Can a slave be trained with a remote training collar?

- Slave Training with a Remote Training Collar - 
by Master Gunter
The Proper use of Punishment for Behavior 
modification in female slaves with shock collar training can have a long-term positive effect on training and slave management.
 "If minimizing "resistance to training", "consequence of bad behavior", the duration, intensity and frequency of aversive stimulation during slave training is recognized as a significant factor in the definition of slave training, then the radio controlled shock collar must be ranked as one of the most effective slave-training tools currently at the disposal of a Master"   
---Master Gunter----

Before I begin, let say that if you do decide to use one on your slave, I recommend that you not refer to it as a "shock collar". The very name sends shock waves or paroxysms of fear. "How can you be soooooooo cruel to your slave!!!!!" Call it instead a remote training collar "RT collar" or even an electronic training collar "ET Collar". Yes, I know its a euphemism but it may also help you think about it another way.

So you are a dominant guy climbing through your fifties. Every time you go to the mall, the garden center, the grocery store, Your favorite wine store, your fitness center or heaven forbid the macys...Attractive, often surprisingly friendly and seemingly submissive young women look invitingly......You feel the familiar twitch...Admit it, You've followed more than one tight nubile young slut ass gyrating down the mall aisle that you've already been down..wondering if she was into BDSM and wants to be trained...or if You could put her on a "shock collar or leash" and train her....
So What's the difference between being just another man with a fantasy and getting lucky? Luck has nothing to do with it. Let's examine the ground rules shortly.

I so happened to be strolling one fine Saturday afternoon through a sporting-goods store and happened upon a display of electric dog training collars. You decide to stop for a moment and peruse them while at the same time trying not to look excited. It is at this juncture that what would be considered an inappropriate thought percolates up into your conscious awareness. "female Humans are just more advanced animals, I wonder if one of these RT collars would work in training my slave?" The answer is a resounding yes!! and this article will cover the logistics and my experiences training female slaves with just such a collar and how to start a training program that incorporates shock collars into her training curriculum.
I personally think using a RT collar for training a female slave is superior to other methods. Advantages of the RT collar include.
Females have more anxiety and fear of electricity. This is because they usually don’t have even a basic understanding of how electricity works. This fear of electricity gives you and the remote training collar a greater psychological advantage.
The time span between the infraction and negative reinforcement is reduced to the shortest possible time making the RT collar extremely effective for behavior modification and conditioning.
The ability to administer negative reinforcement (shocks) using a remote thus not requiring you to be near the slave physically.
The ability to summon your slave using the remote signaling tone available on many RT collar models.
Proper selection of a remote training collar for slave training, from among the many brands available on the market, is of paramount importance. Some brands and models will not work for training a female slave because of the way they are designed. Serious injury to your slave's delicate neck could result. Models and designs that fall into this dangerous category are ones that have shock prongs (the two metal electrodes that deliver the shock) that stick out like long sharp vampire teeth and cannot be properly modified to accommodate the slave's neck. Remember these collars were designed for dogs which have a protective coat of fur which of course your slave does not have. It is important to be mindful of this when selecting a RT collar.
Important guidelines to follow when selecting a RT collar that will be used for training your female slave include.
The unit has shock prongs that can be properly modified to accommodate your slave's neck.
The collar is a high-powered unit designed for big dogs.
The RT collar is waterproof.
The RT collar can deliver both momentary shocks and continuous shocks by pressing the appropriate button on the remote.
The RT collar unit has adjustable shock levels that can be controlled from the remote.
The unit is equipped with a signaling tone.
Below are three diagrams of RT collar units. Diagram one represents a type of unit that cannot be safely modified for slave training. In this type of unit the collar often goes around the outside of the shock module. The blue line in the diagram represents what I call the contact plane of the collar. The contact plane represents the contact surface of the collar if it was to lay flat across the slave's neck. In diagram one the electrodes and housing of the shock module extend beyond the contact plane (blue line) of the collar making it impossible to lay flat upon the slave's neck in any sort of safe comfortable manner. Therefore shock collars similar in design to diagram one should be avoided.

Diagram #1

Diagram two represents a different design of RT collar. The collar is held on to the shock module by the shock electrodes (in red) themselves. The shock electrodes are usually threaded studs that go through holes in the collar and thread into the shock module. Plastic spacers (in blue) are usually used to hold the collar firmly in place. In its current unaltered state the electrodes still extend too far past the collars contact surface plane but once modified this  RT collar design can be safely used for slave training.

Diagram #2

Now we will modify the RT collar so that it can be safely used for slave training. The first step is to unthread and remove the electrodes represented in red in diagram two. Next remove the plastic spacers that hold the collar firmly to the shock module represented in blue in diagram two. Next remove the collar from the shock module. Next use a rectangular piece of foam to take the place of the original plastic spacers. Foam from a blue camping mat or other similar material can be used. This is represented by the blue in diagram three. Make sure the foam is the proper thickness. After placing the blue foam as a spacer put the collar back on the module. Next get some flat metal washers represented in green in diagram three. Make sure the washers are not so big that they touch each other. This would cause the negative and positive poles of the shock module too short out. The next step is to thread in Flathead Phillips machine screws, represented in red on diagram three, that have threads that match the threads of the original electrode studs. Now you have a RT collar with a much lower profile. The machine screws represented in red in diagram three will now act as the electrodes.

Diagram #3

You need to test the collar by putting it on your neck first before putting it on your slave, yes you heard me right. The reason is that on the adjustable shock level collars you have no idea how strong or weak the shock really is until you test it. Don't test it on your arm or leg because you will not get a real sense of how strong the shocks really are. Test it on your neck because the neck is much more sensitive and that is where the slave is going to have it. Put the collar on well enough for the shock electrodes to touch your neck. Set the level on the remote to the lowest setting first. Start walking around and suddenly press the quick shock button. Was the shock strong enough that it jolted you to attention and broke your train of thought? That’s the level you want. If you said to yourself, "How wimpy I can take that" it's not set high enough. Move the setting up a level or two and test again. You also don't want to set it too high. You are looking for a balance between too low and too high. This will become the shock level for training. After you have the training shock level figured out you can fine tune it once it's on your slave by going up or down one setting. The higher shock levels should be used for punishment and stopping recalcitrant behavior. You should have a collar that has both Quick shock (momentary) and Continuous shock modes. Quick shocks are used in training and Continuous shocks are used when your slave tests your resolve or for punishment.
An important aspect to using a RT collar is to be very disciplined when administering shocks. Don’t use the RT collar to inflict pain upon your slave just because it gives you the power to do so. Overusing or abusing the RT  collar will destroy its effectiveness in the slave training process. You need the slave to trust your training ability and proper discipline when using the  RT collar becomes a major focal point of this trust.

It is now time to fit the collar to the slave. Put the collar around her neck and fasten it loose enough where you can move the shock module around her neck easily. Get a feeling for where and how the module would lay on her neck. I prefer having the module on the front because it is not in the way of her pillow when she lies down in bed on her side. This may not be possible depending on her larynx and neck shape. Having the module on the side is the next best option and she will just have to get used to it. Don't have the module on the back of the neck as it will interfere with neck movement because of the bones back there. With your hand hold the module against her neck were you plan to have her wear it. Next fasten the collar on your slave. You only need the collar tight enough so that the flathead machine screw electrodes are always touching her neck no matter how she moves her head. You may find that the increments of the collar's holes aren't quite right. In one hole it is too loose and in the next hole the collar is too tight and digging in. You will either have to punch a new hole or get a different collar that the shock module will fit on. Stay away from leather because she is going to be wearing the collar 24/7 during the initial training process and this includes wearing it in the shower. Leather doesn't do well in water. All higher end shock collars are water proof.
Have her wear the collar for 120 minutes to 3 hours then take it off and check her neck for abrasion marks. If it is abrading it may be too loose and slipping around or too tight and digging in. Also check the area of her neck where the electrodes are contacting, make sure they are not digging in. The electrodes only need to touch. If she complains about the collar check her neck to make sure the collar isn't tearing her neck up. If everything seems fine have her wear the collar the rest of the day and check her neck again before bed. Then have her wear the collar overnight and take a shower in the morning while still wearing it. Check her neck one more time. Don’t be lax about this test period for the collar because she is going to be wearing it possibly a month or longer without ever taking it off. After the training period you don't want to take off the shock collar and find out her neck got all scarred up.

If her neck looks fine the next day it is now time to create a lock setup for the collar. The simplest way is to get a zip-tie and run it through two holes and across the tail end of the buckle and cinch it down. If you want a more elaborate setup take the collar off your slave and fasten the buckle in the same hole as it is worn on the slave. Take a leather punch and make a hole about an inch away from the buckle on the tail side of it. The punch will be passing through the collar material twice. Put the collar back on the slave while placing a flat based pin through the punched holes. Put a small luggage lock through the pin.
Now that the collar is fitted and locked on the slave you are ready to explain the rules and punishments to your slave. You also need to tell her that you may punish her in a manner that doesn't involve using the collar. You should already have your rules and slave modes worked out by this point. What you need to do is assign punishments to the rules and post them on the wall.
Here are some general guidelines.

Start your slaves training in the lowest mode first (usually called slave mode) until she has that mode completely down pat.

The punishment should fit the crime. Deliberate disobedience should always have a much harsher penalty than unintentional goof-ups.

The quick shocks should be used for training. Continuous shocks should be used for recalcitrant behavior and punishment.

If your slave becomes recalcitrant use a continuous shock until proper behavior is elicited. Continuing the shock past the point where proper behavior is elicited is counter productive.
Punishment shocks should have a set interval of time like 5-10 seconds. To get the correct shock interval count in your head or out loud while holding the button down.
Always state the correct behavior you want during or after applying the shock so there is no confusion about why she is being shocked. Let's say during training she forgot to keep her eyes down. You would press the quick shock button while saying, "eyes down".  If she failed to spread her legs while being put in the "nadu position" say spread legs while pressing the shock button then when she obeys...wait 5 seconds and press again while saying always spread legs in the nadu position. If she doesn't spread her legs wide enough say spread wider while pressing the shock button.

When your slave has been doing a good job genuinely express how pleased you are with her. Being cold, stoic, or overly calculating is counterproductive. You want her to develop strong reverent bonding feelings for you as Master.

Train her for one group of behaviors until she has them down before adding others.

Keep your cool and be patient, training is a time consuming process.Don't inform your slave about the lifespan of the battery charge on the collar.
Always charge the collar while it's still on your slave. Have her take a pre determined position on command while it is being charged. I usually put her in a leapfrog position while charging and if she needs to communicate to me that the charging is complete, she moves to a inspection position for me to release her. 

But if I do not state the position, she is to take the default position while charging which is the she-sleen position. And if my slave isn't obedient enough, then I use the docking position. It's a word command "Dock" In this position the slave is to plug her collar to an outlet, where there is a wall dildo that she is to take in her mouth, a second dildo goes in her pussy, and a third one in her butt. she takes a penny and places it on her nose and holds it until the charge is complete. Thus she is docked until the charging is complete. In the dock position, she is not allowed to take the inspection position when charging is complete. she is to wait in her position until I release her.

Don't inform your slave where the top end of the shock level is. You want to keep that a mystery in her mind.

Have a rule that your slave is not allowed to touch or handle the remote without explicit permission and will be punished if she does so.
During the initial excitement of the training your slave will probably be quite obedient. Once this initial excitement wears off and she sees that slavery is quite mundane get ready for her to test your resolve and the collar's shock ability. Your slave will most likely test your resolve within the first week of training. A few days into the initial training my slave decided to test my resolve.

I had a couple of my friends over for beer and a demonstration of my slave's training. My inspection position command was ignored by my slave "supposedly my slave felt shy all of a sudden in front of my friends to take up positions".

This was the first time my slave started being obstinate the shock came as quite a surprise to her as I turned the level up quite high and held the continuous shock button. At first she angrily tried to pull the collar off. When that didn't work she tried to act tough and bear it. Trying to hold out was pointlessly futile of her and within moments she broke down crying at which point I heard her say, "Master please stop I'll do what you want". At that point I released the button. It is important to stop the shock the moment proper behavior is elicited. I knew that she reached what I call the "turning-point" which is a nice euphemism for the point I psychologically broke her. I then had her apologize to me for her poor behavior. I then cuddled her for awhile which I feel is a good idea because this is a major point where she will bond with you and she needs reassurance that slavery was the right choice. After I held her for awhile I told her to go do what she was suppose to do. She went and did her chores without hesitation. It is at this point I owned her both physically and psychologically. The second time I had to use the continuous mode was when she was trying to be cute and manipulative with her womanly methods and did not heed my warning. This time she straitened up her act right away.
Having a signaling tone on your RT collar makes it much easier to manage and handle your slave. This feature is so important that I don't recommend getting a RT collar without a signaling tone. The signal tone is activated by pressing a button on the remote. The tone emits from the shock module on your slave's collar. My slave is trained to stop whatever she is doing when she hears the tone. One tone tells her to go to my bedroom, two tones go to my study, three tones go to the living room, four tones tells her to systematically search the house and grounds for me, and five tones tells her to prepare for sexual service and go to my bedroom. If she hears four tones but already knows where I am, excluding my bedroom, study, and living room, she is to go directly there.
Here are some scenarios so to get the idea of how useful this tone feature is.
I am in my study and she is working in the kitchen. I signal my slave with two tones (go to study). She stops whatever she is doing and immediately comes to my study to be of service.
I am in my study and she is working in the kitchen. I signal my slave with one tone (go to bedroom) I am not in my bedroom so she waits for me in her designated place in that room.
I am in the garage and she is working in the kitchen. I signal my slave with four tones. My slave saw me going into the garage moments earlier so she goes there to be of service.
I am in the storage shed out back and she is working in the kitchen. I signal my slave with four tones. My slave saw me going into the garage moments earlier so she goes there first. Not finding me in the garage she systematically searches the house and grounds for me (about two minutes moving at a modest pace) to be of service. Note: Make it a rule that your slave must hold the rail when going up and down the stairs. In my slave’s eagerness to find me quickly, to be of service, she once almost fell down the stairs.
It is 1:00am and I can’t sleep. My slave is sleeping in her quarters. I signal my slave with five tones. She wakes up and follows a predefined routine to prepare herself for sexual service. She then goes to my room lies down in my default sexual position.
It is 1:00am and I can’t sleep. My slave is sleeping in her quarters. I signal my slave with one tone. She wakes up and immediately goes to my room whereupon she waits for further instructions from me.
You can of course setup your own system of signaling your slave and it may end up being superior to mine.
In my opinion using a RT collar is the fastest and most reliable way to condition and train a female slave for 24/7 service. I believe using a RT  collar dramatically cuts down the overall training time because of its quick and reliable negative reinforcement. Don't forget it is also important to have positive reinforcers that reward your slave for proper behavior. Always keep safety in mind whenever implementing training techniques. Remember your slave is your most valuable property. Just as you would not want to damage your television or automobile you don’t want to injure your slave. If your slave is truly your most valuable property, as Master, you would give up your car or house before giving up or purposely injuring your slave. Since time is the stuff life is made of, it is the most valuable resource we have. Your slave is literally giving her most valuable resource, her life, in complete devotion to her Master.
The End

USE any electrical shocking device, including a shock collar,  AT YOUR OWN RISK --  You are responsible to insure it is used safely and before using it, you should find more information than is provided in this article.  
T.H.W slave training does not endorse or advocate  the use of a shock collar in the training of a slave.

This article only shows a method that is sometimes used in training by an experienced trainer.  I would NOT recommend you attempt this without full knowledge of the shock collar's electrical output and its affect on a human in the short and long run.   You use this method at your own risk and the risk of your slave.   It is obvious that different people will react differently both emotionally and physically to a shock collar.    There are many health considerations that should be considered before using a shock collar and they are not discussed within this article.  It isyour responsibility to explore the subject more fully before considering its use. 
The choice is yours if you use one on your slave and the affects of its use on her is your responsibility.

One other note:
I have noted that there are at least two other different types of shock collars.  One for large dogs and one for small dogs.   The large dog collars have a higher output and probably should cause you to be more cautious than  the small dog ones, but that is a guess on my part.  I am not advocating the use of any shocking device.

In a slave training manual on training, obedience and behavior modification, Master Gunter states "Instead of instilling social aversion and anxiety ... slave training experience and feedback from slaves and Masters support the notion that competent shock [collar] training appears to promote extremely positive social attachment, obedience, and reward effects that may be provided and amplified via slave modes training, time and space restrictions, petting and reassuring praise. The preponderance of evidence suggests that [electrical stimulation] escape/avoidance and pain reduction should promote long-term behaviour modification effects that are incompatible with fear and stress, making the trainer an object of significant extrinsic reward that actually enhances the slave's welbeing via an improved capacity for social coping, learning, and adaptation".
Master Gunter states "If minimizing the duration, intensity and frequency of aversive stimulation during training is recognized as a significant factor in the definition of female slave training, then the radio controlled e-collar must be ranked as one of the most effective slave-training tools currently available" to the Masters in the BDSM community.

*PUNISHMENT is anything that decreases the likelihood a behavior will occur again. 
 - ability to cause a slave to have an unpleasant experience.  It is also defined as the power to give or withhold punishment.   It is also associated with using force to compel compliance.   The slave complies in order to avoid punishments controlled by her Master. 
**REINFORCEMENT is anything that increases the likelihood a behavior will occur again. 
Both punishment and reinforcement can either be positive or negative, meaning they can have something added or removed. 

***POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT: by adding something the slave wants, you increase the likelihood the behavior will occur again. For instance, if the slave takes the initiative of spending more time in her cage and you praise her and give her for it, it’s more likely she will spend more time in her cage voluntarily.
In slave training, rewarding a slave for good behavior is a powerful tool because it shows her that she is pleasing you.   Pleasing her Master is very important to a slave and  any reward by a Master to a slave for good behavior is well received by her. 

What Positive Reinforcement Is:
Positive reinforcement is anything that your slave values and she will work to earn. As you progress in her training, she will shift all her focus on you and your well being, her world revolves around you and any other living breathing person including herself does not matter for her. she will crave your attention from you, as she will believe it is necessary for her well being. Your slave will also value other things such as praise, ice cream, chocolates and orgasms from you.
To positively reinforce a behavior in her that you like, you simply give your slave something she values immediately after she has performed the behavior. "A piece of chocolate" or an article of clothing for her to wear, or a nice glass of wine. By positively reinforcing the behavior you are increasing the likelihood of the behavior occurring again in her. For example, I know my slave craves strawberries and will work hard to earn them. When I command her to squat and pee in the grass and she pees right then and there, I immediately give her a strawberry. Therefore, she is more likely to squat without a protest and pee on command the next time I ask. Why? Because her "squatting and peeing on command" behavior could earn more reinforcement (strawberries) which is what she loves. This creates reliable behavior. Additionally, by using positive reinforcement my slaves learns to think and offer behaviors of her own accord for juicy rewards, without me forcing her to do it. She must figure out what behavior will earn her strawberries and must offer the behavior whenever asked in order to earn the strawberry. If she doesn't do what I command, she doesn't get what she wants. But she also gets a negative reinforcement in the form of a jolt on her collar. Hopefully long before that the slave has been conditioned to accept that she is her Master's property. Master will use your body for his pleasure when, where and how he desires. So when he says squat and pee, Master is using his property to do what he wants and it's her job to do what her Master wants with his property.

My goal from the outset is to get my slave (or whatever I am working with) to perform as much behavior for the least amount of reinforcement (treat) as soon as possible with as little punishment as possible. Make no mistake, any refusal is dealt with immediately with strict consequence. So, as she learns each behavior with more reliability, we must wean the strawberry away. We put the behavior under a variable schedule of reinforcement. This serves to increase the reliability of her responses because she never knows when she'll get the strawberry treat; it could happen at any response, so she keeps working in hopes that "the next one" will pay off.  Or fill in the gaps with a promise of computer privileges, icecream and/or verbal praise. If you've ever spent any time in front of a slot machine or have purchased lottery tickets before, you've experienced variable reinforcement; you don't get a pay off every time. It's little pay offs every now and then that keep you going and thinking that "the next one" will be the big pay off.

something aversive, you increase the likelihood a behavior will occur again

Also Avoidance training
For instance, I used to train my slaves to a "force touch" command using a "regardless where" open legs and touch method. 
In this method, the Master commands “opentouch” and waits four seconds for the command to be obeyed otherwise pinches the slave’s ear until she yelps. As soon as the slave opens her mouth to yelp, her Master opens her legs, takes her hand and guides it to touch her pussy, as she does this, he stops the pinch. By doing so, he subconciously increases the likelihood that the slave will open her legs and touch her pussy when he says “opentouch” the next time. Note that the goal of this training is to teach the slave to open her legs and touch her pussy on command as a reflex action regardless of who is watching or where she may be when the command is issued. 
( note: use of avoidance training with the RT here)
The above training simplified with a Remote training collar.

 This occurs by itself when the slave learns that that the electronic stimulation starts after 4 seconds and stops as soon as she spreads her legs and touches her pussy. With the slaves I've trained with this method, after a few stimulations, she quickens the pace to BEAT THE FOUR SECOND MARK. Once she has learned this trick. Now all you have to do is slowly but steadly decrease the correction to a 3 second mark and let the slave beat the correction, then 2 second and 1..You get the picture.  Thighs and hands soon becomes a blur as the slave opens faster and faster until suddenly (in her mind) she spreads and touches so fast that she BEAT THE CORRECTION TOTALLY. From that day on, with only infrequent reminders, she will try to beat the correction without consciously thinking why. she has been conditioned that if she opens her legs and touches her pussy really quickly on command the correction doesn't come.

POSITIVE PUNISHMENT: by adding something the slave dislikes or finds aversive, you decrease the likelihood the behavior will occur again.

For instance, a common method for teaching slaves to stop talking without permission is to slap the slave in the breast when she starts talking to you. Doing so will decrease the likelihood the slave will talk 
again without permission. The goal of the technique is to stop a behavior from occurring, whereas the goal of 

negative reinforcement is to increase a behavior. Another example of positive punishment 

is the use of collar vibrators and beeps to stop slaves from moving from a commanded position.  When the slave moves, the device emits an vibration and beeps that is theoretically loud enough to disturb the slave, so the slave stops moving.


something the slave wants, you decrease the 

likelihood that behavior will occur again.

For instance, if your slave whimpers for attention, removing your attention until the slave is 
quiet will decrease the likelihood that she will continue whimpering to get your attention.  Or, if 
your slave forgets to kneel to greet you, standing quietly and fingering the shock remote, so it’s clear you are ignoring her and are annoyed at her behavior, will decrease the failure to kneel 
behavior in her.

Of these four categories, both positive punishment and negative reinforcement fall 
under what the BDSM training community may define as punishments. These are the two categories that involve the use of aversives, force, coercion, or physical corrections to modify behavior.  
What’s the difference between the two? 
Many Masters define a shock collar devices as negative reinforcement devices when they 
are actually punishment devices because their goal is to stop a behavior by adding something the slave dislikes.  
For instance, shock collar devices are punishment devices because their goal is to stop a behavior.  Whether a technique is punishmentor reinforcement depends on 
whether the predominant goal of the technique is to stop a behavior (punishment) or 
to increase its (reinforcement).  In the case of negative reinforcement, it’s important 
that the aversive should stop as soon as the slave starts behaving appropriately.

Of these four categories, the two most used by MASTER/slave behaviorists and others in the BDSM community are negative punishment combined with positive reinforcement.  
That is, they remove the rewards for the undesirable behavior and then reward the 
appropriate behavior. For instance, if a slave greets the Master by wearing cloths, they remove their 
attention (negative punishment) when the slave wears cloths , and when the slave kneels naked, they reward the slave (positive reinforcement).

Adverse Effects of Punishment

PUNISHMENT CAN BE EFFECTIVE in specific cases, but it must be used swiftly and dealt appropriately and carefully due to the difficulties of performing it correctly in every situation compared to  positive reinforcement   and due to its potential adverse effects on the slave.  The following is a description of the difficulties and adverse effects that one should be aware of when using punishment (aversives).

CORRECTLY to train her subconsciously. In order for the slave's subconsciousness to understand what she is doing wrong, the punishment 

must be timed to occur: while the behavior is occurring, within 2 minutes, or at least before 

the next behavior occurs to train her mentally.

2. PUNISHMENT  CAN STRENGTHEN THE UNDESIRED BEHAVIOR. In order for punishment to affect a lasting change, it should  occur every time the undesirable behavior occurs.  If the slave is not punished every time, then the times she is not being punished, she is actually receiving a reward (OonC). Additionally these rewards are on a variable  rate of reinforcement (i.e. inconsistent punishment),
which may actually strengthen the undesirable behavior subconsciously.  Variable rate of reinforcement
is a powerful reinforcement schedule that is used to maintain behaviors trained with positive reinforcement The slave know the reward will occur eventually, but since she don’t know which time the reward will come, she subconsciously keeps performing the behavior with the expectation of an eventual reward (OonC). Thus the slave behaves like a gambler playing the slot machines.

3. THE INTENSITY Of THE PUNISHMENT (SHOCK) MUST BE HIGH ENOUGH. For punishment  to be effective, it must be strong enough the  first few times. If the intensity is not high enough, the slave may get used to it (habituate), so that the same intensity no longer works. Then, the Master must escalate the intensity in order for the punishment to be effective.  No matter when it is administered, punishment may cause physical pain or fear when used at the required intensity for learning to occur.

4. PUNISHMENT MAY CAUSE PHYSICAL  HARM  WHEN ADMINISTERED At HIGH INTENSITY. Many punishments can cause physical harm to the slave. Improperly fitted collar, chain can damage the trachea or bruise neck over long term wear. Sudden upper airway obstruction may lead to a rapid swing in intraocular pressure.
And slave prone to glaucoma may be more susceptible to the disorder since pressure by collars around the neck can increase intraocular pressure.

Submission is a gift given, not taken. Domination is mastering oneself first, before all others. And trust is what binds each together. These are the most important things that I have learned in the 10 years I have been in the lifestyle and I'm interested in talking to slaves and subs who are curious. remember slavery is illegal. Only consentual BDSM erotic play is legal between consenting adults.
Milton once said that the mind is it own place and in itself, can make a heaven of hell and hell of heaven. This describes the type of play I enjoy the most. I learn your desires and fears and find ways of bring those emotions to the surface and experience them using any methods as required.
Loyalty, Honesty, Discipline, Creativity, Humility, Intensity, Curiosity, Manners, Courage, Obedience, Humour, Intelligence, Endurance, Flexibility, Patience, Gratitude, Spontaneity, Faith and Commitment - this is mostly who I am and mostly what I am looking for in a slave. Pick one of these and explain what you can and will be and how you will change for your Master. Master Gunter:trainherwell@gmail.com

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    How can I retrain my slave, who, upon us being married and getting into the daily rhythm, has morphed more into life, working, and not servicing me?

  4. Where can I get these RT collars for slaves? Can you get various collars with one remote?

  5. hi male 23 i want to become a sex slave and i need a strict master who give me task regularly and give me daily punishment if any 1 is interested to owe me when plz contact me my email is torqurecage@gmail.com

  6. @ anonymous,M23,i wish you the best of luck, do your research, being a slave isnt just about sex,although it is in the equation,its more devoting yourself physically,mentally,and all aspects of your life to pleasing your master,if you get the right one they can make you forget about anything and everything else, it truly is a special bond.

  7. For me it looks like it is spiked, i am looking for a shock collar she can sleep with and wear in 2 weeks, diagram 3 wher can i buy that?

  8. Where can I get these RT collars for slaves? In which materials can such collars be made ?
    Are they made out of leather? Can shocking part be removed and put on again ?

    This shocking part which battery which battery does it use and how long does such battery last ?

    Can you get various collars with one remote ? Meaning that for example you have red ,black , pink .. collar and buttons to say which collor that you want shock ?
    I had diffirent slave girl and must say size of neck was not always same while size do you provide and which biometric size the neck can be then ?

    I heard of remote that have level from 1 to hundered?
    And a button to shock once and other button too keep on shocking until you stop pushing ?

    I heard also of shock collars that can be controled on iphone ?

    Can you tell me what exists and who provide it ?

  9. I am a new submissive. My boyfriend of 6 years finally shared his fantasy, and i am more than happy to comply with his wishes. Do you have any advice on how i can please him? He has seemed disappointed in me, and in turn i am disappointed in myself. Help?

  10. I found this to be a very interesting article. Articulate, insightful, both technically thorough with the explanations of the equipment and psychologically thorough on the process of conditioning the subject. I highly enjoyed it. I also think it would be an interesting thing for the trainee to read - before this training begins to see if they will continue to be willing in spite of seeing the psychological conditioning process laid out before them, during the training time for them to see how accurate this article was in the assessment of their progress, and later on to determine how the full cycle of their own awareness and the subsequent effectiveness of this method impacts their self awareness of their commitment to submit. What submission is more dear than that of one who is fully aware of what is happening both intellectually and emotionally?

    But I MUST ADD, I hope those of you who have come here, read this article (or even SKIMMED it) and are asking where to get these never, ever, ever try to be anyone's "Master". I can only imagine the mindless blunders and potential damage that could really be done to whoever is stupid enough to come to you with interest in being sub/slave. It could not be any more obvious unless he had posted a direct link to purchase them. I suppose Darwinism will rule that the only way a stupid person could rope in a sub would be if that sub was also stupid. If that sub is merely inexperienced and ignorant, hopefully no long term damage will be done and they will be more discriminating going forward without you.

  11. I must admit, I love this post. Very useful and interesting. It even had me (briefly) thinking of trying it out on my sub. However I feel that I have to agree with Anonymous (September 28, 2013). It surprised me just how many replies cried out "Where can I buy this?" I guess the old saying applies; if you have to ask, you don't need to know.

  12. Thank you for this Sir. I hope to find some who came do this for me

  13. The slave wishes it has a remote training collar Sir

  14. I am in 2 minds if I want my Master to read this haha, he has not been good at upholding things and lapses in training, which i both love and hate.. Dammit, such a struggle.

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