Master vs Ownership

Some posts have already appeared to answer the question of how to learn to like WS. Obedience is at the bottom of everything for a slave.
I'm going to answer the bigger question of negotiating with a Master.
For those who have read My called "How Do I Become an Owner" it is clear that I see the role of a "Master" to be diametrically different from an "Owner". I'm aware that most use "Master" and "Owner" interchangeably despite their dramatic differences.
The question in this post describes a negotiation with a "Master", and not a search for an Owner. Anyone who places future conditions and requirements on the relationship is negotiating for his own needs. A slave who places future limitations by listing requirements is doing the same.
A slave looking for its Owner is entering into a contract that demands only "Obey every order." An Owner's contract is "Act in the best interest of the slave." That is the totality of the Divine contract that binds an Owner to His destined slave.
When either the Master or the potential slave starts modifying that contact with "Must look like . . ." or "Must provide the service of . . ." it is NOT an Ownership but a Master/slave relationship that is under discussion and consideration.
Once it is clear that a Master/slave arrangement is being put together, the exchange of obedience and responsibility described in post #363 is not being applied. Therefore, the slave is expected, by necessity, to protect itself and maintain self responsibility. Anyone who describes their own needs is not offering Ownership.
A slave is either ready to obey, or still needs to prepare for Ownership by shopping for and negotiating with a Master. Some are never meant to be destined slave and a negotiated relationship might be the ultimate position.
slaves don't prepare for slavery by developing individual skills. slaves prepare for slavery by developing the
ability to really and actually obey. Obedience is wanting and needing only what The Owner gives it to want and need. Nothing else matters and everything else is the egotistic development of the skills resume useful only for Master/slave negotiation.
A slave cannot pick its Owner, that has been destined. An Owner cannot pick His slave because that too has been destined. We are either fulfilling our destiny or fulfilling our need to grow egotistically, but each is a different pursuit. Any time we’re shopping, and comparison of wants and needs is brought up, we are picking a Master/slave partner. This should never be confused for Born slavery.
Within that context, decide to obey The Owner or prepare to develop its slave resume to prepare to negotiate its relationship with a Master. Either is legitimate. Just be clear what you're doing.


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  2. I received a text one night , dude I have this slave I need you to meet. Now please note this story is true and can be found not only on my blog but my slaves blog and on fetlife.

    We met and we talked , it seemed like hours , and when she left I was thinking man there is no way I can pull this girl in. Number one she is really a knockout , educated , long term employment but with all the good things comes the bad things.

    Less than 6 weeks later she moves in , my plans are scratched as far as moving well for the time being. We begin the process of building a M's relationship. Now when we agreed it was M's not D's so we both had a clear understanding of what we would be, I the master and her the slave.

    I posted earlier about Micromanaging but I will go a little deeper here if you do not mind. You can have a M's relationship but when you bring in the micromanaging aspect it changes the whole game, because then you the Master are in full control.

    My slave and I were on our way to a MAsT meeting and as always I asked was there anything on her mind , this is a daily habit I have. She brought up the subject about OP owner property. She started to explain how she felt like property , she felt owned.

    It was a slave who married us as a matter of fact a MAsT Director at that time we also had a collaring ceremony , and as I locked it around her neck I could feel this rush running through my body a feeling I had never felt before. Some 5 years later the collar has never been removed , the collar is worn 24/7 even to work.

    Something that through me off was our negotiations , in the past I had always giving in to some of my needs. If and when you as a master does this you are never truly happy because you have giving something up in order to have something , and I had decided this time there would be no bending because in the end it was about me. It is about someone serving me , it is about someone pleasing me without question.

    You are right about the slave placing limitations and if the master allows such behavior is he the one really in charge?

    When my slave moved in I was out of work due to a auto accident so I had nothing but time well about 90 days or so.

    Training is changing ones way of thinking , you are creating new habits. You are teaching someone how to service you in all areas from not only cleaning , how you like your food cooked , sex , how you want your slave to walk , talk , sit , dress , and how the slave acts around others. This can only be done if the master remains consistent. Staying calm , cool and collective.

    Shortly after meeting my slave had a breakdown and we were separated for 21 days but I had the opportunity to speak with her doctor even though we were not married. After speaking with her she was released. I had mentioned there was bad so I wanted to explain a little.

    One mistake I hear about and I am guilty as well , if the feeling of guilt , enforcing rules or even when it comes to punishing. The master will feel guilty and will not carry through , and he just scolds the slave instead crying wolf , well next time you do this or that. You have to be able to separate your feelings you cannot let love get in your way. Once the master starts slipping up the slave sees all and now the master is no longer the master the slave met , so are the slaves needs being met now?

    My slave bringing the OP up really made me think as she sat there and explained her feelings. She was right I control every aspect of her life and I do mean everything. I am far from being a yes man but it is not often I say no. My slave is really low maintenance , she does not ask for much , what makes her happy is she met someone who took control , someone who cares enough to take full control and someone who dedicates the time to take full control.

    If you the master is willing to dedicate the time and remain who you are there are no limitations on the growth , the slave will give and give and want to give and will be the best they can be without question.