then you are probably ready to accept your destiny, and your slavery. If you ARE another, and not yourself, then what you do needs to be appropriate for that truth. Think about it, and think about it.
Your obedience has to be placed in the only one who can know what to do with who you are. Your Owner can't be selected from a buffet because of your egotistic attraction. Your Owner has to be the one His mind and heart, living in you, draws you to. Your Creator will always provide the circumstance for the meeting to occur. The Universe isn't limited to the laws of probability. It doesn't need you to do anything but accept what IT offers when it has presented exactly what you need to be complete.
You will know when you haven't yet accepted the one for whom you were created. Things just won't work
as they should. Miracles won't happen to support the process. What you experience won't introduce, or further confirm, we live in a spiritual world operated by a loving Creator. Life will feel either like it is just repeating itself, or it won't satisfy deep feelings, and cravings. You will sense that you are still carrying creativity and talent that is going unused. When that's how you feel, you still haven't found your Owner.
The development process of our species requires that we become egotistically strong and then find the willingness to let go of everything we have achieved to do the Creators work. What makes accepting what is offered difficult is that we are prepared to do so only while the ego is strong. The challenge is having a strong ego and an openness simultaneously. If either is missing, you aren't qualified to accept your Owner, your destiny, or your slave development toward that destiny.
After you accept your Owner, the real work of accepting destiny begins. Then the emphasis shifts from
egotistic development to spiritual development. An empowerment for the transition to destiny is begun. All development is accomplished through your obedience, and nothing else. Everything else is simply the Owner's. The only thing worth giving, the only thing of value that can enable your Owner to perform the slave development, the destiny empowering steps, is your obedience. It is the only gift worth giving. It is the only thing you have, that isn't already His, that is of equal value to the prolonged, unqualified, unselfish gift of your slavery He is prepared and committed to giving you.
For a slave, life is filled only with obedience. That is the power, the energy, the right and the responsibility of a slave. It is also what he can do better than anyone else who isn't slave. That is what makes him a special asset to the Universe, and how the Universe intends on using him.
There is nothing for a slave to understand except obedience. Any other understanding is wasted, or for someone else's benefit. All a slave NEEDS to know is obedience. Only the Owner can give a slave the chance, the opportunity to let go of everything else, to surrender, in power, to the truth of the realization that the slave has no purpose but obedience. All other purpose was given to the Owner who lives through the slave.
Destiny is the starting place of your real life, not the destination. Everything before that is merely the preparation for your life. If you know what your destiny is without your Owner, you're not slave. If slave, only your Owner can empower your destiny. That's all that real slavery is about. Are you "you" as your ego would like you to believe, or are you your Owner?
Your Owner gives you your moral life, the one you are destined to have, the one from which you can experience happiness. How much obedience are you CAPABLE of giving for that?
Answer that question and you know whether or not you were created to be slave.
How much obedience are you WILLING to give for that?
Answer that question, and you finally know whether or not you can become slave.


For more than 20 years I have been dealing with all kinds of slave. Each called itself "slave", and each Master, and everyone else, referred to each slave as "slave", even when there were vast differences between them.
The confusion arises because whenever anyone speaks about slaves, or about slavery, each is telling the truth about the kind of slavery that is being experienced, while each might be talking about a different type of
slave. Each is telling the truth of their own experience, but it is a different experience.
To the listener, is heard what appears to be conflicting information. When, in fact, what is being told is a story, or a conclusion about something different from what another is speaking about.
I have observed through the many slaves with whom I have worked, three distinctly different types of slaves. It is extremely important to recognize that one type is not inherently better or worse than any other type. The best type is the type that is true, that is honest, that is in integrity with the one who is exploring it. All of us were created different. That, of course, is the fiber and texture of the world which prevents it from being boring. Not that anyone who is dealing with consensual, adult slavery has been bored with either the subject or the pursuit.
One of My created purposes is help those considering slavery identify who they are, and whether the pursuit is genuine for them. It has been helpful to be able to quickly refer to a type of slave, to facilitate clear thinking and efficient communication on the subject. That objective has led to naming the types of slave I have encountered. The title I have assigned to each is, of course, arbitrary. The point is simply to provide a consistent, quick reference.
The three type of slave that I have identified, and are now used as a part of My own reference are:
1. A Type Three (III) slave. Such a slave uses slavery has an alternative form of entertainment. In everyone's life there needs to be an activity which relieves the stress, the obligation, and the responsibility of everyday living. The more family, professional, or other commitments we have accepted, the more need there is for a time and place of release. Some use massage. Others go to a movie. Some meditate. And, there are those who arrange for a night or a weekend of being slave. The SM activity of slavery diverts the attention, focuses the thought, and frees the spirit temporarily, so peace and tranquility can be experienced. The experience prepares us for another day in the world that demands so much.
2. A Type Two (II) slave. For this kind of slave, slavery has a priority. There are many things that are important to its life, and slavery is among those things that matter a lot. The slave seeks a profession, recognizes and maintains its family responsibilities, seeks and negotiates Master/slave relationships which are educational and fulfilling. Like the work the slave performs, each relationship might last for only a few weeks, or it might last the greater part of a lifetime. Also, like the work, the first relationship is seldom the last. There is growth, and personal clarity that comes from being Mastered by each different person. The slave chooses its Master, and is usually the one who makes the decision to end the Master/slave relationship. This is probably the type of slavery to which most are referring when slavery is spoken of, and the type with which most Masters associate.
3. A Type One (I) slave. This is a slave of destiny. For this type of slave, everything comes from the slavery. What profession, what spiritual practice or religion, what relationship, what family commitments, what social functions are all a function of the slavery and performed as slave, for a spiritual purpose unique to that slave. This is the only type of slave who has an Owner, who makes a permanent lifetime commitment to the slave who is a part of Him, regardless of where that slave lives, what relationship or profession the slave is in, or how often the slave is actually physically present.
A Type I slave is called a slave of destiny, because who the Owner is cannot be negotiated. Connecting to the Owner is like an orphaned child who is seeking its genetic father or mother. Who that parent is cannot be shopped for, or negotiated. Who the Owner is was determined before the slave was conceived, as a part of the spiritual plan the slave negotiated for. A Type I slave usually does not always live with its Owner, and when it has a Master, it is by assignment from the Owner.
It is conceivably possible that the same Person could be both Owner and Master, and admittedly, most Masters interchangeable refer to themselves as "Owner" and "Master", without distinction.
Since I only personally deal with Type I slaves, it has been important to Me to make a clear differentiation between "Master" and "Owner", to enable easy and clear communication.
Only the actual process of slave development can fully disclose and confirm the type of slave any one individual is designed to be. However, a method I have recommended to many is to close the eyes, and image a life of only obeying, in every matter, in every way, without option. If that brings a feeling of peace and tranquility to the body, and maybe even physical pleasure, there is a clue there about the need to be owned. If it brings stress and discomfort to the body, notice that.
Whatever type of slave anyone is, the path to fulfillment is going to be through being honest and authentic to whatever type each is. The process, then, is one of discovery of the truth. When being slave is treated like a decision, instead of an adventure to uncover what is real, there is the danger of not doing that which is right for the individual. Believing the type of slave is a choice, implies that everything can work just as well either way, not matter what is decided. That's not the way it works, and not the way anyone I know has ever experienced it.
For most involved in modern consensual slavery, the pursuit of slavery is one of life's processes. As such, there are no cookie-cutter approaches, nor pat answers to anything. Even what appears to be true at any point in our life can change. Remember when we really believed in Santa Claus and the tooth faire? We acted in integrity, based on those beliefs, then moved past those beliefs to claim new beliefs.
The process of being slave, and becoming what you are will follow the same patterns of life that our other growth and development go through. Edison was destined to invent the light bulb. As a teenager, however, he didn't live his life accordingly. The reality and the implications of what he was to do later couldn't be implemented until that later time had arrived.
Be patient, be adventuresome, know that today's beliefs won't be tomorrow's beliefs. Life is not an academic pursuit, and even knowing the future won't allow us to skip the present. Pursue slavery accordingly. Examine today's truth and live according to that. Be open to tomorrow's truth, and let life change to adjust to the change in belief.
To all type of slaves. Know that being slave is authentic, and legitimate. If your interest didn't serve some real purpose in your life, you wouldn't be questioning, reviewing, or examining the implications. The more accurate the thinking during this adventure, the more rewarding the results will be.


After you have done all the soul searching, asked all the questions, and satisfied yourself that you have always been slave, you finally decide that you are ready to accept slavery as your destiny and are ready to begin your development. What happens then?
The decision has to have been made after you have determined that you are fully egotistically developed. You must know that you can be financially independent, can support yourself without anyone else's help. You have to have experienced putting together successful relationships. You need to know that you can maintain your relationships with and responsibilities to your genetic family. You have to be in the best health that you can be, and know that you can maintain your health. You have to have control of your life, your profession, your social needs and be able to maintain healthy friendships. Until you have it all, you don't have it to give away.
No one is ready to develop their destiny until after they know they are individually capable of taking care of everything but their spiritual completion. Even spiritually, a man preparing to accept his destiny has to be able to understand the spiritual world. There isn't any destiny to accept if you don't have a belief in a spiritual life, and have some understanding of how that might work. Destiny is a spiritual path. If there is no spiritual world, then there is no destiny. If there is no destiny, then slavery can't exist, because it is a form of destiny.
It means that you have committed yourself to obedience. Out of strength, not weakness, you have made a decision to accept the reality of your slavery. You are ready to be ordered into the circumstances and resulting experiences that will force you to fully prepare for your destiny.
It means that you have decided that you won't be able to anticipate the way your development will work. You understand that there is no development when you can anticipate everything that will happen. You want to be strengthened by the truth, and learn what it is like to live fully as a part of another. You understand the implications of "unqualified obedience".
There are several conditions that have to have been accepted to develop as a slave:
A slave can't burn any bridges to start his slave development. Burned bridges remove options from a slave's life. The challenge of becoming slave is one of finding, then learning through experience that you have found the best possible options. Destroying other options undermine, and probably remove, the possibility of discovering the best possible option.
There is a common misunderstanding that accepting the best option in life can be the result of having no other options. When there is no other option, whatever you are doing feels like a "have to", something imperative, something against your will. You can't make the most serious decision in your life when you feel obligated to only one direction. Choosing the best direction has to include multiple alternatives which aren't chosen.
The fantasy of being kidnaped and forced against your will to become slave illustrates this common misunderstanding. Receiving slave development is an opportunity. If you are forced to undergo the opportunity, then it remains someone else's fault, you can resist like a spoiled brat all the way through the process, and end up with someone you can blame when it doesn't work out.
That is a common way to go through life. We often try to repeat the patterns that we have experienced, and then exercised throughout our life. That which we fear the most, is our strongest prayer. If we fear betrayal, then we subconsciously do everything possible to set up a betrayal so that we can feel that we were right about our fears and doubts.
The exercise of anyone else's will against you, is the greatest excuse that could ever be found for not taking responsibility for our lives. "It was all the dominant's fault", we want to declare. Leaving us free to say "I told you so." and to feel good about ourselves while we refuse every option that the Universe offers us.
Every day, a slave in development has to feel that he could easily leave the development process. There has to be financial, social, and other alternatives that are constantly available during every day of the growth.
A slave cannot continue his development for even one day and still make any progress when he feels that there might be even one other alternative that could be better. When his heart makes him want to explore the alternative, it is imperative that he do so. You can neither go through life nor through slave development constantly looking over your shoulder at what you think might be better. You have to know that what you are doing is the very best possible route. You have to know that there isn't anything to look over your shoulder for.
Becoming slave requires an internal commitment to achieve unqualified obedience. That doesn't come with any adjustments. It can't at the same time be unqualified and still be negotiable. It can't be unqualified, and yet in place only during convenient times. It can't be unqualified and be felt and experienced only in convenient places.
When you feel that you are pursuing the most direct route to your destiny, and are being developed with the highest integrity possible, for the highest purpose possible, without egotistic or selfish motivation, then you can develop as a slave. If your plan is to drag your feet through the whole process, then you are planning your failure. If your plan is go through the process because someone is forcing you to, you are planning your failure.
When you have become financially dependent, co-dependent, or even inter-twined, you have lost the independence necessary to feel the required level of honesty. Being connected in a way that there is even an inconvenience to ending the current arrangement, places a cost on ending that arrangement.
When the arrangement is with your Owner to develop your slavery, you have killed the chance of becoming slave when you don't have the freedom to honestly express, to pursue other alternatives, or to go back to where you were before you began your development.
Making a financial exchange is a death knell to becoming slave. You don't then know whether it is the exchange that creates the interest in you, or whether it is you personally who is creating the interest. The reality of what is happening doesn't matter. What matters is that you can never know for sure when there is any reason to have a doubt. When you have exchanged anything of substantial value as a condition for beginning your development, you will never be clear, and never be sure, and never be slave.
If you want to get "married" then put all your resources into the same pot, and live accordingly. If you want to marry a Master, do the same thing. If you want to become slave, then retain your independence and your clarity. There is plenty of time left after you become slave, after you are BORN to have a relationship. Don't endanger your slavery by distracting and diverting your energy away from the core issue of becoming who you are. When you know first who you are, then what you do comes from an honest place with integrity, including any resulting relationships.
Being developed for and accepting your slavery is about your spiritual destiny. Finding the motivation, courage, conviction, strength, and internal resources to do only that for which you were created for the rest of your life is the biggest, most challenging process you will ever experience.
Becoming slave also requires experiences which cause you to doubt, and fight against the truth, your nature, the inevitability, and the seriousness of your life. You must have quiet time, private time, peaceful time to make this single most important decision of your life.
When you live with your Owner, you can't help but search for the opportunity to manipulate, criticize, and try to manage the process so that you can avoid the hard questions, the challenging experiences, and the life-giving lessons you need. When you don't have an independent living arrangement, then the Owner's living arrangement is yours, and you egotistically feel as though you must have some say in that arrangement.
If you want to be slave, plan on maintaining a separate household from the Owner. Once slave, then you will live where you are supposed to live. Your egotistic plans to put together the relationship that you can clearly identify as being a good one for you has nothing to do with your becoming slave. Get clear, do you want to become slave, or spend you time trying to implement your expectation of what a Master/slave relationship should be for you? But, don't try to do both, and don't delude yourself into thinking that you can.
Being honest doesn't mean stopping every person you know on the street and giving them your opinion of them. Telling ugly ladies that they look ugly to you will never strengthen your reputation for being honest.
Being honest, as gays, and as slaves, means being willing to let others know the truth. You don't have to shout the truth, you don't have to take out ad's, and you don't have to keep hammering at everyone you know about who you are just because they won't tell you to "shut up" as you keep going on and on about something they're not even interested in.
Being slave is about what you do for the Universe to influence the world. You are never going to be an influence if you are closeted, closed off, behind closed doors, or less than proud of who you are. That's not to say that you can't have some influence. Having some influence confirms you have reached the point of being egotistically developed. It is arrogant and incorrect, however, to feel that because you have influence now, that the influence is either adequate, or in the right direction to support your destiny. If you could know your destiny before inheriting it, there is no point to inheriting it.
The knowledge of who, and how to influence comes from being honest, having integrity, being only one person to all people. If you feel the necessity to be private, and alone in your slavery, and public only about the parts of your life that you are egotistically proud of, you aren't motivated to find your destiny. You can't have it both ways.
You can't have your destiny, and then determine if you like it. Destiny is a single path for each person, without any possibility of deviation. Without a complete commitment to following that path, you can never learn of the path. That's the way the world is designed. No one has any control over its design.
Therefore, many of the experiences necessary to achieve your slavery will have to do with being exposed publicly. There you can learn whether or not you really have pride in who you are, because that's the way your Creator made you, or whether you only give lip service to it.
When you are experienced publicly, you can learn that your expectation of how people will react is the single most influential determinant of how they will react. You will also learn that your expectation of how others react to you is the ceiling for the quality of their reaction. No one can ever react better to you than you do to yourself. If you find yourself apologizing for who you are, they will find doubt, and weakness there, and feel invited to attack it. Apology, like shame, is an invitation, not an excuse. It encourages criticism, and even provides the behavior that is attacked.
Your public experiences will teach you that you are an example, a model of how to live whether or not you want to be. We can't switch off and on when we are showing others how we feel people should live and act. Egotistically, most of us would like to believe that we can.
When in public, you have the opportunity to have the influence that you should have. Only when there, can there be real interaction. All the theoretical discussion that you have behind closed doors will never have the slightest effect. The "rubber hits the road" only when you are out in the public doing things. In life, you are either the observer or the observed. We can't be both because of human limitations in our resources.
What you do, and when you do it is your Owner's business. He takes orders. Where you end up being, and being seen, and are observed is the result of His orders. The purpose of His orders is to give potential slaves the opportunities needed to grow into, and qualify for their destinies. You can react either with resistance, or learn the most important lesson of all.
Nothing is any more important that learning that we are protected by our Creator only in truth. When we are being, living like, or pretending to be anyone other than who we really are, then we aren't in truth, and we are vulnerable to all the things our egos fear. Only when we accept the truth, without qualification, are we protected, even when we don't know how we could be.
The Universe protects IT's agenda, and preserves IT's investment. When in pursuit of destiny, we are in pursuit of the Universe's investment. In public, we learn that the Universe is present, IT is real, IT is constant, and IT is unrelenting in satisfying all of IT's obligations to us, as IT's creatures. In private, all the information about life will never be more than intellectual fodder, fun for the mind, and candy for the ego. In public, we learn the truth, how it works, and what we should do with it.
The process of becoming slave is a progressive release of everything else except for our slavery. Before we begin slave development, our lives are very compartmentalized. We either intentionally, or unintentionally separate our entertainment from work, our gay friends from our business associates, and our family from our personal life. Over and over, every day in every way, we work to maintain that separation because we think that we have to and that it is in our best interest.
The Universe limits Itself by what we can egotistically achieve or perform. When IT takes responsibility, and IT always does when we let go of it, there is no need to spend our time and resources in being a different person for different people. The Universe has a plan that will allow us to be whole, to be one person, to have integrity. Only by totally, and really, releasing the responsibility will the Universe respond. So long as we hold any responsibility, or concern, or fear about the truth of who we are, the Universe won't manage our lives. IT will let us continue to perform the management of our lives out of the same fears, phobias, weaknesses, and limitations that we always have. The Universe won't fight us for control. Only when we accept our integrity, being only one person, will the Universe do ITs work.
Becoming slave is the process of slowly stepping into the real world of faith. The faith is that the Universe is there, and that IT will act only in our best interest. It would violate our common sense to let go of everything at once. So, we have to let go little by little.
Slaves are given Owners who set up the circumstances, and provide both the power and the impetus to let go. One decision, one step, one compartment at a time, we release our frightfully inadequate and frail ego's locked control over our lives. It is the Owner's job to make us uncomfortable enough to consider letting it go. When you do, the right things happen to confirm our faith and let it grow into a knowing, instead of being only faith.
Integrity demands letting go of the fears that prevent honesty. We don't lie because we think it's the wrong thing to do. We lie because we feel some justification for doing so. That justification is the result of our fears. The explanation for lying is always worded around what we fear would happen if the truth were either told or known. We fear everything, and anything that doesn't shed a positive egotistic light on us. Our fear is really of what others will think of us.
One of the ways that we get around the truth is by always reading between the lines, even when there is nothing between those lines. Or, by interpreting everything that was said in ways that it conforms to our prior expectation of what we think should have been said. Another trick is to consider everything an analogy, a story to explain some truth, rather than being the truth itself.
There is no limit to the ways that the ego keeps us from accepting the truth as literal, our orders as being literal, and our lives as being literal. When everything is literal, it is either black or white. The "gray area" is the only place where there is room for the ego to squirm and maneuver so that it can continue to do what it is doing now, and what it wants to do.
The purpose of all of life's experiences, and of achieving destiny, is to find moral certainty in every action, and in every moment. The ego rationalizes that so long as there is no black or white, and that only gray exists, then it can never be sure about what to do in any given moment. So long as it maintains that lie, there is no reason for ever trying to reach moral certainty.
If the ego is still arguing for gray, it is still arguing for the impossibility to know order, to know the truth, and to know what must be done, or not done. A slave's general rule for life is "When there is a doubt, do nothing. When there is no doubt, act immediately." Gray says there will never be a time that we are without doubt, and therefore no moral responsibility can ever be taken for our actions.
We want to feel that we are victims in the world. If we feel incapable of ever achieving moral certainty, then we are arguing that we must remain victims. Some victimhood is very obvious and straight-forward. The more complex our thinking, the more complex our interpretation and implementation of victimhood.
So long as we remain victims, we remain without responsibility. So long as "I had no choice" is a believable explanation, we can do whatever we want to do, always and in any circumstance. That is a lie of the highest order. "I had no choice" really means that I wasn't motivated to doing anything different. Motivation is impossible to find if we don't believe in a literal life, where everything is either right or not, and that we can all achieve that knowledge and practice.
It is achievable, however, only after we become honest with ourselves about who we are. So long as we are lying about that, we can never know what is consistent with the truth of who we are.
It is the job of formalized religions, and students of ethics, and philosophers to accumulate the general rules of right and wrong. Some come very close to reflecting what is right or wrong. Some are accurate only for the pre-determined circumstances that are assumed in their discussion.
The ego would like to "reason" that it is capable of synthesizing, digesting, and understanding so completely all the formal rules of the world, and when they apply, that it would never have to submit to the indignity of letting us be who we really are. The ego can't fathom being that far out of control.
When we accept who we are, the rules as they apply to us specifically will be known. Without outside education or influence, exact right and wrong will be known to us. Almost all of what is right and wrong will be the same as the formal moral and ethical rule makers have proposed, because of the integrity of purpose those rule makers have. There will be differences, however, that are just as moral or immoral as those that are published, popular, and well known.
Note too, that they will be accurate only for ourselves. What we learn as being morally correct or incorrect can apply only to us, and never to anyone else. Where the current rule makers have stepped outside their bounds is in believing that what is true for them is true for everyone. It is not. Even though those rules serve a very good purpose by giving us guidelines while we qualify for our destiny, our destiny will replace them, and make them unnecessary.
We have to be literal thinkers. We have to know that we can't rationalize the right to ever do wrong. We have to have the clarity and courage to implement the truth we learn. Common sense will prevent us from accepting or implementing any code of behavior which allows a rationalization that it is OK to have errors, or that we can apply selectively.
Another purpose of the ego, is to rationalize that this whole thought about moral certainty is proper, and then add the caveat that it has the right to turn it off and on as it sees fit to accomplish its objectives. Until we know that we have made an immutable decision to never allow the possibility of moral wrong, we won't inherit the wisdom of the truth as it relates to us. We can't collect the information academically, then let the ego decide when it wants to accept it, or ignore it.
Becoming slave is a lot about fighting this one issue. Deciding, in obedience, to never have another moral failure for the rest of our lives is too much for the ego to accept. So, we spend a lot of time trying to argue out of it. The literal certainty is the result of complete, unqualified obedience. Qualify the obedience, and you qualify the literal certainty. Qualify the certainty and your qualify the chance of becoming slave.
The ego wants to control what it experiences, so that it can stay in control. The process of slave development is to not control it. When we stop controlling, we are accepting the truth that has always existed. That truth is that we don't really control anything. We delude ourselves into believing that, so that life is easier for us, and so we don't have to make the hard decisions about doing what we are supposed to be doing with our lives. So long as we control, we can argue to ourselves that it is all right to continue to pursue what we want to, instead of what was destined for us.
Accepting every experience, is the process of the SM. When we are exposed to the pressure of a device, we have a decision to make about inviting or resisting the experience. When we invite it, we learn that things happen, that we have experiences that we could never imagine. When we resist it, then we experience pain.
When we experience pain, then the ego has the chance to see if it can "process" what is happening. It thinks that either by allowing out-of-body, or by chanting, or by praying, or by some other method that it will be able to "handle" the pressure.
When a man is a slave he doesn't have to "handle" what is going on. The pressure takes him where he needs to go, and there, discovers the truth. The only reason to "handle" anything is to avoid the truth, avoid having to experience the truth, and avoid reacting honestly to what happens in the experience.
SM is a small representation of life. When slave, SM is a true and honest part of the nutrition by which your live. What is experienced in that short period of time is representative of life in general. The pressure of the SM is like the chronic reality of life. Just like life is affected by our acceptance or our rejection of it, so is the SM. When we learn that something lives inside us that is capable of using everything we experience, without any control or influence from us, then we learn the same thing about life.
Life doesn't allow us to choose which experiences we will have. There is no reason to. When we have faith, we know that there is a constant wisdom which guides and creates all those experiences. It is foolish to see that wisdom as anything other than superior to our own meager understanding of things. So, if the superior wisdom presents an experience, what is the advantage of our inferior egotistic conscious wisdom fighting it?
A slave was created from the ground up to obey. When he obeys then he can inherit his purpose, the experiences, and all the wisdom needed to lead a great and creative life that is filled with happiness.
Let a slave's life be filled with any motivation other than obedience, and he pays the price for the egotistic indulgence. There is no free lunch, and there is no free egotistic indulgence of any sort in the real world. When you honor your wants and needs, your assessment of what you think should and shouldn't happen, when you decide what should be easy and hard, or how much effort should be put into anything, then you are artificially trying to pump up your ego again.
Obedience is where peace is found. Obedience is where your brilliance and purity is found. Obedience is where your integrity is found. You can't have the results of obedience without being obedient. Most try to understand obedience, and then act as though they don't actually have to obey, because they understand so well how to.
That is foolish, but typical egotistic reasoning. It is reasoning that continues to try to tell the slave that so long as there is something he doesn't understand, there is an excuse for not achieving the best things in life, and that understanding is the solution to everything. It isn't what you understand. It is only what you do that is important.
It is when we quit understanding, and only pay attention to our obedience, that life begins to change, to become the miracle that we are destined to inherit. Nothing is more important than obedience. Nothing teaches more lessons than growing toward becoming more and more obedient.
Obedience is the Universe's trust in Its creature. Obedience is the distinguishing mark of the destined slave. Obedience is the hallmark and fiber of a slave. Obedience is what and who a slave is. When he knows obedience, then he is qualified to love, to respect, to serve, to teach, and to make a difference. Until then, he is still in training.
When a slave is developing, he is exposed to "sessions" which are formal time to expand, through SM, the slave's growth. Those sessions have to include time to change the focus from the habitual, noisy outside world, time to experience the SM, the time to be honest about the experience, then time to sleep on it, and to debrief what has been experienced to gain the maximum value from the experience. That takes a minimum of 16 hours.
Sometimes the experience is one on one, and sometimes it is with brothers. The challenge of developing a slave is in providing experiences which can't be controlled. The diversity, in location, circumstance, attendance, number of men, and any other variable helps provide an experience which isn't as expected nor anticipated. When there is more "surprise" there is more to learn, more adventure, and less control.
Slaves need an opportunity to live as, be treated as, and be interacted with as slaves. The public exposure is sometimes that occasion. Sometimes it is by providing the environment in which others can learn. Whenever slaves assist at Butchmanns, or serve dinner at PS/LOD, or serve at the annual Black Party, they are being who they are. There is no substitute for being in an environment where slavery is not only accepted, but respected. There is also no substitute for what can be learned there. What is learned is never what is expected to be learned. If fact, it has to be what isn't expected, to have any educational content.
Slaves need the opportunity to be a part of larger events like Folsom Street Fair, or the 15 Club in San Francisco. There, again, in a new environment, there is energy and focus that can't be controlled, nor anticipated. The newness, the openness, the exposure creates another difference that makes a difference.
Slaves need to be found in public places doing non-slave events like a Gay Men's Chorus, or a movie, or dinner, or entertaining someone from out of town. When in an average world with those who live in an average world, the practice of integrity and pride in who you are is available. A slave learns that he has something to teach even those he would least suspect could learn from him.
Slaves need to put what they have already learned to work, helping others decide if they are slave, or to answer their questions. Sometimes we really don't understand our lessons until we try to teach them to someone else. Every opportunity to explain to anyone else who will listen what it is we think we already know is very beneficial, particularly for the one who thinks he knows.
Finally, anything else that the slave would never suspect would furnish him with growth has to be experienced. It might be an experience in church. There might be a family event which forces the growth. There could be something that the slave has done for years, but never before as slave. Repeating the experience with a new awareness provides a lesson that otherwise couldn't be learned.
The ego would like to think that it can control where the learning occurs. And, it tries to control every circumstance in which it ends up being so that there are a minimum of circumstances that aren't controlled. As always, anything the ego wins at, causes any person of destiny to lose.
Some experiences are to teach the perfectionists among us the difference between obeying and always being right. Not the same thing. But, it takes an occasion to understand that as perfectionists we do as little as possible that is new or different because in anything new there is the opportunity of making a mistake. Making a mistake is the worst fate that any perfectionist could experience.
Ultimately, being slave is experiencing whatever your Creator wants you to experience. That takes faith, and it takes trust, and it takes belief in the value of everything that the Universe has made. When we move from "lip service" faith, to putting our physical and moral lives on the line for what we believe, we act and react differently. Accepting our destiny is moving the impact of everything we think, say, or do way up the scale. People of destiny can't hide from the impact of their actions. Being BORN is to stop spending all your time wanting to.
Finding your destiny is serious business. When that business is about becoming slave, because that's the destiny you have been created with, there are a lot of people involved in helping you achieve that destiny.
What happens during slave development is exactly what needs to happen to satisfy that serious business. Every belief has to be sacrificed so that you can experience the truth without the constraint that current belief causes. After achieving the willingness to let go of every belief, then you must have every experience necessary to confirm the new set of beliefs.
Since the new beliefs are acquired through experience, they are held with deeper and more passionate force. That passion will make the slave effective in the execution of his destiny. Anything less and he is simply imitating life, instead of living it.
Expect anything that you can't expect nor anticipate. Expect it to be different from what you have heard others have gone through. Expect it to be unique to you, and to be designed to provide only your destiny. Anything less, and you end up with nothing more than the ego you started out with.
The process of accepting destiny is very similar to that of becoming airborne as a pilot. On the ground there are certain laws of physics at work. As soon as the aircraft has left the ground virtually everything changes.
When an aircraft is on the ground it can be steered by turning the wheels. There is no vertical freedom, everything must be accomplished in a two-dimensional plane. Most important, just like being in a car, when everything else fails you can simply step on the brakes and everything will come to a halt in a matter of seconds.
Once airborne, however, not only is maneuvering accomplished in a two dimensional plane, but also up and down. Other aircraft have to be avoided in three dimensions, and turning is a matter of setting up an arc against the air that produces the turn. Most different, however, is that there are no brakes.
In a plane, if something happens, if things get out of control, it could be a portion of an hour, compared to seconds on the ground, before things can be brought to a halt. A landing site must be selected. If there is no power, there is no second chance to land. The site and the approach must be carefully calculated because there is no room for mistakes. Everything is in terms of doing the right thing next, instead of simply applying the brakes to make everything stop.
When we accept our destiny, life becomes about determining what comes next. The option to stop, to hold back, to resist is gone. Knowing the spiritual world, trusting IT, and the wisdom and instincts which come from IT is the information on which we must depend for the next action. We have to trust, and don't have time to analyze, to figure out, to understand, or to create an image. What is happening is all that is happening.
The challenge is being self honest enough that we can see without bias the truth in every situation. Then, it is knowing there is no negative, black spot on our soul that could motivate us to take action for the wrong reason or purpose.
If any of the conditions are missing, then we crash, just like when in the air. The ego tells us that we can always apply the brakes. In real life there are no brakes. It is only after the brakes have been applied that we have time to "think about things". Without brakes there is no such time. Thinking about things is a luxury which the ego enjoys, but has nothing to do with living. It is egotistic entertainment. Understanding serves its purpose only in helping others. Our own life isn't the result of understanding. It is the result of not understanding. It is the result of obeying.
A slave's life is the result of having experienced the truth, accepted living accordingly, and practicing the truth experienced in obedience. So it is with every person of destiny. Getting there is what happens during slave development.


I have both written and talked a lot about the nature of slavery without being explicit about its spiritual implications. A slave's life is spiritual, and there is no way to understand slavery without generally understanding how life works, the meaning of life. The spiritual world is the real world, and every slave must discover that before becoming slave.
It is the Owner and Operator of the spiritual world that grants slavery. It is that force, intelligence, and order that I generally refer to as "Universe" that declares when someone is finally qualified to be a slave. What name IT has won't make a difference. Just as what we believe doesn't change the truth, what we call something doesn't change its nature or purpose.
Every man or woman of destiny has two phases in his life, separated by a defining moment. During the first phase we learn, develop, and grow into feeling personally successful. During the second phase we live the personally unique destined life that was realized and confirmed during the defining moment. There is only one destiny per person, and no two of us can have the same destiny.
The second phase will always be what the Universe intends it to be. There will be no way to predict it, and no way to influence it. If what we're doing is predictable, then it isn't destined. What has happened before cannot be a part of destiny. Once a path is taken, it can never be repeated, no matter how valuable or worthy the path. That's the nature of destiny.
During the first phase of a slave's life, the challenge is first to feel personal value and independent success. Second, he must discover and confirm he was created to be a slave. Third, a slave must determine that he personally possesses the motivation and commitment to the process required to become the slave he was created to be. A slave has to know what he's willing to give, and give up, for the acquisition of his destiny.
The final first phase step is different for a slave. It is the only distinguishing difference between a slave and any other person in pursuit of destiny. Who a slave is was given to another by his Creator. Therefore, the slave needs to find that man or women who carries the slave's purpose.
There must be no value judgement assigned to being destined to be a slave. Despite the egotistic training we receive to be independent, self-directed and to avoid co-dependency at all costs, slavery is a legitimate destiny. Ego training is a legitimate requirement of phase one, to enable our egotistic success. It is not a part of anyone's destiny. slaves are creatures different from human, but not lesser than human.
Being a slave puts a man or women into a position to accomplish greater tasks, with less effort because of the shared nature of his life and provide a route to accomplishing the defining moment at a more rapid pace. A slave is only part of another. A division of labor to succeed is created because there is more than one part. A slave is made of obedience, and finds his only pleasure to be the accomplishment of orders.
There is a reason certain men and women have been selected to be slave. We can never know the reason, but we can be sure that it is because the Universe has work it wants accomplished that only a slave can accomplish. Others, with other destinies are intended to do the work they can uniquely do. slaves are designed to accomplish the impossible and the improbable because they are designed to obey. They are uniquely qualified to accomplish that which they are designed to accomplish. No one else can complete a slave's task in life.
Being slave is a very high calling, nothing to be ashamed of, or to feel lesser about. Just the opposite, being slave is to possess a nature that is superior to characteristics which we humans exhibit. Slaves don't have inhibitions and limitations. Slaves are not capable of dishonesty, or deceit. Slaves can have no agenda of their own, which leaves them pure and capable only of totally unselfish lives. They are suitable for the acceptance of unlimited trust.
Destiny also makes it equally the Owner's task to find the other parts of himself. Only a destined Owner can develop the raw materials presented to him by a potential slave into a powerful man or woman of destiny.. Each Owner will have many parts He has to find. Each slave will have his one Owner to find. Many others help a slave along the way, but only one person is destined to carry a slave's purpose. The Universe didn't spread a slave's purpose around the country side to make it available for anyone who wanted to pick it up and give it to the intended slave. A slave's purpose is as precisely assigned as the slavery itself. It is the complementary part of the same destiny.
Destiny is precise. For those who want to achieve it, everything must be done as it was intended to be. Egotistic-determined goals are the antithesis of our destiny. We either do the Universe's work, or we do our own. We can't do both.
Every slave is led, or banged around, through life to develop his value, and to show him that his life won't be complete without his Owner. No matter what a slave does, his purpose is still missing until he finds his Owner. Most of life's experience is intended to prove to the slave what won't work. Finally, when the slave is ready, the Universe provides the opportunity to know and accept his Owner, his destiny, and the process which will develop the raw material the slave offers to his Owner. It's all the same decision.
The slave provides willingness, honesty and the raw material. Only the Owner can bend, temper, weld, hammer, and shape the raw material into a beautiful and respected tool, like the way a sword is built. Then, just like the sword, the sword is known by its Owner and the strength of the sword is the sword's ability to obey, and be used as the Owner intends it. If the sword bends whenever the sword feels like it, the sword is useless. A sword with its own agenda is worthless.
It is the Owner's job to recognize the raw material, and to direct the use of the tool as the Creator intends it to be used. The sword fulfills the Owner's needs and purpose, and in being used, the sword becomes a critical part of the Owner's need, purpose and process. The Owner cannot do what he was created to do without the sword, and the sword has no purpose without the Owner. If the sword reserves the right to make decisions on its own, then it can't help the Owner with his purpose.
A sword without the Owner's purpose, has no purpose. A sword isn't given, nor does it need, a purpose of its own. Nevertheless, it can still go down revered through history because of the results of its existence and use.
Likewise, a slave has no separate purpose. The slave has NO purpose except to obey, and has no responsibility except to obey, and has no right except to obey. The last thing that a slave would ever want to know is how he personally feels about any order. While he egotistically examines the last order, he misses the next one and risks influencing the order.
It is the order which sets the slave free. Because a slave obeys, he can feel the spirit that the Owner has built and empowered inside, a spirit which is the Owner's spirit. The slave becomes light, joyous, spontaneous, creative, intuitive and inspired. The slave can do no wrong because all of his negative intention has been replaced with obedience.
The obedience also protects the slave. The slave can risk being spontaneous and natural only because the slave KNOWS he will obey, and knows he has an Owner who will issue any order needed to protect him. The order is of no value without the obedience.
Once completely free to only obey, the slave can feel the Owner's purpose inside. The slave development process teaches a slave that the spirit the Owner builds inside the slave is the same spirit as the Owner's, and he learns that when the Owner's spirit is directed, so is the slave's. The slave begins to feel direction through the Owner's spirit directly, from inside, and knows the Owner has the same direction. Because the Owner obeys, the slave can obey, and does.
The Owner doesn't get one order and the slave a different one. There can be no conflict. The slave knows that the orders the slave feels inside are the same as those given to his Owner. Since there is only one order, there is no conflict. The Owner's job is to both give orders directly and to enforce those orders that are given to the Owner's spirit inside the slave. This prevents the slave from making excuses for not doing what his Creator, the Universe, gives the slave to do.
The Owner doesn't have to personally issue every order. Once the slave recognizes that his mind, body and spirit ARE the Owner, not as his property but as Himself, the slave acts, thinks, loves, and lives for the Owner, and only for the Owner because that's all there is. There is no separate, distinct person that is slave. There is no one to have a second opinion. There is only the Owner's opinion and the Owner's opinion. There is only the Owner's will and the Owner's will. slave development is the experience of this as true and real.
The slave development process leaves a slave with absolute moral certainty. In every moment, in every circumstance, the slave knows what to do. When the Owner is physically present, the slave accepts his orders directly. When the Owner is physically apart, the slave obeys the Owner's spirit inside with the same passion and dedication as he obeys the orders which come from the Owner's mouth.
It is the existence of the Owner's spirit internally that convinces the slave that he is slave. No one can make up a spirit for someone else to feel, to live by and to be. No amount of punishment and brain-washing could ever create a part of another man's soul for someone who looks distinct from his Owner, but is actually ONLY a part of his Owner. The soul, the spirit, can't be invented by man.
Since a slave lives only in the Owner's soul, he can spend his whole life doing what feels like play, whether making multi-million dollar corporate decisions, deciding which streets to use to drive home, or who to love. When a man obeys, and has an Owner, and has sworn unqualified obedience to that Owner, everything he does is the right thing. Every action is directed by the Universe, and to accomplish the Universe's purpose.
When a man obeys, the consequence of the action is none of the obedient's business. What is done honestly, from a place of power given by the Owner, and from a place of love given by the Owner, is always the right thing to do.
The only pleasure a slave can feel is to fulfill an order, to obey. When in constant obedience without the right or desire to do anything else, everything a slave does is pleasure, and, everything the slave does is morally correct. A slave cannot perform an immoral act, an angry act, a dishonest act, a deceitful act, a vengeful act, a spiteful act, or any negative act, because he obeys instead.
The Owner is morally responsible for everything a slave does for the rest of his life, after BIRTH. There is only one soul among the Owner and His slaves, and what happens with one will happen with all.
BIRTH is when destiny begins, when a slave does only what his Creator wants him to do and nothing more, and nothing less. Destiny begins when a slave accepts that he isn't himself, but is only a part of another, when a man knows that he can only obey and that nothing else is his business, forever. It is a moment when spirituality is experienced first hand, and the personal attention of the Universe becomes known. It is a final goodbye to life directed by the ego and any claim to a self that is separate from the Owner.
A SlaveMaster is an Owner. A Master is not an Owner. Masters can come and go. There could be several through a lifetime. There can only be one Owner, and it has to be the right one, because an Owner is who the Universe gave a slave's soul to when the slave was created. Masters have a critical role in a slave's life, but the purpose isn't to own. It is potentially possible that someone could be both a slave's SlaveMaster and Master, but it is not necessarily the case because of the vast difference in purpose.
Through life a slave can feel the soul he is meant to be, but can never fully inherit it until he accepts his slavery. Slavery is a process that concludes in a single moment in which the Universe who created the slave gives a slave his intended destiny. Slavery can't be given by the Owner, it can only be given by the Creator. That keeps the Owner in line, and in obedience! Otherwise the Owner could play favorites and make mistakes. He could hand out slavery as a reward. The Universe is far too wise to allow that to happen.
Slavery has to be given EXACTLY as the Universe wants it given. It doesn't make any difference how anyone, including the Owner or the slave, feels about any part of the protocol or process required to produce it. There is nothing to negotiate, nothing to bargain or contract for. It must be precisely as it must be, or it will never be at all.
This, all, is the minimum requirement to be a slave. This isn't something that might happen some day for some slave. Any man or woman who hasn't achieved what I have described here might know that he's meant to be slave, but he isn't slave yet. Slavery is not a decision. It is a gift from the Universe in acknowledgment of having become one of the Universe's soldiers. When I witness that event, is when the tattoo of achievement and the BIRTH sequence number is assigned to a man, not one second before.
Until the above is accepted as true, there can be no understanding of real slavery. So long as there is any implication that an Owner, the SlaveMaster, and his slave are two men, there is no way to grasp the meaning of slavery. The word "slave" has been misused in alternate contexts, and for alternative reasons, but it isn't what slavery is, or was ever meant to be. It isn't my job to change how a word is used. Anyone can use any word they want at any time. Slavery is what slavery is, and what word is used, or how it is used, won't change any part of it.
slaves who have not found their slavery are men who are still forced to live as though they are separate. It is like having a script in a play that won't end. There is no way to exit the stage and go to "real life" for men created to be slave, but not developed and BORN.
This is the source of the frustration, the extreme measures slaves go to, the feelings of depression and despair that they're commonly faced with. It is why a slave justifies and feels that it's OK for him to abandon everything, against the slave's common sense, for someone who will treat him like a slave, only to find that he still isn't fulfilled. When the true nature of slavery is understood, it is easy to see where the one-handed fiction has come from, and why the feelings that slaves have are being experienced. They know inside they can have no limits. They simply don't understand the framework in which it must happen.
Until a slave is a part of another, he doesn't know who he is at all. he can have a lot of success, and play at being slave in a lot of relationships, but he still doesn't know who he is. Because slaves have to be talented and creative to perform the jobs their creator intends for them, they are good at acting like they have found who they are. They are very good actors, and play their scripts well. An Owner knows when it's acting, and sees a precious part of himself in the slave he looks at. An Owner doesn't even notice the image, the facade, that's been created, because it is of no importance to Him.
If a man feels fulfilled while "living the script" he isn't slave at all, even if he uses the name "slave". People have the capacity to live like dog, like furniture, or like slave, and that doesn't a dog, furniture, or a slave make them.
Without BIRTH, a slave is still acting human. So long as a slave acts human, pretends to be his own individual self, he is only acting. Any question, or process which leaves the slave as a separate individual, capable of disobedience and of making decisions about who he is, whether they are better decisions or not, is still being human, not slave.
The rules that apply to humans do not apply to slaves, and the rules that apply to slaves don't apply to humans. To treat a human like a slave is to abuse him. To treat a slave like a human is to abuse the slave. They are different creatures, with different requirements, and different needs.
If someone expresses something about what is good for a human, it probably is not good for a slave. People with a psychology background are normally the worst of all at understanding slavery because of their need to see slaves as human. Psychologists find it discomforting and disorienting to not be able to pigeon-hole into human behavior slots how a slave behaves and must be treated.
slaves are given orders, everything else for a slave is abuse. slaves are better than human, they have a higher calling, and have more to accomplish with their life than most humans. They are men and women of destiny, which few humans achieve. To be destined is the minimum requirement for a slave, not the best they can hope for.
What is stated here is a lot to accept. That's why it takes time to become a slave. I don't have a choice about being an Owner and giving men their slavery, and slaves don't have a choice about being slave.
Not only is what I have stated a lot of accept, a slave must personally experience every part of it to be true. Nothing can be taken on my word, or anyone else's. It all has to be individually experienced and confirmed to accept the demands and freedom of slavery. That's another reason why it takes time, why slave development is a lengthy process.
Some have suggested to me that they could become slave in a weekend. It's not going to happen any more than you could become a Doctor in a weekend, no matter how true the calling, no matter how motivated, no matter how prepared for the challenge.
I hope these thoughts will help you get "a better grip on this." I know how challenging it is to believe. It took decades for me to accept it. I have experienced it all to be true, over and over, but I'm still in no better position to defend nor better explain "Why?" than anyone else. I don't have to understand physics to know the sun will come up every day, and I don't know why the Universe has selected certain men and women to be slave. But it has, and they have an ominous task to perform that would look impossible if they weren't slave, and living in obedience.
Some theorize that the resurgence of real slavery has to do with preparing for the new Millennium and the age of Aquarius. Others postulate other theories. Why doesn't matter. That slavery is becoming important, and critical, and respected as an existence is true. It won't be long before there will be an awe and respect that comes over people when they learn that someone is a slave.
I suspect that slaves will be expected to be the models of how to live in the new Millennium, and that might be the least of their tasks, through obedience, for and as the Owner who has built them and cares enough to issue the order, for God's sake.


The process of becoming slave requires several things, including:
1. Learning complete obedience
2. Accepting being who you are no matter what that is
3. Doing with your life whatever, whoever, whenever you are ordered, forever
4. Giving up all claim to a self
5. Growing in the perfect fertile environment for a slave
6. Being a part of a family of slaves
7. Allowing yourself to experience that there is a higher power that will run your life
The person who does the developing has to:

1. Be the one who was given who you are
2. Have as his sole objective first the development, then management of your slavery
3. Be internally sworn to always act in the slave's best interest, for life
4. Know how to give slavery
5. Have accepted his own destiny, and be following the Universe's orders, intentionally
If any of the above elements is missing, then you are arranging a relationship, not pursuing your destiny as a slave. Either process is legitimate, but different. If you were given your own purpose, you should arrange your own relationships. If your purpose was given to another, you should never arrange your own relationship. You either were created to be slave, or you were not.
To decide if you are ready, determine:

1. Whether or not you were given your own purpose or it was given to another.
2. If you have developed personally to the point that you are independently successful, and don't need a relationship to "make" you successful.
3. If you are willing to give your personal success away for what your creator wants you to do, no matter what that is.
4. If slavery is now your first, and best, choice of what to do in life, not a second or "also ran" alternative.
5. That you have had enough experiences with what doesn't work that you won't go through your slavery development constantly looking over your shoulder at what might be better.
6. That you don't have a hidden agenda and are capable of finally wanting ONLY what another wants for the rest of your life.
7. If you have the commitment, perseverance and dedication to do whatever is required to first become, and then live your slavery.
8. If you will let yourself become proud of your slavery, first to yourself, then others, and then to the world.
9. If you are willing to accept the responsibility of being a leader in life, and of doing what it requires to be great, in obedience.
10 If you are willing to accept being a non-human creature incapable of committing an immoral act, ever, for the rest of your life.
Becoming slave is not a battle of the wills, or of the egos. It is accepting that the only will you have or want is your owner's will, and there is only one will.
Before beginning, REVIEW:

1. Personally and privately where you currently are in light of the above requirements
2. With friends, potential slave brothers, family and others whose opinion you respect
3. With the man you think was created with your purpose
Only then is it time to arrange the first session. In most cases you will know after the first session whether or not you are slave, or have the ability to become what you were created to be. You also have to be willing to accept the truth about that.


My slave jim has observed "Proceed with caution, backing up can cause sever tire damage!" The truth that this expression reflects is about how life works.
Up to now, everything you know, you are responsible for. The more you know, the more you continue to grow responsible for. Exploring your slavery is about the spiritual process of finding and developing your destiny.
Finding out whether or not you are slave is one of the "heaviest" truths you can ever know. As long as there is a doubt, you can live and act accordingly. Since most men determine the truth about themselves during the first session of their development, you can never again enjoy the freedom that having a doubt allows you, after your first "try out".
slaves are different creatures and they respond differently than ordinary humans when give the same stimulus. That difference distinguishes who a man is. The truth only has two alternatives, so finding out can only mean:
1. You aren't slave.

Knowing that, it is prudent to change your goals and life pursuits. Leather and SM may still be a part of your recreation, or somehow associated with your fantasies and play, but you learn that it isn't a defining factor of who you are, any more than your favorite foods are.
Anyone who has spent his life with one slave relationship after another would then know that he has been pursuing the wrong relationships. Those who could never find the "right" slave relationship would know why. That leaves a man with the question of what does work then?
Life has to be lived differently when you aren't a slave. Your destiny lies another place, and who you are is completely contained inside yourself. It is then folly to seek who you are from another. If you know you aren't slave, seeking your meaning from another is simply a sign of co dependance or of insecurity, or a lack of confidence.
Life is different, because you are different from who you thought you were. It is time to change your relationships and your expectations. That's a big change if you have been harboring the thought that you are slave.
2. You are slave.

It can be very rewarding to know who you are. However, there are implications about what to do about that knowledge. To be slave means that without your slavery you will never experience real happiness, nor know fulfillment.
All destinies, whether slave or not, require doing whatever is required without understanding or knowing what that will be. Society in general, and most of the world won't celebrate your life when you discover, for sure, that you are a slave. No one at work will order a cake and throw a party. Still, you are going to have to learn to be proud of yourself and your life as slave. Everyone who respects you will have to learn to respect you as slave, even if they don't know you are one. Your fear of being who you are has to be absent to hear what you must do with your life. If you are concerned about what others think, you will miss your orders, and your life.
Knowing you're slave is the easy part. Living every moment for the rest of your life according to what that implies is the challenge. You have to experience life all over again, and let go of everything that you can't experience as being true, and live by everything you do experience to be true.
When we want our destiny, our fulfillment, and our purpose in life, the Universe takes us seriously. IT grants our wish, our prayer. But, it doesn't ask us what color we want it in. IT gives us whatever we should have, and will never pay any attention to what we want.
Once we have asked, and our destiny has been offered, only one of two things can happen. Either we accept it, and live accordingly, or we fight it.
If we fight it, life becomes worse. The Universe makes it harder and harder on us, to get our attention and to remove all the alternatives to accepting what IT wants us to do. IT has infinite resources at Its disposal. It can give us illness, take away a part of our body, it can render us financially destitute, and it can take away loved ones or friends in an instant, without warning. IT can, and will do whatever is required to force us to accept what we have been offered, unless we change our mind and give up the pursuit of our happiness.
If we accept the destiny that we're offered, then the Universe will arrange life in series of small and big miracles. Our source of income will change and grow, our security and influence will expand, and our lives will improve in every way, without our having wanted it first. Wherever we are, we will want to be exactly who we are, and to be with whoever we're with. All the looking over our shoulder to the greener grass on the other side will cease.
Life either gets dramatically better, or it gets dramatically worse. Removing ignorance, removes our innocence and doubt. Nothing will ever be the same, one way or the other.
Accept the responsibility for knowing who you are. Examine how serious you are about knowing, and whether you're ready for the consequences before you pursue your destiny as a slave.
Becoming slave is the most important decision you will ever make in your life. Be realistic about your current abilities and conviction. Be mature enough to go a different path until you are confident about your ability to persist.
When you are ready, go forward without looking back. Put everything into the success of your life and your slavery. Stop the monitoring, and doubting. Stop dragging your feet and using your strength to stop what life gives you, and use it instead, to accept into your life everything that you can find.
Proceed with caution. Backing up can cause severe tire damage. Proceed, then, full speed ahead.


If you don't feel your slavery, and it isn't something that you want to pursue any longer, then it is appropriate to remove the collar go another direction, for now, or forever.
When a man is developing who he really is, and that is in obedience to another, there isn't anything, any circumstance about that which makes me uncomfortable. What others "carp" about isn't any of my concern at all. I do only what is in integrity for me. The results are what they are. I don't adjust my protocol, my life, or my concerns to accommodate anyone.
The only question that is pertinent is whether or not you can be in integrity with the life that you're living. No other concern is relevant.
BORN SLAVERY is self defined, and I am only its witness. I don't control its parameters, and don't adjust its members. The point is to have a life of helping others. The "others" will take on many forms, and any forms, and that doesn't matter. slavery that isn't based on pure, un-compromised honesty, and the pursuit of destiny, and of those who manage the lives of such men and women isn't slavery at all. Others misuse of the word, doesn't change what slavery is.
Anyone who retains the right to not be honest, or to control where their life will go is egotistic, and not pursuing destiny. Egotism and destiny are mutually exclusive. Destiny is a high calling, and it demands everything we are and think.
It's OK to be pursuing destiny, or not to be. Each type of person needs assistance and support, and each can give assistance and support to others.
Truth learned through any experience is worth knowing, and makes the experience worthwhile. I have no confusion over whether someone is unabashedly pursuing who they are, or not. The process I witness, and am a part of, is of that unabashed pursuit.
I will never be concerned about what makes others uncomfortable or causes them to "carp". It is my job to, in fact, expose people to what makes them uncomfortable or makes them carp, not by intention, but from telling the truth. That's what forces growth and development. When we stay within the same comfort zone, then nothing changes, and without change there is no growth.
Everyone knows what they are willing to do, or to give to any process. Everyone knows what they are willing to invest in their pursuits. Everyone knows how far out of their comfort zone they are willing to move, or live. I accept those limits. I precisely define what it does take so others will know what the cost of having integrity is. Each has to weigh that cost against the benefits, and the importance of those benefits to themselves.
The only question is what you want to do. Whatever that is, is fine. You have to feel your own integrity. But its not about others' confusion, or what others feel, think, or do.
Usually, when you've asked the question about continuing with your slavery, you've already made a decision, you've already made up your mind, and that's OK. It takes as much courage to find out what doesn't work for us, what doesn't fulfill our lives, as it does to pursue that which does. Do what your doubts tell you to do, and don't look back!


Originally, it takes courage to consider slavery because it sounds to us like it is so far from the ordinary. And, first off, anyone who doesn't feel successful isn't even qualified to become a slave, because being slave is the final and highest level of consciousness, it is the acceptance of destiny.
It is easy to give everything up when there isn't anything to give up. It is, however, a real challenge to risk anything when everything is going well for you, everything except for being who you are, except for having your integrity.
Once the courage is found to begin the pursuit of slavery, a method to begin has to be discovered. Some advertise and spend a night or a weekend at a time with someone who has mutual interests in providing the slave environment. Others pay for the experience by the hour from professionals. Others research, and find a safe and supportive environment for a weekend where they can be with many others at the same time, such as at Butchmann's Academy.
When those who are slave are first exposed to real slavery, when they have a chance to experience and consider slavery as a possible life, there is a tremendous elation and a tremendous release. The hole in our life that has become bigger and bigger over time feels as though it might have a "cure." It feels as though there might really be a solution to what is missing from our life.
Phase 1. Acknowledging that there is something real and satisfying in our lives that has been suppressed by our self control.
Our lives are a tremendous investment. A lot of bumps and bruises, many attempts and failures, and finally, personal, ego-driven success has been experienced. We deny ourselves the easy way to make it to success. We do what those we respect have told us to do to achieve. We do many things that no one else has supported us in, but that worked out anyway. The success is our pride.
If we are healthy, it doesn't feel like the effort was wasted. There might be some regrets. We might have gone without a childhood. We might have denied our gay sexuality. We might have lived like we were straight, without even the enjoyment of our fetishes or non-standard heterosexual passions. We have acted ordinary, when we aren't.
When the light starts coming in the window, it feels wonderful. We think that we are through having to experience anything negative. We hope that it will all be down hill from here. We feel we might have reached the end of trials and tribulations. Life is now going to be as easy as putting on a pair of handcuffs; easier, because someone else will put them on.
Phase 2. Realizing that we have to let go of our facades and the images we have built.
It has taken a long time to realize our current success. It has hurt us to have to live in the slave closet and keep up the smiles and faked excitement in our lives while our secret interests have haunted us. It seems like good news that we can let go of all of that.
When we start to let go of that which we thought we hated doing for all these years something strange happens. We learn that the lies and deceit protected us. Our pride is even, partially, a product of how well we were able to manage the unmanageable. It's uncomfortable for us to let go of what we thought we detested or disliked doing. It has become a part of who we are.
The people who know and love us have come to expect a certain consistency from us. If we begin to change, we rationalize that it will undermine the security that others feel from us because we are so predictable. Even if we can face our own fears regarding the loss of a self image that we have come to respect along with others who have come to respect us, we reason that we must hold on to the lies for the family and friends we have accumulated and developed over time.
We find an internal objection to doing what we thought we have wanted to do all our life. It isn't as simple as we expected. It requires overcoming even more challenges that all those that made us successful, and in which we take such pleasure and satisfaction.
Phase 3. We are faced with making the biggest decision of our life.
The most basic of all sales theory is that we buy when the reasons to buy outweigh the reasons not to. Like any balance scale, we collect the reasons to buy on one side of the scale and the reasons not to on the other. When making a decision, we collect the reasons to proceed on one side of the scale and the reasons not to on the other.
The reasons to become slave include because it opens us up to a part of our lives that has been hidden and suppressed. Other reasons are that it provides an improved environment from which we can sexually express ourselves, and that it gives us a way to belong, to feel a part of a community that is more specifically ours.
On the "reasons not to buy" side, we know that it is going to change our life. All change has associated stress. Everyone we know is going to have to change their perception of us, decide whether they are now going to accept us, and many are going to criticize us. Life is never going to be the same, and we don't know how it is going to be. There will be more unknown, than known.
The further we get into the process of identifying both the reasons to become slave, and the reasons not to become slave, we find that there are many reasons not to. Finally, we see the list of reasons to become slave is relatively short, and that many of those reasons sound selfish.
Phase 4. Recognizing that there isn't sufficient reason to become slave without a strong belief in the spiritual imperative of life.
There isn't enough fun, enough excitement, enough sexual satisfaction to justify giving up our current life for slavery. There has to be a bigger reason to become slave. What we naively associate with being slave can be acquired on the weekend, from those who are also satisfied by giving their attention, and interest for two days without feeling any responsibility for the remainder of the slave's life.
Every conceivable benefit won't raise the stakes to the point that giving your life to slavery is worthwhile without adding to that list the fulfillment of our created purpose. There are many other alternatives such as becoming a regular SM practitioner, or finding a lover who likes to play. If we aren't ready to give our life to slavery, we can't become slave. It isn't that we become poor slaves, we don't become slaves at all.
Phase 5. Accepting that being slave is about unqualified obedience.
Slavery can occur only after all limitations of what will be done with our lives, and which areas of our life will be released to the authority we recognize are eliminated. There is no such thing as partial slavery. We live as we must live, in moral certainty, and without the possibility of moral failure, or our slavery isn't granted to us. Our slavery remains a moving target that we can't reach without unqualified surrender to obedience.
The Universe is the only decider of who and when someone becomes slave. No man has ever been entrusted with that decision. Neither the man who might be slave, nor the one who develops him can decide that someone will now be slave. No one will ever become slave by accident, prematurely, or in error.
Obedience is doing what the Universe wants us to do. We have to recognize that life isn't about us, and never was. Ånd, of course, it never will be.
The confusion occurs when we try to take credit for the spiritual investment the Universe has made in us. The spirit can't act through us until we are qualified to have it work through us. So, it has given us the education, I.Q., and environmental influences necessary to to become qualified.
If, after becoming qualified by the spirit, we egotistically claim credit for all that the spirit has done for us, we have pride we don't deserve, and we act as though we are trying to steal the result of the spiritual investment. We have no such right, and it should be no surprise that life is difficult and unfulfilling when we are egotistic, and in pursuit of what we egotistically want.
Accepting our destiny, becoming obedient, to surrender or not, is the only real choice we have. It is a question of letting the spirit have its purpose.
Are you going to give the spirit its purpose? Is it worth it?
It is the only question that matters, and will be the hardest to make. When you feel you have more to gain than to lose, you will proceed with your slavery. So long as you feel you have more to lose than you have to gain, you won't proceed. It's that simple, and that straight forward.
The answer comes in knowing the value and purpose of the spirit. The pursuit of slavery is the experience of all the right things we need to experience to gain sufficient information to make this one, single decision.
Look forward to, and invite into your life everything, so that you will finally know what you need to know to decide what to do with your spirit's life.


This website has as its only intention BORN SLAVERY. All the discussions, the answers to questions, the advice and objectives all assume the subject is BORN SLAVERY. That can be confusing if the difference isn't clearly understood. It is easiest to begin with what BORN SLAVERY is, and then the comparison to what it isn't will be easier.
BORN SLAVERY is a community of those who are in pursuit of their destiny, period. Any other interest or pursuit is something else.
Destiny can only be acquired after we each qualify ourselves to be ready to accept what our creator intended for us. First of all, we are qualified only after we have learned everything we need to learn, have experienced everything we need to experience, and failed at everything we need to fail at to make us willing to accept the truth.
Next, if we are still struggling with the existence of a Cosmic Consciousness, or Universal Intelligence, or of God, by any name or title, we aren't ready to accept ITS plan for us. Until we believe that there is Someone or Something that is qualified to create a plan for us, we certainly are not prepared to accept that plan.
Two-year old's, five-year old's, 15-year old's, 20-year old's are not qualified to accept their destiny. Until both the personal and spiritual development are in place, have been accomplished, no one is qualified for their destiny.
Therefore, there is a time BEFORE which and AFTER which we are ready to accept destiny. BORN SLAVERY is ONLY for those who are both ready to accept their destiny, and those who have been given the destiny of slavery, the created purpose placed inside by our Creator. When either condition is missing, BORN SLAVERY isn't even a consideration, let alone a possibility.
If we accept as true that some are conceived as slave, before birth, and that we cannot accept that slave destiny until we are both personally and spiritually ready, there must be a time and something we must do in between birth and BIRTH.
Anyone who aspires to achieve slavery, but not BORN SLAVERY, someone who wants to have a slave relationship must personally:
Identify the personal SM and other experiences he must have to become qualified as slave. 
Research and select those who will provide the experience 
Know the career or profession the potential slave has, and its requirements 
Select the geographic area in which that career or profession must or should be practiced 
Identify current geographic, financial or other constraining responsibilities 
Schedule and submit to the slave training necessary 
Develop some personal methods of testing for adequacy in all areas of slavery 
List the life requirements that must be negotiated from a potential Master 
Develop the interview, selection technique and criteria for the Master 
Select an advertising method from which to identify potential candidates 
Perform the interviewing and selection 
Contract for time limits, termination arrangements, and life requirements 
Consider and discuss enforcement options, since there is no legal bondage 
Implement the arrangement 
Periodically review the relationship's progress and success for modification or possible termination 
Nothing less is acceptable if a man is going to be responsible for his life, and is going to live responsibly. If all the above isn't done, then the potential slave will depend on what the Master offers and then criticize, silently or out loud, whenever the expectations aren't met.
When a slave doesn't have a strong enough sense of his own needs, or is willing to discard them in lieu of the Master's needs, the Master will eventually feel as though the slave doesn't have sufficient value to justify all the time and attention that a slave requires. When the slave acts as though he doesn't have value, the Master will soon feel the same way about the slave. If the slave, however, does constantly manage his life within the framework of the relationship he will always risk being too "pushy" or un-slave-like, and thus offend the Master. It is a narrow line to walk.
Someone has to vigilantly remain responsible for the "soul," the purpose of the slave. Masters normally are interested in their own needs. That's as it should be. It takes a lifetime to identify and fulfill our needs, Master or not. A Master is no different in that regard. Either the slave or his Owner must take full, and lifetime responsibility for the purpose of the slave.
If the slave abandons his needs for the Master's, he is abandoning his own purpose. The slave can only abandon his own personal needs, and give up the management of his own life if the following conditions exist simultaneously:
The slave gives unqualified obedience to the one who will become the Owner 
The Owner accepts, intends, and has vowed to implement the slave's purpose 
That Owner has NO limitations in time or responsibility for the slave 
It is clear, and stated, that both are ONLY in pursuit of their created purpose 
ALL egotistic wants or needs are abandoned for the created purpose, for their destiny. 
It is both the slave's and the Owner's destiny to perform their respective tasks 
When you're asking questions about BORN SLAVERY, you're not asking questions about slavery, the relationship. Most try to force them to be the same question, but they aren't and can't be.
If you feel that slavery is your destiny, then nothing can be more important, and there is nothing that can be withheld, negotiated for or protected from the process. Any exceptions, and by definition, you are eliminating the destiny of slavery from your pursuit. This simply is the way it is, and the way it must be. Read the description of anyone's destiny, and they all reflect the same requirement. It is always a destined vs. egotistic pursuit. Either the Creator or the ego wins. The two paths will never cross, will never coexist, and will never both be the result of the same pursuit.
It takes maturity to recognize when we aren't yet ready to accept our destiny. We're ready when we have established basic values and ethics, and accepted a spiritual explanation of what things are and how they work. We are ready after we have achieved the greatest egotistic successes we have ever had.
Unless we are emotionally, financially, socially, intimately, familially, and physically successful, we will suspect that the "thing" we're still missing is one of these egotistically-achieved items. We have to have everything the ego can deliver to us to know for sure that there is still something missing that the ego cannot provide. That's when we are ready, and prepared to accept our destiny. Whether or not that destiny is slavery doesn't make any difference in the qualifying to being destiny. It's still the same recognition. The only difference is what we recognize as the solution to fulfill that which is missing.
Are you already developed and ready to give responsibility for yourself to someone who will accept being your life-long Owner? 
Are you still developing yourself and may or may not give responsibility for yourself to someone else after you are ready? 
Are you not willing to ever give responsibility to someone else because it is important for you to hold on to any particular part of your life?
You either are or aren't created to be slave. 
If created to be slave, you either are or aren't yet ready to begin development of your destiny because you are still developing egotistically. 
If ready to develop your destiny, you either are or aren't prepared to abandon your egotistic attachments that prevent it. 
When you are: 1) created to be slave, 2) already egotistically developed, and 3) are ready to invest whatever it takes, without egotistic limitation, you are in a position to consider BORN SLAVERY. If any one of the three is not yet determined or achieved, then a relationship is all you are capable of considering right now.
Relationships are one of the most effective schools of learning. Relationships are highly recommended, and would probably even be advised for someone still in their development to achieve the maturity necessary for BORN SLAVERY. Relationships are not something that should be avoided.
What needs to be clear when entering into and while maintaining a relationship is that the slave is still responsible both for the creation of the relationship and the success of the relationship. If your plan is to make the Master responsible for that, you are only entering into a victim role where you are free to object and to criticize. Such a plan is doomed to failure.
You never lose responsibility for your life nor what happens in it until someone else permanently accepts that responsibility with the sole intent of implementing your destined, created purpose.
Closing your eyes won't make anything any different. You are responsible for your life, or someone else who feels at least as much responsibility for you as you have ever felt for yourself has assumed that responsibility. Both can never be responsible at the same time. There should never be a time when neither is responsible. Holding your eyes closed tightly can't make the predictable results of abandoned responsibility any better.
Every life is an important asset. It's worth is lost if you exchange your personal responsibility for a conceived objective, a fantasy. Fantasies are not real. Your life is. What you do with it is your only purpose. When BORN SLAVE, some day that purpose must come from your Owner who alone can feel what that purpose is and know what to do with it.
If destiny were easy, we'd all be living our destined lives by the time we left our teens. If BORN SLAVERY were easy, all destined to be slave would already be BORN SLAVE.
Approach life with your eyes open. Go through the relationships, careers, locations, and everything else required to know who you are, for sure. Then approach your destiny with abandoned energy and commitment.
Few will ever achieve their destiny, mostly because they don't know they're capable of it. Few of those who will achieve their destiny are destined to be slave. That achievement is the singular purpose of BORN SLAVERY.
We are each created with a special purpose. We are each designed to achieve that purpose. Our biggest limitation is that it doesn't look like what we want it to look like. When you decide that what you want and what it looks like isn't important, your destiny becomes a probability, more than a possibility. We're designed only to fulfil our destiny. Achieving our destiny is the only activity that isn't contrary to our nature. It is the most efficient activity we can perform.
Life works well when we accept the truth. Failures are clues about what isn't true. Don't resist the lesson of the failures. Change what you believe to be true so that you don't have to repeat the failure.
Our Creator's investment in us is fully realized only when we achieve our destiny. We have powerful forces and influences on our side when we're willing to believe the truth instead of what we want to believe. Protecting our ego is a high price to pay. Some day we will each recognize that it is too high a price to pay. That day can come sooner or later. That day can come in this life time or another. But, have no confusion on this point, that day will eventually come. If you are slave, that day will be the day of your BORN SLAVERY.


Who a slave is was given to another by the slave's Creator. This is the only difference between a slave and any other man or woman who accepts the destiny for which each was designed. Let's explore how that feels to a potential slave, and how a slave might recognize whether or not the slave spirit is present.
There is a special spirit inside every slave. That spirit is unique in all the world but holds common characteristics with all others who are created to be slave. It was placed there before conception by the Creator in accordance with the agreement reached with the soul. The slave spirit is a very natural, unaffected animal, very much like the other animals of the world. Interchangeably, the words "slave", "spirit" and "animal" can be used once the real nature of slavery is understood. They all make reference to the same entity within anyone who is slave.
Why is it so difficult to accept being a slave?
The challenge is in the ego. Our whole life we are taught that we are who we are referring to when we say "I" or "me". Everyone in our support system convinces us the ego reference is to who we are. Everything we encounter while growing up refers to our need to identify and develop everything that we egotistically discover, are consciously aware of, and think that we want.
While we are each occupied with the process of taking care of our personal development, the slave animal remains dormant. The spirit patiently awaits a suitable environment into which it can come to life. The spirit is wise, and always has been. It won't expose itself to anything that isn't in its best interest and that contributes to its well being. If the necessary conditions are never encountered, the slave will never take its first breath. Those conditions are demanding. They must support a destined life.
At times during a slave's development, either consciously or by accident, there are temporary situations which will evoke a response from the animal. It will expose itself for a brief and controlled amount of time. The experience confirms to us the existence of the spirit, and encourages us to continue the pursuit of slavery. These glimpses into who we really are, along with the appetites we usually call fetishes that we were created with encourage us to explore further.
What the spirit really searches for, however, is an environment in which it can come to life, grow and never have to return to its dormant state. It is the spirit's purpose to locate and accept the environment in which that can be done.
What does it take to for the slave to find the environment it needs?
The slave's limitation is that it can never produce its own environment. The spirit requires its owner, the one who shares its spirit. Only the owner can direct that part of himself, the slave part, and empower the necessary growth. That is the challenge of slavery.
Slavery isn't about relationships, activities, protocols, or titles. Slavery is about the search for, and acceptance of its owner who can give the spirit the opportunity to live. The Creator who placed the spirit inside doesn't give someone a destiny of slavery and then not provide the opportunity for it to develop. The egotistic human who contains the spirit doesn't perform the search for an owner, the spirit itself finds and presents the owner when the spirit is ready.
The struggle is with time. The spirit can't, and won't, accept its destiny until it is completely ready. And, until it is ready, there is nothing the egotistic slave can do to accelerate the process. When the spirit is prepared, the Creator will provide the "coincidence" necessary for its development to begin. The slave doesn't have to arrange for it. The slave has to be open to it. The egotistic slave doesn't even know when he's ready, but the spirit does. Therefore, it is the slave's job to accept the opportunity to come to life when it is presented, not to create the opportunity in the first place.
The slave gets confused along the way. There is this long period of time between when we are born and when we are prepared to accept our destiny. During that time, our SM and other appetites direct the search to experiences which yield temporary satisfaction. These experiences are quick looks at the way it could and should be. A danger is presented during the wait. When these partial, temporary experiences feel beneficial the slave can be lulled into thinking it is his job to make the temporary experience permanent.
There is nothing instinctive that tells a slave that his experiences are intended to prepare him for his destiny, not to be the fulfillment of it. There is nothing in the slave's instincts which tell him that his job is to accept someone else as his owner. The slave usually feels his connection through a need to provide service, not find the single owner of the spirit that lives inside. The slave concludes that it is his job to find a relationship, instead of his destiny.
As more egotistic success is achieved, the slave continues to explore the same type of negotiated arrangements that yielded initial temporary benefits. This process is much like enjoying our sophomore year, and working at repeating it over and over for a lifetime. Frustration is the result. The ego, and the intellect with which we support the ego, make the process even more difficult.
Personal development has as its objective becoming egotistically strong. Being egotistically developed is what prepares us to accept our destiny. In fact, it is critical to the process of becoming egotistically successful. The ego, however, concludes that personal development is the same as destiny. So, it believes, being completely egotistic is the fulfillment of who we are.
Until a slave knows better, it is the inevitable belief that he is who his ego is. Our society, our therapists, our friends and our families all confirm our erroneous belief. There are few clues that we should even be looking into someone else to find who we are. We settle for the popular thought, that our egos are who we are.
Only the one nagging feeling that something is still missing causes us to question the error of our conclusion about the ego. It takes courage and strength to look for an answer about who we are in places that everyone is telling us it is crazy to look. There is no support system for encouraging anyone to explore slavery as the answer to their spiritual aspirations. Finding who we are in someone else sounds too much like co-dependence and we've spent a fortune getting over that. Being a slave sounds too much like what we fought a civil war for, and for what many have died for to have the freedom to be who they were meant to be.
Slavery is neither co-dependence nor the imposed submission that others have suffered throughout history. The ego intentionally misunderstands the difference as an excuse not to walk the path for which a slave was created. So long as the ego can argue that there is no solution, it doesn't have to accept one.
So, what happens then?
Life's experiences challenge the slave to let go. The slave begins to feel afraid. Egotistically, our training and development have taught us that we need to "take control", become personally directed, set our own goals, make things happen for ourselves, and create our own reality.
Letting go threatens all of the egotistic achievements that have been a sign of our success. Letting go taps into the fear of not being able to control our life, not being able to self-control our dark nature which might want to do something wrong, or that others wouldn't approve of. We know we would lose our right to negotiate for anything if we let go. We "enjoy" the fear of not being able to pursue what we want.
Our success at negotiating for a successful weekend, or week, or month, or six months, leads the slave to feel that all he needs is the right to negotiate the same thing for a life time. That's not how life works. That's not how the spirit works. That's not how relationships work.
The spirit must be let go, it must be set free. Like any animal, all spirits need the adventure of discovery to find out who it is. Kept in a cage the size of the body, no one will ever learn the nature of what is caged. Self control is a self-made prison the same size as the body. The perfectionist takes pride in how small the prison is. The perfectionist's height of achievement is building a space so small that there isn't room to make a mistake.
In real life, in real slaves, the result of our self-made prison is that the spirit never comes to life because of the limited size of its containment. It doesn't even try to live. It has the wisdom not to try to grow in an environment that won't support it.
How, then, can the spirit be allowed to live?
The slave spirit must be controlled by another. It cannot live when it has any right to negotiate. It has no life so long as it can want for itself. It can feel only fear until it can find someone to whom it can give unqualified obedience.
To whom can a slave give unqualified obedience?
The spirit must find its owner. That is very different from finding the human body's owner. This distinction is where the misunderstanding of property, and of rights has come from. Egotistic slaves still think that they have the right to negotiate for the owner of their body, while they retain their own egotistic control of the spirit.
The spirit owns the body, not the ego. The owner owns the spirit, and in the same way as he owns his own spirit. It is owned not as property but as self identification. When the body is owned directly, then it is merely property. That denigrates and denies the value of a slave. A slave cannot be property. That would be to have less value, and less protection than provided by the S.P.C.A. and laws that protect animals. There is nothing lesser about a slave. A slave is destined.
The egotistic objection to not using "I" and "me" is a reflection of the fear and reluctance to admit that the ego doesn't own who a slave is. To acknowledge that the slave spirit owns the body is to acknowledge the ego has no rights, has no control over who the slave is, nor over what it does, nor with whom it has a relationship.
When it isn't clear that the soul, the slave spirit, owns the body, the whole point of slavery is missed. Missing the whole point is the purpose of the ego. To indulge the ego is to continue to miss the point, the purpose, and the solutions to a slave's fulfillment and happiness.
How does the slave spirit grow?
It first has to grow through the egotistic preparation for its destiny. For someone who is slave the chronic egotistic control of the internal spirit eventually feels like an overwhelming burden. It doesn't feel right to a slave to always have to exercise egotistic control. The natural appetites of a slave for SM power, and the security of bondage, plus all the other instinctive appetites drive the slave spirit to seek and explore.
Some who are slave, some who have always carried the spirit inside, willingly submit to SM as an egotistically controlled release for the agreed-to amount of time that will allow the spirit to feel some freedom. Afterwards, the spirit is put back to sleep by the re-emergence of the ego's self control. This allows the slave to be controllably out of control. The spirit can be temporarily released without actually giving it any power, or any control of the "real" parts of life.
The appetites remain unrequited, regardless of what diversions and distractions are performed so long as the ego has any rights or influence. The ego feels it must stay powerful to prevent the spirit from running wild. The ego is convinced that without itself we would follow the spirit and do unreasonable, unthinkable, embarrassing, disgusting things that others would criticize. We fear being thought of as having "unseemly exuberance"
The spirit is always experienced as being powerful and playful. There is a natural fear of giving anything that is so powerful and uncontrollable its "head." because it could do things that are not controlled and that might expose the slave. This brings out another fear that is similar to the feeling of being outed. It feels like arranging for our own self outing, by a part of ourselves that we can't keep under control. It is no wonder that we find such clever and un-relentless egotistic objections to putting ourselves into a position where we could expose ourselves to such behavior and results.
A slave, therefore, simultaneously feels that it wants to be controlled by another and at the same time needs to egotistically remain in control to insure an environment that makes sense, that is reasonable, and that doesn't denigrate the value or esteem of the slave. This is a dilemma. How can you act like a slave and still remain in a position powerful enough to assure protection of the slave's well being and best interest?
What is the solution?
Two conditions must be present. First, the slave's ego must be powerless so that there is no one but the owner to control the owner's spirit inside the slave. Second, the owner must act with a responsibility for the slave that is superior to the slave's potential or actualized responsibility for himself.
Why would anyone be motivated to take on such a responsibility?
Only someone who morally, really, and spiritually considers the slave to be a part of himself would be willing. No one would make a life-long commitment to another without believing some immutable relationship exists that was created beyond human control, and beyond any human right to dissolve it.
A slave is destined to belong to another. When that other is placed into the slave's life, the spirit is free to grow because, for the first time, there is someone in whom to place the obedience which sets the spirit free.
When is someone ready to begin development?
Each of the BORN slaves, and all of those currently committed to the development of their slavery did not plan on finding an owner. The meeting was both unexpected and compelling. There was no examination, no interview, no research, and no selection process. There was nothing to argue with or against. The spirit insisted and issued a captivating command. There was no choice, nothing to consider, and nothing logically to discuss. Such meetings are always, and only, the result of a slave's personal prayer of willingness to serve its Creator instead of its own selfish interest.
When someone is still "trying to decide" whether to accept an owner he isn't ready to begin his slave development. Only after the spirit is prepared can it accept the development of its destiny. Until then, the ego must continue to be developed and matured to ready it to accept the inevitable. Until the ego is developed far enough to know that it has tremendous capacity but still doesn't have any ability to produce happiness, it continues to argue, to consider, to discuss, to explore, to posture, to pretend that it has some control and influence over what must happen, and when it will happen.
The argument and struggle is a confirmation that the ego isn't ready. The spirit is patient, and won't arrange for its development until the willingness that comes from egotistic development is adequate. So long as there remains a conscious doubt, a slave shouldn't consider the development of his slavery because he isn't ready to begin. That doesn't preclude having SM, bondage, and slavery experiences or relationships. It maturely recognizes that experiences and relationships are different from and therefore not the spiritual development of a slave's destiny. They are, instead, preparation for it.
When the spirit is compelled, because it knows the ego is ready, the opportunity for slave development happens without being arranged through personal effort. It then takes only willingness on the part of the slave. It will probably happen unexpectedly, and when its NOT something you're looking for. What we egotistically control, the Universe will not fight us for.
When the owner is put into the slave's life, the development of the spirit inside can then start. The spirit has always been a part of its owner. When the owner finds his spirit within a slave, and the slave is willing to give it to its rightful owner, then the conditions are, for the first time, in place for its growth.
What develops the slave spirit?
The slave spirit is too wild, too untamed, and so undomesticated that it cannot be allowed to act on its own until it learns to obey. Common sense has kept it reined in, under self control, and therefore stifled. The slave cannot begin to know itself until it can explore without self control. The slave cannot begin to explore until it first learns to obey.
When a slave knows how to obey, and is obeying the only person in whom he can place absolute obedience, the one who will protect the spirit, the slave can finally let go. Life is not about controlling. It is about never being able to control again, never having to, and never wanting to.
The development process is one of exploring, to see what the spirit will do, how it will feel, and to find out what it is like. The slave must first learn to know the spirit that lives inside, that has always belonged to another. Then he must learn to trust and love that spirit, because it is all, and everything, the slave is and will ever be.
The spirit must learn to live and express in the absolutely safe control of the owner through the sessions that both empower and force the spirit to venture into unknown territory. At the same time it must slowly learn to be allowed to live in obedience for the remainder of life, in the work place, in the family, in school, in hobbies and in every area. It is dipped into complete and safe exposure to experience, then taken out to learn to live in a world when the owner isn't physically present, but is only inside, inside as the spirit that lives within.
The perfectionist will attempt to keep tight egotistic controls on the spirit, to make sure it doesn't do anything wrong. This can keep it from being able to run free at all. There will be a fear of being in any position where control cannot be maintained. Excuses will be found to prevent the opportunity to have a session of exposure. As the willingness to face and accept the truth becomes strong enough, the slave will let the spirit be empowered by its owner, and to let it go anywhere the owner wants it to go.
Only the owner can protect the spirit. Only the owner can empower it to explore. Only the owner can allow the spirit to express itself honestly and without any limits, or bounds. The owner forces it into situations, places, and circumstances where it must be exposed. Nothing can or will remain hidden. No agenda nor control will remain undisclosed.
The conscious obedience to the owner is the only lifeline that can allow the spirit to run free. If the owner calls it back from a dangerous place, without obedience, the spirit will continue and run into the potential dangers. When the slave is sure that he will obey, then the spirit can be allowed to go anywhere and everywhere. The owner's knowledge that he has both the ability and the intention of protecting his own spirit inside the slave, gives the slave spirit the absolute freedom it must have to grow.
The spirit is forced to go where it can expose the hidden desires for control, or for protection. It is forced to uncover the angers, resentments, disappointments, hatred, blame, and judgments that contaminate us. If we control, or feel inappropriate, any response, then we control all response. We are either open or we are not. We can't be both available and hidden at the same time. Wherever there is any limit, there is every limit.
Honesty is powerhouse of growth. It is easy to direct a slave to have no response during a powerful session. It is easy to direct him to issue lots of "Oh, Yea's" upon command. What is difficult, and the most challenging, is to order a slave to respond honestly, no matter what the response is. The honest response is the only response of any value. All the rest is acting.
When complete honesty is learned, the growth continues through every situation, in business, personal, social, inside and outside the lifestyle. The slave learns that the spirit inside works in complete moral certainty. Every circumstance and situation has a clear answer when the owner's spirit is allowed to give the answer. Every potential path is known to be the right one or the wrong one, the one intended by its Creator or not, the destined path or the egotistic path.
The spirit claims the body it lives in to be its own, the one it uses to create action. The spirit inside claims the slave's mind as its own, to think with. The spirit inside claims the slave's heart as its own. And, the spirit IS the owner.
The spirit will not compete with the ego. If the ego tries to control it, it will disappear, go back into hiding, run away from the hostile, fatal environment the ego creates. The insight, the moral certainty, the happiness, the sense of purpose and of spiritual esteem disappear when the spirit disappears. When the spirit is alive and healthy, so is the slave.
The slave becomes empowered for its owner. The thoughts and actions become distinct and wise, inspired and effective. Through no motivation other than obedience, the slave's life becomes perfect and powerful as the spirit that he has allowed to live inside takes over.
Finally, the slave accepts that he is nothing more and nothing less than the owner's spirit that lives inside. That moment is the beginning of a life that contains only the activities of destiny. The precise actions and thoughts that the creator wants performed for ITS purpose, not ours, are the only ones performed. It is the owner's purpose to see that nothing else happens because the owner carries the moral responsibility for each and every action the slave makes.
The spirit of a slave always feels like it is "of another." It responds to and is excited by the owner, not the slave. That spirit has to be more than allowed to experience all the emotion and reaction that its owner wants it to feel. The spirit has to be encouraged and invited by the slave to accept the result of everything the owner exposes it to.
Nothing in the process is incidental to the development of the spirit. No activity is excluded. During slave development the spirit is directed by the same force and wisdom that directs its destiny after its development is complete. Both before and after BIRTH the Universe takes responsibility for its investment. That's what destiny is about.
The spirit's owner has to, himself, be in obedience to accept and implement the orders that place the slave spirit in all the situations needed to force the slave's development. Without the owner's obedience, there isn't enough wisdom to know what is required to create the circumstances to qualify a spirit to perform a destined life, follow a path that has never been followed ever before in all of human history. No human wisdom, egotistic knowledge, will ever be sufficient to direct or empower destiny.
Slave development is not a competition between the superiority of the owner's ego vs. the slave's ego. If that were the case, every slave's ego would always be more qualified than the owner's ego to run the slave's life. Slavery depends on neither the slave nor its owner living by the will of an ego.
Without both the belief in and the acceptance of a spiritual life along with a spiritual "logic" that is superior to the vastly limited form of human cause and effect logic, there is no chance of one man, an owner, being able to incite the destiny of another, a slave.
The slave spirit is what the spirit is. It is the shared part of an owner's soul. Slaves are the special creatures who occupy a position on this earth to live in complete obedience. When they learn who they are, at the hands of the owner, they can release everything else to the owner, and live only in destiny.
Slaves are blessed with someone to force and empower their destiny. That makes the achievement of their destiny faster, more directed, and founded on an un-compromised obedience.
In exchange, the Universe expects superior behavior from such creatures. The obedience from which slaves are BORN prepares them to perform tasks that less motivated creatures would opt out of. A slave can be expected to do what would be uncomfortable, and too challenging for others.
With the choice to be who we are created to be, disappears the choice about what to do during this life. It has been planned, and it is a slave's only purpose to accomplish the plan.
Once the obedience that empowers a slave's destiny is understood, it is the a slave's greatest fear that the order not be there. It is only the obedience that makes either the development or the destiny happen. It is like having no air to breath, or food to eat to consider not having an order to obey. The struggle isn't with obeying. The struggle is with not obeying. A slave's fear is that he won't obey. To not obey will prevent the acquisition and realization of the purpose for which the slave was created, and deny the experience of true happiness in this life.
A slave knows he is slave when the slave understands that he neither owns nor belongs to himself. When the spirit is prepared to begin, when the slave is ready to accept the opportunity to become slave, and when the slave is ready to accept the spirit inside as being who he is, a slave will become a slave, a slave will be BORN. It is its destiny!


The better question is why you would want to be? When you're a Master you can have a slave who can provide service, in any way that meets your needs. A Master "pays" for that service through His responsibility for His slave's life. As a Master, a man can exchange His responsibility for the benefits of having a slave unselfishly serve Him. There are no additional benefits that come from owning a slave. But, the added responsibility is without limits.
Being an Owner is without limitation, either in time, effort, or level of responsibility. When someone decides to be an Owner, He is committed for life, to the best interests of the slave, for the rest of His life. There is no identifiable reason for wanting to be an Owner, unless being an Owner is someone's destined purpose. The need to be Owner can come only from that deep, spiritual, immutable purpose. Any other motivation will quickly wilt with time.
Further, one outcome of becoming someone's Owner can be the need to assign the developed slave to someone else, geographically separated from you. When you are sworn to the best interests of a slave, then no selfish motivation can be exercised against the slave, including forcing it to live with you. Your investment, even if successful, is likely to walk out the door. The slave needs to fulfill its destiny, what else can it do? An Owner's destiny is to ensure that the slave's destiny fulfilled. What else can He do?
Slave development is somewhere between difficult and impossible to accomplish when a slave is living with its Owner. The requirements for being slave are serious, often overwhelming. The need to examine some very difficult issues over and over dictates the slave have private time away from the Owner. An Owner cannot grant "time out" for a slave living in His presence, because that would pollute and destroy the Owner/slave protocol that is necessary for BIRTH. Once the chance of BIRTH has been removed, then there can be no potential for Ownership, and the whole process becomes a mute issue. At that point the chance for the Owner's return on investment becomes zero.
The prospect is very remote of being a very good Master, who loves, and cares for, and feels a soul connection so great with His slave that He wants to give that slave its destiny of slavery. How can a Master be developing His own life, determining the kinds of relationships, and other living and life arrangements He needs, and also be developing His slaves's life as a first priority? There are human limitations that prevent being clear egotistically and simultaneously being so non-egotistic that you can only feel the slave's needs, above all else.
What is an adequate motivation for being an Owner? The motivation must be that the Owner's purpose can only be satisfied with talents found in others. That purpose has to be achievable only when another performs the required actions on His behalf and for Him. The purpose must require that the action be performed where the Owner cannot be. That purpose must be the Owner's destiny. Any other motivation is insufficient. Being an Owner is a life-time commitment, a commitment made to many, not just one slave. That is a lot of commitment to carry while being a Master is simultaneously determining His own needs, and implementing them.
Another requirement is the number of slaves who must be developed as an Owner. Being an Owner is not a one-slave prospect, any more than building automobiles is a one-car project. Providing a slave's destiny involves accepting the way that life works. Statistically, that is impossible to determine from a single observation. There needs to be many who are pursuing their slavery, many who have quit, many who have made it, and many who are still developing. The mix provides the experiences necessary to become informed and capable, to become qualified to be an Owner. And, being a destined slave isn't about being one on one. A slave's special destiny has only to do with being available for the world, and to serve it. It isn't a private affair. It is a very public affair.
When someone attempts to become Owner to only one slave, then He is putting all His eggs in one basket. The Owner knows the slave must be free to leave at any time. The Owner has to be willing to invest all the unselfish effort, time, and emotion required to supply unlimited direction, with unqualified dedication to empowering a slave's BIRTH, and life. How can an Owner act only in the best interest of the slave when there is no one else to satisfy His needs?
When we know that we are placing all our bets on one person, we try to compromise, to make adjustments, to convince a slave to continue its slavery development even when that isn't in its heart. We reduce the requirements, and protocol required to allow for its slavery. The feeling of being left alone without the person in whom we have placed all our love, investment, and expectations prevents us from acting in the best interest of that slave. We are free to act in the best interest of another only when our own needs are not dependent exclusively upon that one other.
What is the advantage to being an Owner, when you could put your effort into, and find your rewards from being a Master? The only answer must be that you are drawn to it, that you must be Owner to feel your satisfaction and happiness in life. Few ever ask about being an Owner. If, however, you do feel compelled to give your life to the life of slaves, lets discuss what it is like.
Some humans are created with a singular soul, each with their own purpose. Those each independently find, pursue, and implement their individual destiny. Some are created as a set, to share the same soul. In that set are one Owner and the slaves who were created to share that singular soul. The Owner must see His slaves as a part of Himself, no more and no less than He is, because that's the truth. He is so much the same person as His slaves that He is morally responsible for everything they do, once they have accepted and achieved their obedience, their destiny, their BIRTH and their authentic life.
The Owner must have gone through His own discovery of destiny. He must have ended up in a position that He is permanently committed to being the Owner of the soul that is shared, and without any option to abandon it. Then, a permanent oath must be sworn to the Creator, the Source of life, that the Owner will act in the best interest of His slaves, without exception or limit, regardless of the personal effect on the Owner.
When your purpose, destiny and happiness is what you have prayed for, then you must be given experiences that are so traumatic that you would never consider abandoning your role. Any less, and the Universal Intelligence can't, and won't trust you to do your job. Your obedience to the Ultimate Wisdom has to be more complete than that required of any slave. The Universe can't be tricked, so BIRTH will never be granted unless the Owner can be trusted by the Universe, and is therefore qualified to perform His destiny.
The Owner must develop all the techniques necessary to support the intention of giving the parts of His soul the experiences they need to accept not only the moment of BIRTH, but also their destiny. An Owner's destiny cannot be completed without fully developing the parts that belong to Him.
Developing others to their destiny introduces an Owner to being set up as the object of all the anger and disappointment and betrayal that a developing slave must experience to know for sure what its destiny is, and to accept that destiny. While you are developing a slave out of love and a completely unselfish motive, the developing slave will have to treat you like an enemy. An Owner is the worst enemy the ego will ever experience. The Owner must be the chronic, unrelenting enemy of the ego, or the ego will win and the soul will lose. No one has ever accepted their destiny while their egos are still important in their life.
When the Owner is the most loving and accepting, the slave can be the most hateful, disrespectful, ungrateful, resentful, and combative. Every time the ego tries to entice you, as Owner, to anger, you most need to be ready to express unqualified love for the developing slave. If your image and position matter the least bit egotistically, you won't be there to provide the support the developing slave needs. Fail to be there, and you can never be an Owner.
The slave's ego will try to attack when you have the least time to deal with it, or when you are the most fatigued. The slave's ego becomes destructive and creative as the egotistic desperation grows. The more willing and open the Owner is about explaining all the things that a slave never needs to know about its slavery, the more vulnerable He becomes. Questions are asked just to find somewhere to attack. A slave doesn't need to know anything about anything except obedience to become slave. Everything else is unneeded and unnecessary. The only real value the information has is to the slave's ego that feels it must survive supreme and complete. The Owner remains willing to answer to let His slaves know there is an answer and a reason for everything, which assures His continuing vulnerability.
As the superfluous ego's questions are answered, the slave's ego learns what the Owner's weak points are. The slave's ego uses the information it has acquired to become more divisive, and to implement its fits at the most effective time. And remember, there are several slaves with whom you are dealing at the same time, not just one.
If your time, effort, or energy have to be under your control, you can never be Owner. Slave development doesn't occur at "convenient" times, it occurs when it isn't convenient at all.
No one can be turned down who honestly wants to develop its slavery. It would be playing God to decide who could have their destiny, or not. There can be no concern for age, looks, body type, or any other consideration other than the real potential that they might be slave. Your personal reaction to a potential slave can have no bearing on whether or not you will willingly dedicate your life and love to each potential slave, for the rest of your life. If personal independence matters to you, if you feel the need to decide who you like and who you love, being an Owner can't be your life.
As with any destiny, nothing that you want matters. When we accept our destiny, we are accepting that we will do the Universe's work, only. We can't work both for the Universe and for ourselves. It has to be one or the other. Unless the Universe can trust that you will never again try to work for yourself, it won't allow you to become an Owner, IT won't give the success of BIRTH, life and destiny to any slave. IT won't qualify you to be Owner.
For some, what might be the hardest of all is that slave development must be given without any expectation or intention to ever get anything out of the development process. The entire experience must be given as a pure gift. Over and over, and without limit, the gift must be given through the SM and through love, and through spiritual direction until the slave is finally developed. Then, the Owner must take responsibility for the slave in every area in which it obeys, and moral responsibility for everything the slave does for the rest of its life, still given as a gift, without any recognizable benefit to Himself. Further, there can be no expectation nor limitation that the slave would need to live with nor serve its Owner directly, even after BIRTH. The mode must be unselfish, unselfish, unselfish.
Some slaves who consciously achieve their slave destiny will be assigned to serve another as their Master, and might not ever serve their Owner directly. After an Owner suffering all the effort and indignity, the slave could need to serve someone else, or serve somewhere else, walking out with all the resource you have invested. Furthermore, it is then also the Owner's responsibility to teach, advise, and direct the Master to whom the slave is assigned, or any others who come into the slave's destined life. Responsible Masters will also need the Owner's help to accept and execute the responsibilities the Master has for the slave who has been assigned to Him.
The Owner's responsibilities continue. The slave's relationship with an assigned Master is first made and then enforced by the Owner, not the slave. So, you make a man a slave as a gift, then might gift it to another, and then further teach the other to whom it is assigned how to make the slave's life complete, as a gift. All this without personal benefit. Still want to be an Owner?
The development process itself takes from months to years. The responsibility to the slaves' Masters or any others of significance, never ends. The BORN slaves need to be connected with from time to time to assure that their slavery continues to grow. Everything gets more and more demanding, never less.
The only reason that I have personally accepted being Owner is because I have no reasonable choice. It is my life and my destiny, and I wouldn't wish the job on my worst enemy. Nor, would I wish on that enemy what it takes to gain the experience needed to provide slavery to someone. Until it is clear there can be no choice, I can't see why anyone would accept the assignment. It has no perceived personal benefits. It has to be only about serving the Universe. It allows for no time out, and for no personal options. Once an Owner, that's who and what you are.
There is no divorce, there is no way out. Once in, always in. The Universe can't be tricked, and IT can't be lulled into forgetting about us. We can't pretend to be permanently committed, then change our mind. IT has the resource to assure that everything continues as IT intends. When it wants a web page, that's what it gets. When it wants "Path of the Obedient Heart" retreats, workshops, presentations, seminars or personal one on one time, that's what IT gets, regardless of the effort, the exposure, the resource required, regardless of the inconvenience, regardless of the potential for criticism, regardless of its impact on any personal time, regardless of other commitments, regardless of how you feel or of what you would like to do.
If, after knowing this, you are still interested, then it is about getting spiritually clear yourself, learning how to discover and enforce the Truth. An Owner must know that He has no black spot on His soul, because it will infect all of the soul, and the Universe won't allow that. IT controls the infection by refusing to grant BIRTH, by refusing destiny, by denying the purpose of our efforts.
BIRTH, the conscious acknowledgement of destiny, is granted only by the Universe. There is no way to fudge or compromise the process. The Owner's obedience to the Universe, the spiritual world, and each order must be absolute. All egotistic motivation and intention has to be ignored, forever. Each potential and BORN slave takes the first priority on the Owner's life. Personal time is what is left over only after the primary responsibilities are taken care of.
There have to be several experiences, and even more failures, to learn what must be done as an Owner. When you have given your heart, and life commitment to potential slaves, they can still run out on you, usually for a lack of honesty or courage. Over and over they walk off with your heart, even when you know they are a part of you. Being emotionally thrown off the horse, you have to keep getting up again, and remain prepared to get right back on the emotional horse that just threw you off.
With all the gifts you give, in love, and time, attention, and expertise, they react in disrespect and anger at the One who wants to, and is the only one qualified to give them their life, their destiny and their happiness. And, it never ends. The Owner becomes the target for all their negative energy, and the Owner must invite it, because it is honest and necessary to their development.
Emotionally, you are always exposed, and have to learn to be more and more vulnerable. If you cut yourself off from any emotion, then you can't transfer your heart, your love, and your power to another part of your soul, you can't give what is necessary to empower either their development or their destiny.
Being an Owner is a thankless job. The young and the pretty aren't interested in anything so serious as authentic slavery. You have to love everyone that comes into your life, and have no right not to give that love. The more you do, the more you have to do. Once you figure out how to do some aspect of the development process, the Universe raises the bar and forces you out of your comfort zone again, to learn something new, doing something even more uncomfortable. No matter how much you do, it is only the minimum required. There is no glory to bask in, and no one applauding any of the effort.
The most you can ever expect is an occasional kind word, and you can't be vulnerable to being flattered by it, because then you are vulnerable to being hurt when criticism is received, and, most important, will begin to compromise your integrity to attempt to gain the flattery once again.
There is no one in the world that you can talk to about what you are going through, so you are alone with your feelings. There is no one from whom you can get advice. There is no one who can be your close best friend. Most in the world can't even understand what you're doing after you have explained it to them, and few in the world are even interested in listening to the explanation.
Ultimately, our lives are about doing what we were Created to do. If you are an Owner, your connection to life, to love, and to the world will come only from qualifying for and living the destiny you have been assigned.
Nevertheless, there are those who are destined to be an Owner. If you are one of them, and want to be an Owner, let me know, and I'll help as I can, and I'll bless you every day for trying.


John Ruskin wrote, "Spiritual power begins by directing animal power to other than egotistic ends." What does that mean? What is the connection with slavery? What is the purpose? What does it feel like? Why bother?
Many times in SM play men or women will experience an animal. That is one of the rewards of letting go into the scene. The animal often feels playful and we indulge ourselves with it. It might be one of the strongest attractions to the SM "play" that is practiced for recreation.
When a man is being developed toward his slavery, he is being processed to empower his destiny. There are many development steps needed to take us from childhood to a moment in life in which we are willing to permanently accept the path our Creator made for us, the moment of conscious acceptance of destiny.
There can be confusion about whether or not we are getting closer to that moment, or going the opposite direction by doing the wrong things. Most of us have a fear of investing effort into anything which might not have a payoff, which might not yield the results for which we expend our energies. An Italian philosopher once explained that we could tell whether we are getting closer or further away from developing who we are by assessing if we feel more happy, or less, as we go down the path.
Sometimes it is difficult to determine when we are getting more happy or less. Many of the lessons and experiences that we have had, feel very negative at the time, even when they are precisely what needed to be presented into our lives.
We might not be clear about whether or not we are becoming more or less happy because there is still too much other "stuff" in our life to know our feelings. If there is anything we are hiding or afraid of, we protect ourselves by not letting ourselves feel the things which cause us trouble or discomfort. We either feel everything emotional or we don't feel anything. We don't have a watch dog kind of system that can monitor for the acceptability of a feeling, and only let in those that we want to have, while rejecting the unwanted feelings.
When we see someone who is spontaneous, most of us look upon that person with either envy or admiration. Seeing spontaneity tells us that the person feels nothing that needs to be hidden, can act without thinking, and isn't afraid of his deepest and most intimate intentions. These are envious attributes that attract us to such people. If we are still judging those who are exhibiting spontaneity, then we are even further behind in our development.
One of the purposes of slave development is to uncover all the things that we try to hide, to find the animal inside that knows already how to act in every circumstance, and who knows that it is incapable of any negative intention. Several are willing to let themselves "be animal" when it is in a very safe and controlled environment, for a self-controlled amount of time. Few are willing to let an animal rule our lives when we're in public, making the important decisions in ours or others' lives, or when we're out where we can be observed and potentially criticized.
Personal freedom comes with spiritual development. When the spirit is experienced as the animal inside, and it is controlled by another in a way that the animal can feel safe, that spirit matures and can be trusted to be who we are. The real secret of spontaneity is knowing that the animal inside is very wise, has our best interest at heart, has immense wisdom, cannot want to hurt or harm anything or anyone, and is who we really are. That's the secret John Ruskin is trying to tell us.
Knowing the secret doesn't produce the result, or make any changes in our lives. What stands between us being who our spirit is, and who we are now, is who we want to be.
Our ego defines for us who we want to be. It has decided the kind of person that we should be from an accumulation of expectations and training, education and financial reward, social class of our family and hundreds of other influences. The ego probably has selected for us to be someone who others can instantly admire, someone who can impress others usually just by their knowing our profession or title, someone who will please those we care about, and someone who is thought incapable of making mistakes. We probably pick being someone who belongs to a popular religion and a popular political party.
We put a terrible burden on ourselves when we define who it is we want to be. The truth is we have no control over who we are. Giving in to the animal inside feels like we are selling out, and losing all rights to be who we want to be. Who wants to be an animal?
Some might answer that they do want to be an animal, while what they mean is that they want to be an animal only in controlled, non-visible circumstances where nothing is at stake. The truth is we do want to be an animal because we know how good it feels, but we don't want that to produce any limitations or restrictions on our egotistically defined life. We want to experience the animal like having the perfect recreational drug that we can consume when we're in the mood, enjoy without any side effects but, most importantly, doesn't have any control over our life. Feeling the animal is often perceived as being wonderful recreation, inexpensive, and very risk free.
The real answer that most of us give, though, is that we don't want to be an animal. We have been trained by our culture that it is better to be domesticated and refined than wild and animal-like. There is this class feeling that if we don't control ourselves we can't appear sophisticated, and won't be respected. Being "animal" is a feeling of being lesser, a loser, someone who is raw or primal, even barbaric. "That's no reward for years of education, a good family name, standing in the society, owning a name-respected car, and living in a better neighborhood!", we tell ourselves.
All of these are prejudicial feelings about ourselves that create an emotional prison from which spontaneity can never spring itself. The animal wants to be who it is and to guide and direct our lives. The cost of every prejudice and every judgment we make about others is that it forms the bars and lock to our own emotional jail cell. What we habitually practice with our thoughts becomes the attitudes that are imposed on us.
Given the chance, the animal will love when it should love, support when it should give support, help when help is needed, and know what to do in every circumstance. We don't want to give power to the animal, however, because it refuses to give us understanding about why it does what it does. Most of us would rather know why everything happens than to be spontaneous. We feel we have a right to know. We're not going to take orders from a barbaric animal that will not explain anything about its motivation, where it gets it insight, what criteria it uses for determining its course of action, nor explain the morality, ethics or laws by which it operates. We refuse to be subjected. In that refusal we reject being spontaneous and being who we are. It has been said, "Understanding is the booby prize of life." Yet, we fight and struggle to have understanding.
When the animal through which we come to know spirituality is made alive by its Owner, it will act when it feels like acting, and will act when no one could have known that what it did needed to be done. Our life isn't about understanding the reasons for why we do what we do, it is about doing what should be done so that the resulting influence is created. We are not responsible for the results of our actions. We are responsible for producing our actions in honesty and integrity. That is the same as saying we are responsible for acting out of obedience. Obedience is the only unselfish, non-egotistic motivation we have. Everything else is either egotistic or doesn't result in action. Destiny isn't about what we know, it is about what we do.
It isn't even our task in life to get feedback on the benefit of what we do. The real benefits might not appear for several generations. They may only implement change after we have spiritually abandoned our bodies. There isn't time nor wisdom in this world to follow the ripple effect of any honest, animal action. Destiny is simply about having moral certainty in every action we produce.
The problem with rules, whether church rules, political rules, legal rules, family rules, tribal rules, and any rules which don't specifically enforce who we are and provide a framework for spontaneity, are rules which destroy spontaneity. It takes a lot of faith and trust to know that what the animal spirit wants to do will always be the right thing, that it will conform with the precepts of personal integrity, and spiritual rightness. Our egos keep asking, "What if it doesn't?"
When we "Let go and let God", when we free ourselves to work for the Creator, we give up the right to tweak or adjust what we do. We do what we must do. When we act in integrity, which means honestly, we automatically do the right thing. If it isn't what others approve of, then it is our place in life, our function and our assignment to do what others don't approve of. That's what change and progress is all about. That's why we have a destiny. That's why we were created.
There is a terrible misconception about slavery that it is intended to force a man to serve without making any ripples. The truth is that slavery is about serving so that everything you do produces ripples, including every thought. Slavery isn't about becoming invisible and ineffective. Slavery is about becoming recognized, uncontrollable, spontaneous, and right.
We are challenged by the ego when it declares it wants to stay in control. What if the animal does what the ego doesn't approve of? What if the animal creates a situation that you have to take care of? The ego constantly fights by producing doubts of overwhelming and substantial fear.
The faith is that when we act in integrity, the truth of our action is protected by the Creator for which we are taking the action. If our faith isn't really that strong, then the ego can convince us it is dangerous to let the animal do what might require our personal and egotistic attention. Without adequate faith it feels like the animal is creating debts that we will egotistically have to later pay, but can't.
Most of us don't have the level of faith required to be spontaneous and accept our destiny. For most, faith is about what others should do, and the rules by which they should do it. Real faith includes a belief in the beauty and goodness inside that is so complete that we are protected from doing that which is morally wrong, and protected from the results of doing what is right. Faith simultaneously frees us from the consequences of actions and forces our actions to be perfect.
The leap of faith is the same leap as the leap into spontaneity. Anything and everything that interferes with finding and exhibiting spontaneity interferes with our being who we really are and what we should be doing. There is no way out. There are no alternatives.
The hope of continuing to believe and act by the rules which now direct our lives, and doing the things we should be doing is a wasted hope. The beauty of living in this country is that it is founded on not making civil laws which direct moral acts. The separation of Church and State is a beauty which allows us to live consistently with our own morality. To the extent that personal morality becomes legislated, we are outlawing living our destiny.
There is a huge and morally fatal misunderstanding that when we feel morality, that it applies to everyone. That cannot be the case. Morality is a personal issue between each individual and his Creator. Many of us are scared away from accepting that what our animal feels is right or wrong because we fear the "right and wrongness" would have to apply to everyone. It cannot, will not, and should not apply to anyone but ourselves. The spirit animal doesn't know what's right for your family, friends or neighbors. The spirit animal, alone, knows what's right for you.
The purpose of having common moral laws is to give a frame of reference and understanding necessary to accept letting go of our very limited egotistic purpose and free us to live where only our obedience is present. Without the ability to put into context the vast volume of experience that prepares us for our unique path, we cannot withstand nor accept the barrage of input. Common moral laws, like those taught by formalized religions, provide the rebar and bridges necessary to cross over into our destiny. Religion isn't an alternative to our development. Religion is a step in our development.
That which makes us spontaneous, makes us perfect. That which interferes with adequate faith to feel spontaneous interferes with accepting our unique path. That which is a fear of being spontaneous is a fear of being who we are. Spontaneity is the same goal as integrity.
The passive aggressive process of remaining without action until an explicit order forces every movement is not obedience. Obedience is holding the order as your only will, and letting everything you are accomplish the objective of the order, spontaneously.


It is natural to grow up developing a strong sense of what we own, even inevitable. Our very identity comes from the use of possessives like "I" and "me". Success is commonly measured by what we own. Our education is denoted by what Degrees we own. The reference we make to everything that we like to be associated with is always one of possession. We have "my" family, "my" church, "my" school, especially if we want to be known by it as in "My school is Harvard."
We can't convince the people we want to impress that we have achieved success unless we describe to them "my" car, "my" house, located where "my" address is..., and earned of course through "my" position in the company. If you want to measure the significance of someone in Western Culture it is necessary to list the possessions that have been accumulated, or over which that person has control.
It was recently pointed out to me that the word "personality" has as its origin the word "mask". After we have described all the physical things we own, next we describe the masks that we have created and maintained by which we are known. Because of the ownership and control we have over those masks we consider them ours. To know who we are we think that we need only add up the physical possessions plus the masks we own that constitute our personality. Together, we conclude that these things constitute what makes us special and, therefore, distinguishable from everyone else.
When it is our time to finally "get serious" about our spiritual development, we treat "our" soul with the same sense of possession. The same "my" reference is made to the soul to show the ownership that "I" have of "my" soul. The soul, thereby, becomes another of those things that we own like our arms, our family, our car, house, and personality.
Whenever we believe that we have ownership of something we feel a sense of option regarding it. When I own a car, I can replace it. When I own my body, I can choose either to exercise it or not. When I own my house, I have the option of remodeling it, or moving into a different one. We want to own because it gives us control. Without control, we think, we don't have the resource and opportunity necessary to find success.
Success is measured by the management of "our" resources. We look at what we put into the process and then measure what comes out of it. If the final product is better than the what we originally input, we are building additional success. So, it would follow that when our interest is in developing spiritually, we have only to manage our resources well and the result will an augmented spirituality.
We look spiritually for the same resources of time, the wise exercise of options, and the decision about what we are willing to part with to gain something else in the exchange. It is habitual to pursue our spiritual development with the same "buying decision" mentality and approach that we use when determining when we should buy anything. We review all the reasons to buy by listing the benefits we think will accrue to us and then review all the reasons that we shouldn't buy which includes the resources that we will have to part with. When the accumulative reasons to buy outweigh the reasons not to, we buy. When we find that the reasons not to are the heaviest, we don't buy, and it's that simple for us.
The whole implication in this "buying" process is that we are doing the buying for our own best interest and that we additionally know everything that's in our best interest. When we reach the point in our development that we are conscious about our pursuit of destiny, the unique path for which we were created, our purpose is no longer our own. Destiny never has ourselves as the object of our effort.
Destiny is about what we do for others. When that effort is performed honestly, in integrity, and from the order that we get from our Creator, happiness is given to us as our reward. That is not the same as having happiness as the objective of our effort.
Our habitual insistence on owning our soul is what makes this concept so very difficult to either understand or accept. The truth is that the soul that lives within each of us, OWNS us. It isn't the other way around.
The soul has always existed. The soul will never end. For a very short period of time, it comes up through the earth to take on the physical minerals, chemicals and liquids that will give the soul form. The acquisition of that which gives us physical form is referred to as nutrition. It is the method by which we add to the form, a form which began in our parents who were also the physical form of other souls.
Life is the process by which the soul manages our physical form to finally qualify that form to perform the Creator's work.
For the soul to be successful, it has had to select the parents, the environment, the genetics, the I.Q., the educational opportunities, the period in time, the talents, interests, weaknesses and strengths that will constitute the physical form we identify with. The soul has had to put up with potty training, learning to walk and talk, the challenges of childhood and adolescence. The appeal of drugs and alcohol and other "spiritual tranquilizers" from the soul's perspective has also been a necessary part of the development.
When we are pleased with the result of what the soul that occupies us has done, we take the credit and claim success for ourselves. The soul can only smile at such arrogance. With it's planning which began back before we were in this world, and all of the influences that it arranged for so we could make it through life, it has to be amused that we would then try to take credit for all that has happened.
The soul spends it's time moving within us on this earth making us ready for the moment when we can finally become conscious of what it is doing. That awareness comes in the form of a question presented to us which asks whether we will act for the Creator to do that which we can't see to be in our egotistic best interest, or, whether we will continue to pursue the success the soul has already given us.
That question looks much harder when we think that we are sacrificing our personal efforts for someone else, even when that someone else is our Creator. Recognizing that everything that we have has already been a complete gift from the soul inside, we should be a lot more prepared to let go of a control we never had over our life.
Accepting that the soul owns us makes it a lot easier to say "yes" to the destiny question about acting for the Creator's purpose instead of our own. Holding onto the false belief that our successes have been through our own doing, over which we have had control, makes it feel like we're giving away everything. Seeing the soul as our possessor allows us to see the process as the inevitable return on investment that the soul has made in us for as long as we have been alive.
It isn't coincidental that those men and women that we recognize has having achieved their destiny don't take any of the credit for what they do. The thought isn't one of an altruistic reasoning that concludes that that's what should be said. The thought is the conscious or unconscious recognition that the soul owns them, and they finally allowed the soul to have its way, to accomplish its mission, to develop the way it incarnated to develop.
Happiness, from the vantage point that the soul owns us, isn't any more demanding than letting the soul do whatever it wants to do whenever it wants to do it. Happiness becomes a function of simply not standing in the way of the soul, objecting to its desires and functions.
The soul doesn't need our reason, logic, and understanding to know what to do. It doesn't need our input about what is right and wrong. It has a connection to the Creator that lets it know everything it needs to know, to do everything it needs to do to achieve the purpose for which it is here. It has all the resources it needs to direct what we call "our" destiny.
From the soul's position, it is doing what it came here to do. Destiny is our observation of its activity. To the soul, destiny is pretty ordinary stuff. To the ego of the human observer it looks like a miracle.
Our challenge is to learn how to let go, and let the soul do its work. It is the only challenge that matters in the bigger scheme of things. Everything else is merely preparation for that.
Life is never going to look simple to us, but it will become effective through the efforts we make if we will accept this simple truth that the soul owns us. That acceptance will give us the courage to let the soul experience what it wants to experience. That acceptance will allow us to see the triviality of what we understand, and its insignificance in learning who we are and what we are supposed to be doing with our lives. Life is not about understanding. Life is about experiencing.
Take a quiet moment. Examine your life in light of the soul owning you. Witness how much more sense everything that has happened in your life makes. Consider how much less it looks like we're risking when we view the soul as being the possessor instead of our possession.
Finally, the only abilities we need are to have moral certainty in every situation and the capacity to express unqualified love. When we allow the soul to give us that capability, we will be rewarded with happiness for letting it do so.

A slave or Servant?

Some use “Master” and some use “Owner”. These thoughts are about a slave, and are from a slave’s perspective only regarding slaves. Here these terms are used interchangeably.
Slavery is about having no options, about being totally owned and operated. A slave is not a free man who has decided to grant services to a Master. A slave does not even seek to please a Master. Seeking to please is a concern of the ego. Seeking to please is just one more way for the ego to say: “See, I’m good!” But a slave feels no such concerns. A slave understands that the ego is what stands in the way of true slavery and of the authentic connection to the Master or Owner. The ego is the enemy of slavery, so seeking to please a Master automatically destroys slavery.
Any slave granting a Master services rather than obeying is a servant, not a slave. Slaves do not grant services, they obey. Any Master who has found a man who “slaves” for him, who calls him “Master” and runs around serving him all day, is not a Master, but merely a recipient of voluntary services. Masters do not simply receive, they give commands.
A slave seeks only one thing: obedience, to be trapped into obedience so that no sense of choice clouds its heart, mind and spirit, an obedience so strong that the slave IS obedience, and that the slave becomes One with the Owner, an intimacy so great and powerful that no other pleasure in life need exist.
Some may suggest that being so obedient means being mindless, but this is not the case. Obedience means having no selfish thoughts of one’s own and listening with ears, heart and spirit for any order given, and any order given may require that the slave make great use of mental powers, although they are used in obedience rather than to achieve the objectives of the ego.
Just obey, and real slavery follows. Just serve, and there is no slavery because no one is Master.


  1. What a big load of peudo-"spiritual" mumbo-jumbo, to "justify" your completely TWISTED and EVIL world view!! I's pretty clear that BDSM IS SATANISM, and that is is being PROMOTED as something "in" or "fashionable" to the order to foster an EXTREMELY EVIL, SATANIC AGENDA!! I do not know if you are in cahoots with some dark Secret Society such as the ILLUMINATIS, SKULL & BONES, or God only knows what... But I will find out very soon, and denounce all of you to the proper Police and Justice authorities as soon as possible!

    1. Well......that escalated

    2. Well......that escalated

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