We use the basic 3 collars: Collar of Consideration, Training Collar and Formal Collar.

When the training contract is signed, the Collar of Consideration will be handed in and the Training Collar will be given. After the training period, the student has an important choice to make. They can sign our formal contract and be given our Formal Collar. At this time they will be known as our slave and called as such. They may refer to us as 'Mistress' and 'Master'. The student may also wish to end the relationship and not sign the formal contract, give the training collar back, and take any monies saved for them and leave. If they decide to stay with us, sign the formal contract and wear our collar, every year on that same date the contract will be renegotiated. During each re-negotiation they may decide to end the relationship. If they decide to leave they may do so without fear of losing anything, i.e. money or future contact. They can sign for another year or negotiate for a longer or shorter time frame. They can negotiate more vacation time, or school or an outside job, or any other reasonable aspect. Of course, they dont have to negotiate anything and just sign the same contract. As with the training contract, we advise that you read the formal contract carefully. Nothing will be signed without the approval of all concerned.

Throughout the relationship; both during and after training, the student/slave has but one choice, at any time they may end the relationship. All they have to say is no, and leave our house. This is known as self-dismissal. If they do this, the contract is broken and they lose everything. If the owners wish to give the slave anything to take, it will be their choice. Any monies saved for them will be kept by the Mistress and Master, they may not contact the Owner.

Specialized Training

After the basic training period, the Master and Mistress may decide to send the student away for more training in a specialty. More information on this will be given if the applicant is sincere, interested and serious in their intent.