slave micromanagement

In BDSM terms, micromanagement can be defined as "atten[tion] to minor details in slave management: control [of] a a slave or her situation by paying extreme attention to minor details".[5]
The general notion of micromanagement can be extended to a Master/slave context where the Master takes a bully approach, in the level of control and influence over the slave he is training.. Often, this excessive obsession with the most minute of details causes the slave to relinquish all control of her choice decisions  to focus and trust her Master with all of her choice decisions.

Rather than giving general instructions on smaller tasks and then devoting his time to
supervising larger concerns, the Master monitors and assesses every step of a protocol and process and avoids delegation of even the minute of all decisions to the slave.
Masters practicing Micromanagement are usually irritated when a slave makes a decisions without the expertise of the Master or consulting the Master, even if the decisions are totally within the slave's boundary.


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