Quote about slaves from Laura

"A Slave Master or a slave Trainer want quality. Years ago slaves considered as extinct as the Dodo, were assumed as not always to be sexually available, let alone skilled or wanting to be trained. In some areas, it is still considered tacky and uncouth to take slaves to bed. But now some Masters serve up the idea that a slave is nothing more than a kinkier than average plaything. There is this sudden proliferation of "slaves" particularly on Collarme, KINK, ALT etc who are quite young and easy on the eye to look at, agreeable to training but hardly talented or dedicated to in her service. These "slaves" expect to be matched with similarly attractive Master who will require nothing more than sexual availability and willingness. "Slaves" who think nothing of jeopardizing their master's reputation, or safety of another slave. Some of them are actually in it because they were failures at everything else. Some slaves believe that you can take a selfish little failure off the streets and pygmalion them into being an acceptable slave."

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