sula position

” ‘Sula, Kajira!’ said the man.
She slid her legs from under her and lay on her back,
her hands at her sides, palms up, her legs open. ”
[Explorers of Gor, pg 77]
Although the name sula-ki is not in the books, the described position is, and is referred to an alternative sula. In this position, the girls knees are bent, with feet pressed to the ground and her bottom lifted off the floor.
This girls mindset, as requested by Master:
Definitely arousing… to be laying there basically naked and legs spread open, with the full intent of being in a position to be sexually used. Not to be “made love to”, or to necessarily have a loving sexual experience.. but to be used solely for the purpose of a Man’s pleasure, and to be sexually pleasing to him. It is humiliating, but there is a fear and vulnerability about it, not only out of concern if you will be hurt or roughly or meanly used, but there is a very real fear of if you will be pleasing enough, or good enough.. not from fear of pain of death, but from ego.. from not wanting to be found sexually lacking, from genuinely wanting to be found sexually pleasing… a deep seated need to want to scream with ecstasy as you serve and please, to want to submit fully and completely with every ounce of your soul.

Master’s mindset, viewing the girl (Argos-FoS-CA):
Look at her in Sula; there is little in this world more arousing than your slave in such a position.  She is helpless, held in that position not by physical bonds, but by the power of your Will over her.  She is supine – in totality – available for whatever use you wish to put her to.  Her surrender only shown more vigorously in a few other positions.  A well trained slave will lay there, if you’ve ordered her naked to Sula she will be fully exposed to your eyes for inspection, for evaluation, or the sensual taking of the slave.  She may be told to caress herself with the objective of allowing her juices to flow, or simply to emote the same energy a slave doing the tile dance.  What a deliciously sensual position, and a great training exercise for her to learn patience while fully exposed to your gaze.

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