Parking a slave

Let's begin parking the slave!
Parking positions or docking positions are also positions that are used for training a slave. It is comparable to sitting at a desk and is used in teaching items of importance during training. In other words, when you place a slave in a parking position. she knows where to go and what to do for that command. I use a verbal command
"PARK" or verbal command "DOCK" and when my slave hears this command she knows to park herself  or to dock herself as she has been instructed to do.

"Parking" a slave. Often a slave is given prior instructions as to a position and/or place she will locate herself when not being used to carry out your order. she is simply waiting the next command. It can get old if you have to verbally park your slave after each order. So many Master's train their slave to automatically park herself after completing a task and wait for the next order. This is simply effective slave management. she is out of the way but her Master knows where she is when needed. she can be summoned simply with the buzzer on her collar.

It is useful for a slave to understand that she may not always be in use by her Master and may be "parked" This can also serve to train the slave to be patient while awaiting her Master's next command. she is fully controlled but not interfering with her Master's present activities. she remains parked until receiving the next order. Parking is a very useful slave training technique.


Keep the first docking session down to about 30 minutes of actual time. She may have Psychological parts to overcome. Keep this in mind. You can slowly increase it as she gets more used to it. Don't force her into it for a lengthy session at first. You want her to start liking it herself .

Finish up the training each time with an good slave! and some petting. This is the signal that this session is over and she has done well.

slaves surprisingly develop shorter attention span. or the act of slavery creates in her a shorter attention span. It could be the feeling of not taking responsibility that makes her attention span shorter. You will need to have a docking session twice or thrice a day for 15 to 30 minutes every day to get her to remember and what to do and to do it with a positive attitude.

Your slave may get the hang of this early and improve more and more each day. Or, your slave may be one of the tougher ones and will need a couple of full weeks - or even longer - If your slave is one of the "slower" ones to catch on. It may actually be that you are not being strict or consistent enough. Increase the times a day she has to dock...and rub it in hard enough to get the message through without punishment.

"Dock" is the correct command when your slave does not park herself immediately.

To reinforce the "docking" or "parking" behaviour, it is best to always have your slave kneel in the "nadu" position before you give her the "Dock" or "Park" command. This way she will soon learn that she wouldn't be going anywhere unless she obeys and parks herself.

(Some Masters take it even further and teach their slaves to sand on their heel until they are given the command to "park" or "dock".

To ease the initial pain of penetration, a vibrating dildo or butt plug is a great help. The vibrations relax the muscle and by twisting the plug from side to side as you gently insert it will make penetration a whole lot easier. If you have a problem with the plug falling out, try a slightly larger size, try a slightly different shape, and definately use less lube. You don't need quite as much lubricant as you think you do as your body will naturally lubricate the plug after the first couple of inches


While training your slave, your praise must be her biggest reward. The more she hears good slave!, the more she will try to do the correct thing so she can hear even more praise. Your approval and praise are what she should live for!

A slave offering her butt to her Master is the most intimate and glorious gift a slave can give her Master.  Docking herself for her Master is a wonderful reminder for herself of her status as a slave.