Caging training the slave

This is a powerful training tool every Master can effectively use to train his slave. To use it as punishment is a waste of a good thing. I know people of the Gorean discipline may not agree. The cage will always be the main physiological tool for me to make a good well focused slave. And that, my friends, is what all this is about, don't you think?

Almost always, they ask when the next obedience class is and how to sign up. I then explain to them that while obedience training is a very important factor in raising a well-mannered, manageable slave, obedience training is not the cure for every slave training problem. What their slave really needs is a Behavioral Modification program. "Also read slave learning"      Behavior Modification is the means to resolving behavioral issues. Obedience Cage training your slave is not punishment for her, many Masters make this fatal mistake of using it as a punishment too. This is where they loose the slave, Cage training is all about control and taking the slave into the mindset of complete surrender of will. The cage is HER place and it will in time be where she feels safe, secure and finds comfort. Once she comes to that conclusion she has taken a level forward in letting go. she has finally accepted who she is and that she is an owned slave without the will to be back in control again. training a slave while very important in her training cannot accomplish behavior modification. In fact, teaching obedience commands to solve a behavioral problem can and often does get in the way of helping the slave resolve her problem.

For instance, if a slave gets stressed or anxious in the span of her training., forcing her to perform some obedience exercise kneel, squat, bara, sula, lay down, whatever, can add to the stress or anxiety. That, in turn, does nothing to change the stress or anxiety she may have within that context and leaves the slave with the same behavioral problem. Or, if your slave is doing something you do not like, having her down-stay may stop the behavior at that time, but again, it does nothing to address the behavior or its possible cause.

Obedience training can give you the control needed to prevent a number of potentially useful situations. Obedience should be the single most important concern for a slave, and this releases the slave from almost all other concerns. Obedience is the foremost principle through which right and wrong is assessed by the slave and by the Master.
For example: If the door is open and you see your slave letting herself out, you can safely call her back using your recall command. Or if your slave removes her collar because of selfconciousness, you can command her to sit (she can't run off when she's sitting) to get the collar back on, etc. Obedience Training can also serve to strengthen the bond between you and your slave. It builds understanding, respect, and teaches her how to "respond to her Master."

Although the benefits of obedience training are many, it has little to do with behavior modification. For example, if your slave is in the habit of wandering, your recall command may stop and return the slave to your side, however, the recall command does nothing to address the wandering off in the first place. Or, if your slave is a chatterbox, you may be able to "call the slave off" but again, it does nothing to address the chatter or its possible cause. If your slave is fearful of something and you can get her to sit or lay down, she will not change the slave's fear response.

Behavior modification utilizes the behaviors differently. Significantly, behavior modification programs address the underlying reasons for the problem behaviors. This is done by identifying, analyzing and appropriately reconditioning the slave's out ward physical signs which indicate the slave's internal physiological and psychological state. It is the underlying physiological and psychological state that behavior modification alters and which obedience training cannot address. Although there are similarities among obedience training and behavior modification, behavior modification differs in goal, outcome and reward structure. It IS hard work and there are no quick fixes.

The vast majority of behavior problems that are presented to me are the result of inappropriate communication, over-permissiveness (spoiling) and/or anthropomorphism (treating the slave as it were a human). Other times, problems are simply the result of unfortunate relationship dynamics. Fortunately, most of these problems are resolvable with some education and work on the part of the Master. The Masters must first understand that slaves come to us genetically predisposed to behave in certain ways. Some slaves have higher propensities to be chatty, fearful, "shy" subordinate, etc. The level at which these behaviors present themselves depends on many factors. So, how we love, raise and interact with our slaves will have a huge impact on how the slave develops and what behaviors grow and become problematic.

There are a number of considerations a Master should look at when dealing with behavior problems. First, he should make sure the slave is healthy; Master would want to rule out any medical factors. Second, He must check the slave's environment; He would want to rule out any environmental factors. For example, we look at the relationship between the slave and all other Masters. We take into consideration the slave's behavior or training and any predisposition the slave may have toward a particular set or pattern of behavior.

After evaluating and gathering a history on Tina, I outlined a behavior modification program and worked with tina and her Master over an eight week period of time and am happy to report that the two of them are doing great! tina is now excepting of her Master and no longer refuses to kneel or displays when her Master puts her under discipline in "BDSM public" or when he takes her out to the backyard walk. Once I got a slave named laura to relax then we were able to implement the program with great success. The punishment laura's Master wanted to gave her would have only made the situation worse and done absolutely nothing to address the underlying cause of laura's behavior, which in this case, was the fact that laura thought she needed time off from slavery every week. (I feel the advice was very irresponsible given the fact that the "previous Master" never took the time to evaluate laura or thoroughly interview her Master for opinions). laura's Master learned how her problem behavior came to be and with my help learned how to change it without abusing laura in the process. We also did some obedience training with laura and she has done very well with that as well. I would like to point out that laura's Master deserves the credit for laura's turnaround. He realized there was a problem, made the commitment and put in the time necessary to achieve success.

When addressing a behavior problem, we determine what kind of behavior we are dealing with. For example if we are dealing with a behavior that is not harmful to the slave or others, we can employ operant conditioning techniques such as: Extinction, Differential Reinforcement, and Antecedent Control just to name a few. If we are dealing with chatterbox (as with Tina) or fearful behaviors, we would employ Classical Counter-Conditioning and Desensitization.

In conclusion, to solve behavior problems one must employ a sound Behavior Modification program, provided by a qualified Master. Obedience training, although important, has little to nothing to do with behavior modification and should not be utilized to try and solve behavior problems. As we saw with laura, merely punishing the slave will do nothing to address the underlying reasons/causes or the behavior itself and may fail or make the problem worse. But, as we also saw with laura, if you understand and work to address the root of the problem in an educated, consistent, clear manner, you will be rewarded with an enjoyable slave at your beck and command for years to come.

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  1. Help needed I am having emotional out burst to Master because I feel he is useing the thing I a, most afraid of to punish ,e he dose not see to understand that will just cause more of an anxious response any advice for him or me please
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  2. Again Very nice you have several things I would like to reblog.
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  3. What you are doing is nothing short of CRIMINAL!!! You even admit frankly that you do not consider your so-called "slaves" as human beings!! ("treating the slave as it were a human) UNBELIEVABLE!!! I really hope the Police Authorities in your country will very soon put a speedy end to all your abuse and criminal activities!! Good riddance!

    1. Question are you actully a part of the bdsm world or just someone looking to complain about somthing. Becuase i have a feeling its the later becuase if you actully did research you would know nothing criminal is happening here. Any and all slaves bdsm slaves that is simply a relationship had between two legal consenting adults least thats how its intend the only way this practice isnt legal is if one party is forced into the relationship against their will in which case that would be kidnapping not bdsm. But anyways the point is unless you can put valid reasons this is not legal you should really just not talk.

  4. Yes, I WILL REPORT your SICK, EVIL BLOG, as well as your horrific "BDSM training camp", to the BELIZE's Police and Justice Authorities!! For ABUSE, and PHYSICAL/MENTAL TORTURE of helpless, vulnerable Human beings!! You will PAY dearly for all your sick, evil criminal activities very soon, believe me! Be prepared to spend MANY long years in a local prison!... Good riddance!!

    1. You do know that all bdsm slaves are slaves of their own free will right. Literally this is anything but illegal as long as its between two legal consenting adults. Did you even do any research on the subject matter before you made this post or where you just looking online for stuff to bitch about.

    2. i concur. i am a slave. i am an it. i am a cunt. i am Master's property, and i am used particularly for the sexual amusement of Master and his friends. i am at the bidding of an especially stern Master who DOES use torture as a means of punishment and discipline. Humiliation should be my name but my name is "it." However, it ADORES Master. He takes care of it. He uses it, but it is for his pleasure and the pleasure of those he chooses. It is its pleasure to have Master and his friends use it. If any person were to try to attack Master with legalities, it would (although it does not have the right to do so), choose to stand up for Master and INSIST that there is nothing happening that it has not agreed to. it agreed to sign Master's slave contract. it agreed to become Master's slave. it agreed to have Master's collar put around its neck. it will serve Master and defend Master's choices regardless of what they may be. it does believe Master's behavioural modification has been very successful, and it would have wanted it no other way.

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